April 20th, 2019: Happy soon-to-be Zombie Jesus Day, everyone! Gina and Kiki have taken this chance to roll out a fun little event for the site! Want to find out more? Head on over to this link! We <3 you all!

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waning gibbous

Full Moon
May 18

New Moon
May 4
Clear 61.81 F / 16.56 C
A confusing exchange ends in Parker and Ben publicly shifting and tussling in a bookstore. (Thankfully, neither is pancaked by a car.)
Joey runs into mountainside's infamous troublemaker, Gabriel, with lethal consequences for the hyena and father.
Calvin shelters Ben from the blizzard and makes a rat out of a rat.
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This is the out of character community center for WLWB. This is where you can meet other players on the site, introduce yourself, chat, or participate in contests and games!
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