Job List

This is where you can see what everyone does for a living as well as what positions are available for your characters. If there's a name under a job already, apply anyways because doesn't mean all the spots are taken. We can list multiple characters under one title. Not sure what a job is? PM the owner and ask!

Keep in mind you are not confined to these selections. If your character has a job that's not listed, wants to own a place or whatever else, submit it and we'll add it to our list!


IT Specialist (Off Duty employment) · Joaquin Heartgrove

North Glenn

Executive Chef · Esperanza Castillo
Fish and Wildlife Officer · Luke Hardy
Owner - Cobalt Ridge / Big Bear Diner · Levka Orlovsky
Park Ranger · Dorian Dagmare
Self-Employed · Hollis Campbell
Web developer · Wallace Rush

Cedar Creek

Brewery/Cage/Gym Owner · Alina Sinclair
Chef · Olivia Rothschild
Detective · Andy Ryker
Drug Lord · Patrick Cavanagh
Fitness instructor · Rika Venäläinen
Grade School Teacher & Crisis Counselor · Natalie Wright
Jack of all Trades · Vincent Andreas
Medical Examiner · Avery Valentine
Pack Medic / Bar Tender - Red River Brewery · Isla Landry
Police Detective · Dakila Tomas
Red River Brewery Chef · Everett Valentine
Waitress · Elizabeth Brodeur

Belle Vista

Children's Art Class Instructor · Charlie Major
Dancer · Juniper Kwon
Governor · Olivia Whitehall
Historian · Kimimila Harris
Librarian & Researcher · Wren Morrison
Museum Curator · Ramses Nassar
MV Guardian · Isolde Casarez
Owner of Work Release · Yana Novik
Potter · Mathis De Luca
Security Guard · Jennifer Li


· Jupiter Ksimazia
Architect · Archer Drakos
Assistant State Attorney · Cassie Soung
Cordova Police Officer · Keegan O'Heaghra
CPD Supernatural Task Force Agent · Cassidy Morgan
CPS social worker · Noah Wright
Detective/Special Victims Consultant · Reina Colt
Doorman · Abhinav Singh
FBI Special Agent · Juliet Voss
FBI Special Agent (STF Leader) · Reynard Squall
Journalist · Freya Everlynne
Journalist/Blogger · Sloane Sauvage
Kingpin · Alexandra Davidson
Locksmith · Kuzunoha Adachi
Overnight Security · Forrest Johnson
Personal Assistant · Loren Baxter
Pet sitter · Hally Newquest
Police Sketch Artist · Kit Payne
Prosecuting Attorney · Layton Whitehall
Radio Host · Mina Patel
Surgeon · Adrian Murdock


Ballet instructor · Logan Rowley
Bank Branch Assistant Manager · Summer Andrade
Bartender · Alyson Warrick
Fire Marshall · Rowan O'Tera
Manager at Paradise Creamery · Zachary Ellis
Mechanic · Abel King
Middle School Guidance Counselor · Etta Richards
Owner of Shift Happens · Kai Cormyr
Paramedic · Joey Valero
Sales Associate at Paradise Creamery · Marlow Zimmerlee

Magic Hollow

Barista at Sk8 City · Dakota Mendoza
Botanical Supervisor @ Eden Project · Octavia Glover
Cashier @Kwik Trip · Marybeth Lunde
Certified Public Accountant · Asha Rao
Douglas Carpentry (And Douglas Lumber Co.) · Cliff Douglas
Private [Paranormal] Investigator · Aberdeen Wilson
Property Manager · Samuel Valdez
Unemployed · Valentino De Los Santos


Bartender - Chupacabras · Piper Rutherford
Caretaker at Larkspur Zoo · Evelina Fedorov
Personal Trainer · Ingrid Thompsen
Program Specialist (For Science!) · Robin Davies
Sex Therapist · Lily Chaput
Small Business Owner / Boxer · Jo Wilsey

Lavender Heights

Author, anthropologist, metaphysics passionate · Adam Brookelm
Sales Associate at BrickBuster · Alice White
Student · Minerva Heartgrove
Therapist · Edvin Beck
Xenobiologist & Professor · Oriane François
“Psychic” Medium · Safiya Farouk


Kennel Technician @ Claws and Effect · Riley Toscani
Anesthesiologist (Residency) · Katalina Meadows
Animal Rehabilitation Night Care Specialist · Tikanni Calder
Butcher · Ayane Yamada
Camp Counselor · Emmett Bower
CPD Supernatural Task Force Team Leader · Joan McCole
Environmental Scientist/ Arborist · Locke Bower
ER Doctor · Jackie Cavanagh
General Manager (So Little Thyme) · Abraham Barlet
Hair Tech/Salon Manager · Vidya Jain
Herbalist/Florist · Persephone Xenikratos
Meat Boy @Meat Cute · Devin Stroop
Nanny · Yesenia Narváez
Registered Nurse · Connor Reid

Red Rock

Airbrush and Street Artist · Asher Lindsay
Bar Tender - Landing Strip · Sinead Black
Emergency Medicine Physician · Frank Beringer
Exotic Dancer · Mateah Ward
Taxidermist · Reagan Riggs


Jeweler · Agostina Sartore
Vampire Bodyguard · Raziyya al-Dimashqi


Assassin · November Weisz
Bitch (Writer) · Eden Darling
Bounty Hunter · Kroc Saurturi
Bounty Hunter · Jackal Volkov
Bounty Hunter · Romeo Swift
Hitman · Echo Ijsbrand
Holistic Instagram Influencer · Josephine Beauchamp
Journalist · Natasha Kelly
Organ Dealer · Gabriel Altamura
Personal Chef · Aurora Finch
Real Estate · Beauregard Bertrand
Sales (Češki Electronics) · Sokol Petruška
Vampire Hunter · Dante Orion