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About Me

Quick Stats

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 27 (March 3rd)
Height: 6'8 (Muscular)
Hair: Black, but dyed
Eyes: Blue
Residence Location: Outskirts
Occupation Location: N/A

Occupation: Independently Wealthy

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared:
Eye Color: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description

Vampire Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Level: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description

Were Stats

Age Turned: Born
Eye Color: Violet
Sex: Male
Species: Bear
Level: Advanced
Group: Rogue
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description

Murphy and Yogi (yes, he named it) get along in perfect harmony. Well, nearly. But, despite the rare disagreement, they are two peas in a pod, which is great since they share a body. Yogi is lazy, calm, and content to eat and nap. He is also not one you'd want to provoke, or otherwise invade what he perceives is his territory. Murphy can more or less steer him clear of any were-on-human violence, but he can't promise your pants will be clean after the encounter.

On his hind legs, Yogi is a whopping 10 feet tall. He weighs 525 lbs, and on all fours, is 6 feet tall. He's a fluffy ham of a bear, looking actually rather cute - that is, until, he gets angry.


If Murphy takes this form, he's either:

1. Drunk and showing you a party trick

2. You have fucked up.

His hybrid form stands at 7'8, weighs about 450 lbs, and will rip you in half. What did you do?! He's so hard to piss off.


Murphy is a sharp dresser, but feels he looks best in black. Leather jackets are not optional. Shiny accents are a must: chrome studs, leather bracelets with rings and spikes, etc. He reinvents himself on whims that make no real sense. Sometimes he wakes up and wants to be different. Currently, Murphy has bleach blonde hair with a high undercut and a well-trimmed beard with dyed highlights. A toweringly tall man with broad shoulders and a barrel chest, he takes advantage of his physique and prefers clothes that show off all the hard work he does at the gym.


Will flirt with you if he thinks you're hot.*

*Thinks everyone is hot.

An idiot. Well, not really, but you wouldn't be able to tell. The class clown always, Murphy is a god of puns, can't stop himself from cracking jokes, and is actually just a fun guy to be around. He has a deep, warm voice but a high-pitched giggle that throws people off. Get him laughing uncontrollably, and it becomes contagious.

He's extremely sweet when he wants to be - not that he's ever mean. His goofiness is kind of a curtain that you need to open before you see him as he is: sensitive, kind. Great hugger. Likes to cuddle. Extremely caring and loyal. There is a pain behind his eyes, sometimes, in the quiet moments. But it's clear Murphy doesn't let it define himself. Something went wrong once, but he's okay now, and life is not unkind to him. He allows himself to miss what he lost, but never dwells.

Murphy is bisexual, sort of. He doesn't really put labels on his feelings. If he did, perhaps Pansexual would fit him better - but who's counting? He can love anyone. Anyone except an asshole, at least.

You're gonna have to spell things out for him. Murphy doesn't do subtle, and can't read people beyond their obvious emotions. Quietly pining for him hoping he'll notice won't work. Accidentally running into him all the time hoping he'll want to be your friend won't work. You have to tell him, or he'll never notice. Oblivious doesn't cover it. The dude has no damn clue.

Would rather have fun than anything else. Murphy isn't a downer. He isn't a worrier unless it's warranted. He's just a giant ray of idiot sunshine. This can rub people the wrong way, sometimes. Some people just want to be sad. Murphy doesn't understand that.

A bit weird. Murphy likes to name things - his inner beast, his motorcycle, a favorite spoon, whatever. Talks to intimate objects, especially if they're not working properly. Murphy doesn't actually think they're sentient, it's just something he's done since he was a child, and nobody ever corrected him, so...things have names.

He also has memory issues. If Murphy doesn't use something every day, or see something every day, he tends to forget what they're called, and makes up a random name for it on the spot when racking his brain.

Will cry openly. He's a goddamned bear, he can do what he wants. Go ahead, tell him it's not manly.


Murphy can't fight. At least not in human form. He never saw a reason to learn, and Yogi tends to take care of those problems when and if they arise. It's very hard to push Murphy over the edge in this regard. Not even if you threaten his life would he bring out the Bear to deal with you. Come after someone he cares about, though, and he is capable of incredible violence. Before that point, though, he'll still try to peacefully end the conflict. It is so hard to break him that the resulting consequences sometimes scare his friends, especially if he chooses the extra oomph of his Hybrid form. The fact is, Murphy and Yogi just want a chill life with chill people, and if someone harshes that mellow enough, they'll get slammed back into their place real quick.


Murphy was born Sasha Vdovenka, to Aleksi and Belka Vdovenka, in Aspen, Colorado. His father is an international real estate tycoon, essentially printing money for the rest of his life, and Murphy has a share of the profits flowing to him monthly for the rest of his. The empire is massive, profitable, and probably eternal - it has been going since the 1400s, as far as the family historian can tell.

The Vdovenkas are an old Bear Clan, and not what they seem. The intimidating news of their wealth, their power, may give many pause - but Murphy's family has been a keystone in helping Weres stay hidden. Working together with the Lion and Wolf Clans for centuries upon centuries, they have tirelessly given homes, apartments, and jobs to Weres just trying to get by.

So why doesn't Murphy use his real name? Why isn't he setting up a base of operations in Cordova?

Well, in short, he fucked up. Badly.

Murphy is no longer allowed to use the family name that he disgraced.

Murphy's an open book, so, he's bound to blab about the bullshit he's gotten into. Stand by for more information, likely spoken drunkenly, possibly while crying.


Face Claim: Michael Eklund


Sounds like H. John Benjamin (Sterling Archer).

Great dancer, but generally will only do it if he's goofing around or being silly to cheer someone up.

Likes to mess with hikers in bear form. Especially if they're out in the woods to get high. Nobody's gonna believe the stoner that there was a moonwalking bear in the woods.

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