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first quarter

Full Moon
Jul 27

New Moon
Aug 11
Clouds 64.9 F / 18.28 C
Fleeing region-wide panic following a vampire television broadcast, Abraham stops at a gas station on the way out of town. He finds the station closed, and a were-jaguar finds him easy target for a violent turning.
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The King of Red River gives Alina and Everett the option to join the Pack provided they wear silver collars. Unwilling to submit herself to such torture, Alina challenges Clay and kills him while Everett challenges Duke. The Pack consumes their dead.
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Everything you need to know about What Lies We Breathe is stored right here. Should you have any questions, please feel free to post in the Assistance forum.
After you've read the Guidebook, you can come here to get a character accepted, ask questions, and take a look at the important information stored here.
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Your hub for anything that happens in game. Keep track of your character's progression, develop plots, or find threads that need a reply or two. HTML allowed.
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This is the out of character community center for WLWB. This is where you can meet other players on the site, introduce yourself, chat, or participate in contests and games!
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Come here to find any thread that has been archived, IC or OOC. If you would like to revive a thread, please request it in the Maintenance thread.
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