October 14, 2018: It's that time of year again, Liars! Yearbook time! Y'all get to vote on this years Superlatives and help us out with some things we're a touch confused about. You have until October 19th to answer and then the polls will be closed.
Happy Voting!

There are also some quick changes to the guidebook including a fixed Dice Roll Generator, and twenty extra numbers you didn't have before. Please see the Patchnotes for details!

— Gina, Bones, Fao, Keeva, and Kiew!

first quarter

Full Moon
Dec 22

New Moon
Jan 5
Clouds 31.95 F / -0.03 C
Fleeing region-wide panic following a vampire television broadcast, Abraham stops at a gas station on the way out of town. He finds the station closed, and a were-jaguar finds him easy target for a violent turning.
Gina on Today

The King of Red River gives Alina and Everett the option to join the Pack provided they wear silver collars. Unwilling to submit herself to such torture, Alina challenges Clay and kills him while Everett challenges Duke. The Pack consumes their dead.
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