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About Me

Quick Stats

Name: Nadia Taylor Vaughn
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 32 (February 20th)
Height: 5'6 (Thin)
Hair: Blonde, choppy
Eyes: Grey
Blood Type: A Positive
Residence Location: Cordova
Occupation Location: Cordova

Occupation: Sous Chef- Bouquet Garni

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared:
Eye Color: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description

Vampire Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Level: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description

Were Stats

Age Turned: 30
Eye Color: Orange
Sex: Female
Species: Fox
Level: Common
Group: Rogue
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description
Nadia turns into a small silver fox, a relative of the North American Red fox, they range about the same size, if not a little fuller in coat. Her underfur is black, with reddish brown lowlights, along with shock silver highlights. She's about the same size as duck tolling retriever. Her tail is almost completely black except for a white floofy tip.


-She wears comfortable clothing, above all else. Cheap clothes too, but not ragged. -Hair is cut short, never growing past her shoulders, currently undercut to allow for air on her neck in the summer kitchen heat
-Minimal makeup, never flavoured lip-anything, it fucks with her taste.
-Can't walk in heels to save her life
-Has tattoos on her arms to cover what used to be burn marks from her pre-furry days
-Chef knife tattoo behind her left ear
-Silver piercings often in her ears.


-Hastes being wrong
-Stubborn and often too headstrong
-heavily protective of Ben
-Doesn't believe in romantic love, "it's all a sham"
-Food is her passion, through and through
-Runs a tight shift, and will fuck up anyone that fucks with her staff
-Gets so focused that she often forgets things.
-Wine is good but beer is better
-Coffee, weed, and bacon for life
-Pain doesn't scare her, but job threatening injuries do (not so much to her, because she can heal, but she is likely to hurt herself to protect someone else's job)
-Reading resumes, and sitting through interviews is enough to put her in a mood.


-Born in Cape Town, SA
-After parents divorce, father got custody, he moved them to London where he perused his dream of being a chef by working as a dishwasher at Le Gavroche, a two michelin star restaurant.
-She watched as her dad threw himself into his work and his passion, and eventually saw him become a sous chef. Seeing him succeed at something he loved helped spur her own love for the culinary arts.
-At sixteen she got a job as a dish washer at Le Gavroche
-At seventeen she and her father got word that her mother passed away, soon after, Nadia graduated school and began working full time to afford culinary school. She was promoted to line cook and worked alongside her father.
-Age 19, her father dies of a heart attack, she has no family in the UK and can't afford her own flat let alone her schooling. Her head chef offers to hook her up with a gig in the US, with sponsorship.
-Age 19 moves to Chicago to work at Pierrot Gourmet, attached to the peninsula hotel and suites. She was able to find a cheap flat nearby and worked to afford schooling at the local culinary academy.
-Age 22, promoted to first cook
-Age 24 Falls in love with a young idealistic chef named Bastian, they get engaged after six months
-Age 25, marries Bastien Fuentes. Two weeks later, finds out she's pregnant.
-26, has son, Ben.
-Age 28, relationship with Bastien crumbles, they divorce and Bastian withdraws custody of Ben. Ben takes Nadia's maiden name.
-Gets job offer in Colorado, wishes to get away from all of the hurt, and drama of her divorce and moves to the mountainside
-29, Begins working at Bouquet Garni in Cordova. She found a small two bedroom flat in the city, within walking distance (30 mins) to her work.
-Age 30 finds a fox trapped in the woods by the ankle in a hunting snare while on a hike. Helps release it but gets bitten. Bing badda boom, now she turns furry.
-After an extended leave to "to take care of her son who was having health issues" (JK she was dealing with her new furry issue) she is promoted to sous chef.
-Currently sous chef, living in cordova, turns into a fox every so often, and tries to keep her son out of trouble.


Face Claim: Sienna Miller

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Flash! Ah-Ah!
Flash! Ah-Ah!
October 09, 2019 at 9:00 PM
Ain't Nothin’ But Mammals
Ain't Nothin’ But Mammals
July 06, 2019 at 8:59 PM
Basic B(east)
Basic B(east)
July 06, 2019 at 8:58 PM
  • Flash! Ah-Ah!
    Flash! Ah-Ah!
    October 09, 2019 at 9:00 PM
    Ain't Nothin’ But Mammals
    Ain't Nothin’ But Mammals
    July 06, 2019 at 8:59 PM
    Basic B(east)
    Basic B(east)
    July 06, 2019 at 8:58 PM