Alina Sinclair

Were – Advanced Wolf

About Me

Quick Stats

Pronouns: She/Her/King
Age: 32 (May 17)
Height: 5’2 (Lithe)
Hair: Varies. Usually Black.
Eyes: Blue
Residence Location: Cedar Creek
Occupation Location: Cedar Creek

Occupation: Brewery/Cage/Gym Owner

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared:
Eye Color: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description

Vampire Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Level: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description

Were Stats

Age Turned: 17
Eye Color: Red
Sex: Female
Species: Wolf
Level: Advanced
Group: Red River Pack
Rank: King
Role: None

Animal Description
Arctic Wolf
→ Pure white fur
→ Petite/Lithe
→ Has a few scars here and there after multiple run-ins with silver.
→ Crimson eyes.


→ Doesn't like clothing. Will wear it only when she has to.
→ Her aesthetic can range from grunge to designer.
→ It's rare but on special occasions, she'll actually wear a dress.
→ Enjoys the comfort of wearing leather. And worn denim.
→ Covered in tattoos. Most notable is a large peacock on her stomach and hip, and the giant wolf that spreads across her back and ass.
→ Will sometimes pierce herself with silver in various places, not all of them Safe For Work.


→ Quick to anger. Has one hell of a temper.
→ Protective of those she's loyal to.
→ Otherwise an emotional deadzone.
      → Does not show affection, in human or wolf form.
      → Averse to touching others and will only do so briefly when necessary.
      → Since her mate up and left, breaking the mate bond, Alina only sates her more basal needs with humans to avoid even the possibility of another mate bond.
→ Not afraid to hurt those that cross her or that harm her pack.
→ Can be reckless and abrupt. This has increased in the last few years.
→ Known to lash out.
→ Unforgiving.
Loves Enjoys violence. A lot.

Yet, for all that fire, she does care for her pack and those she considers friends. She will go to any and all lengths to protect them, not minding getting her hands dirty with the blood and deaths of those who cross her. The Pack is her priority and those people that would abuse her members or betray them (or herself) will generally die fairly quickly. When it comes to Pack matters, the woman does not dawdle or take her time with her decisions, acting in the best interest of those who follow her.

On her own, Alina is a singular creature. She enjoys her solitude and takes it when she can. If put in a social situation, Alina is blunt and brutally honest if she doesn't feel up to playing the games of those around her. When faced with stress, the Wolf King is violent and exerts her energy by working out or fighting in the ring. If crossed while in one of these moods, she is known to act out so it's best to stay out of her way.

She is loyal until the end, which is exactly what she expects from her friends and followers. Despising liars, she'll break them before the ones they've lied to, especially those who were in positions of power and abused those that trusted them. Headstrong and tough as nails, Alina will fight those who oppose her until the bitter end.



Germany. Born to parents who weren't very thrilled about having a kid. Left with a relative to be raised. Lived with her Aunt and Uncle. They resented the fact that her parents had just dropped her in their lap and walked away. Overall, her childhood is uneventful and quiet. Though her attitude had never been the best, Alina's temperament only worsened as she aged. Took up kickboxing in her freshman year as a way to vent her frustration and anger, neither of which were improved by teenage hormones.


Got in a fight outside the ring. Was attacked and infected on her way home that night. Was quickly found and brought to the local pack so she would not become a liability.


Stayed with the pack for a while until she got tired of feeling stuck. Struck out on her own in the middle of the night one night. Roamed around on her own, never staying in one place for very long. Made a few friends along the way. Got into trouble quite often but always managed to keep her head above water. Settled in the Great White North for a while, joining one of the Alaskan packs until she got that nomadic itch again.


Moved to Charleston. Lived under the present King for a while until she couldn't just stand by and watch him abuse his followers anymore. Killed him and took over; did her best to help the Pack get to a more healthy point. Left the pack in Charleston when they wouldn't start helping themselves no matter how much help she tried to provide.


Alina traveled west and eventually arrived in Cordova, Colorado. Meddles with the wolves of the Red River pack and joins under less than kind circumstances. Alina challenges the King and kills him, taking over the Red River Pack. The Pack prospers under Alina and Trick (her Second). Mated with Trick. Trick left her and the mate bond broke, killing whatever warmth was left in the woman.


Now runs Red River on her own, which is just how she wants it. No Seconds or Thirds. No Guardians. Just her and her wolves.


Face Claim: Makani Terror

→ Raised Roman Catholic by her Aunt & Uncle. Never abided by it; doesn't believe in God.
→ Natal language - German. No accent unless she's extremely drunk or angry. Speaks English like it's her first language. Can speak some Spanish.
→ Horrifically bad with technology. Can google. Can call and text. Don't expect much else.

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