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I am a weirdo living in Florida at the moment. Gonna be 30 this May! Because I'm likely too lazy to keep updating my age: I was born in 89, lololol

I'm way into video games and movies, love music, reading, drawing, writing, and painting. I am really, really laid back so please don't be afraid to hash something out with me if I misread something or screw something up, ha! Very low drama over here. I have an affinity for animals in general and keep a few exotics, plus a cat I found in my car hood after a hurricane. Since I love puns, his name is Otto.

My favorite genre is horror for movies, but I really enjoy RPG style games of all kinds. Borderlands is one of my favorite series.

I'm introverted and kinda just do my own thing most of the time, so I may not be suuuuper active on the discord, so if you need to talk at me just send me something here!

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