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About Me

Quick Stats

Name: Samantha Moretti
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 21 (July 14th)
Height: 5'2 (Average)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Blood Type: AB Negative
Residence Location: Magic Hollow
Occupation Location: Larkspur

Occupation: Bookstore Clerk / Camp Counselor
Vehicle: The public bus system

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared: 18
Eye Color: White
First Ability: Empathy
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description
Emapthy: Experiencing secondhand powerful emotions will lead to bouts of extreme dizziness and lightheadedness, so Sam tends to water down the potency of her powers by maintaining a perpetual high and therefore effectively "numbing" herself from its typical side effects. Otherwise, she is prone to fainting spells when she's around groups of people while completely sober.

Vampire Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Level: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description

Were Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Sex: Male
Species: N/A
Level: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description


✧ All black everything worn 24/7.
✧ Ripped skinny jeans paired with oversized t-shirts and/or hoodies.
✧ Old Skool Vans.
✧ A skateboard when the weather permits it.
✧ Grunge Skater Punk


✧ A massive stoner who speaks primarily in pop culture references (Especially those that are related to fantasy and/or sci-fi).
✧ Quite smart, but her intelligence tends to be heavily underestimated because she does a lot of dumb shit.
✧ Extremely hyperactive (when sober) and generally prone to distraction due to ADHD.
✧ Can be very headstrong when she wants to be.
✧ A spineless chicken shit 70% of the time, but gets courageous when it comes to defending those she cares about.
✧ Possesses an undying loyalty and camaraderie for anyone who is the least bit kind to her.
✧ Tries to see the good in everyone, even if it's very minuscule.


✧ The secondborn child and only girl within a set of fraternal triplets.
✧ Grew up in the foster system because her biological parents were deemed unfit by the state of Colorado.
✧ Experienced a moderately rocky childhood, all things considered.
✧ Had zero knowledge about her family's psychic lineage until her brothers developed their powers (at the ages of 12 and 14, respectively).
✧ The three of them were officially adopted by an estranged maternal grandmother shortly afterward.
✧ Still thought herself to be an ordinary human being until her Empathy reared its head shortly after her 18th birthday.
✧ Could've gone to MIT on a full scholarship, but turned it down to maintain her part-time (albeit thoroughly enjoyable) position as a bookstore clerk at First Draft and a seasonal camp counselor during the summer.
✧ Showed up to her grandmother's funeral last year high as a kite and had to be escorted out because she kept giggling at the priest's Italian accent. She hasn't handled that loss well at all, but she's long since mastered pretending otherwise.
✧ All three triplets inherited their grandmother's creaky old home in the Hollow after her death, where they currently reside, attempting to piece together the countless mysteries of their family.


Face Claim: Zoey Deutch

✧ Likes to say that she doesn't think straight because she wasn't born straight.
✧ Expert hacker and code cracker.
✧ Obsessed with LOTR and Harry Potter.
✧ Has a tattoo of the banner from the Marauder’s Map on her forearm.
✧ Doesn't drink alcohol at all because it makes her emotional.
✧ Has tried shrooms and other hallucinogens in the past, but maintains a strong preference for weed.

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