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Quick Stats

Name: Kilo Desmond Jaxon
Pronouns: He/His
Age: 172 (May 6)
Height: 6'4 (Muscular)
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue
Blood Type: AB Positive
Residence Location: Avondale
Occupation Location: N/A

Occupation: Hitman
Vehicle: 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared:
Eye Color: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description

Vampire Stats

Age Turned: 40
Eye Color: Amber
Level: Intermediate
First Ability: Illusion
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: Dog
Group: Rogue
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description
German Shepherd

Upon conjuring his illusions, Jaxon’s gaze turns a fiery shade of amber and throws off a subtle, flickering glow. Otherwise, his ability has no other noticeable effect on him.

Were Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Sex: Male
Species: N/A
Level: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description


Jaxon’s stature makes him difficult to miss, and his gaze is often cold, focused. The man prefers suits and similarly high-end, classy attire, but he will dress down if the occasion calls for it. While he has no piercings or tattoos, Jaxon boasts his fair share of scars, most of which are hidden beneath his clothing.




May 6th, 1846: Kelly Desmond Jaxon is born in Liverpool, England to parents who recently migrated from Ireland to escape the Great Famine.
1846 - 1861: Desmond experiences an impoverished, lower class upbringing, working at a textile mill alongside his mother until he is of age to accompany his father as a rail worker. His parents have three more children—two daughters and another son—but Desmond’s brother does not survive infancy.
1862: Desmond’s father later dies in a work-related accident, and Desmond’s mother remarries soon afterward, accepting the hand of an English suitor whom Desmond greatly disapproves of.
1862 - 1864: After two years of being at odds with his mother and stepfather, Desmond leaves his family behind and sneaks onto a midnight train to London, craving freedom and independence.
1864 - 1886: The next two decades encompass Desmond’s golden years, during which he joins a gang that operates out of East End. Proving himself a capable thief and a loyal brother to his fellows, Desmond finds a comfortable life for himself, making sport of mocking Scotland Yard all the while. He also meets a young prostitute by the name of Ophelia Tayler in the early 1880s, whose company he finds exceptional.
December 24th, 1886: When the gang catches wind of a wealthy hermit residing in East End, Desmond and his companions plan a robbery to steal the rumored riches for themselves. However, the operation goes terribly wrong, for the hermit confronts the intruders in his home before cutting them down with nightmarish ease. While Desmond puts up a valiant fight in his effort to escape, the hermit descends upon him with fangs bared; on Christmas Eve, Desmond Jaxon is exsanguinated and meets his end.
1886 - 1888: Out of a twisted sense of cruelty, the hermit revives Desmond, ushering his rebirth as a vampire. Although Desmond’s immediate reaction is to throttle his sire for his fellows’ deaths, the hermit is quick to put his protégé in his place, warning that disobedience would be met with true death; Desmond begrudgingly accepts this and joins his sire’s Clutch. The following years are spent serving them, but Desmond proves himself as a competent fledging and even a Soldier in the making.
1888 - 1891: The infamous Whitechapel murders draw an uncomfortable amount of attention to the Clutch’s domain. Despite his sire’s wishes, Desmond takes personal interest in the murders and conducts his own investigation, evading the inspectors of Scotland Yard in the meantime. At the height his investigation, Desmond discovers the murderers are none other than Ophelia and her sire. Fortunately, the rogues take it upon themselves to flee London together; Desmond cannot help but envy their freedom.
1891 - 1914: Inspired by the rogue vampires, Desmond promises to himself not to become a slave to his sire or his Clutch. Thus, he spends the next two decades gallivanting across the British Isles, becoming something of an intellectual as he indulges in literature, the arts, and the sciences. The man also dabbles in intrigue amongst the countless British Clutches; it is during this time that Desmond discovers his rather novel ability to conjure illusions.
1914 - 1918: At the start of the Great War, Desmond finds himself wishing to assist the Allied Powers in any way possible. For the first two years, he rallies any like-minded associates of his, mostly rogues, and they begin to plot how they might ensure their country’s victory. An opportunity eventually presents itself in 1916 via La Dame Blanche, a fledgling intelligence network in German-occupied Belgium. There, Desmond and his ilk assist from the shadows, maintaining their secrecy whilst sabotaging German operations whenever possible. Once the war and occupation of Belgium end another two years later, Desmond’s lot are proud of the part they played in the Allies’ victory.
1919 - 1936: Desmond spends much of the Interwar period with his fellows, who decide to form a Clutch in Birmingham upon their return from Belgium. While several of his Clutchmates regard him as capable for the title of Second or even Dominus, Desmond declines and entrusts such leadership to those he considers more suitable, instead opting to serve the Clutch as a Soldier. He also meets a human during his time at Birmingham, a young woman who fled from Russia because of the political turmoil there; their relationship grows over the years before Desmond embraces her as a vampire.
1936 - 1939: Although Desmond and she enjoy her first few years of immortality together, word eventually reaches them of the purges sweeping through her homeland. His lover, fearful for her family whom she left behind, pleads for Desmond to save them. He refuses, and she disappears the following night. Embittered by this betrayal, Desmond forsakes his progeny and remains in Birmingham, growing ever more ruthless with each passing year.
1939 - 1945: With the Second World War, Desmond finds himself apathetic towards the conflict, instead utilizing it as an opportunity to secure more power for his Clutch at the expense of their rivals and neighbors. Conflict among the undead ensues, and Desmond develops a taste for the violence.
1945 - 2017: Once WWII ends and Desmond’s Clutch establishes its dominance in the Birmingham region, he spends the next seventy or so years drifting through Europe, joining this Clutch or that for about a decade at a time before moving on to another. Introducing himself as simply Jaxon over the years, he develops a fondness of Budapest, crosses paths with Ophelia a handful of times, and gains notoriety as a hitman and information broker for all manner of organizations. When approached by an individual known only as Alfa in the late ‘70s, Jaxon decides to join this Cataclysm based out of New Orleans as Kilo, feeling it is finally time to explore the New World.
2017 - Presently: After years of well-paying and downright satisfying work as an agent of Cataclysm, Jaxon narrowly escapes the Summit Meeting bombing with his life- er, unlife. Enraged, he spends the next year doing what he does best, pursuing leads in search of those responsible for the attack and interrogating suspects with fierce prejudice. Even though his efforts turn up precious little of value in the end, he does catch wind of several former associates residing in Mountainside, Colorado. With the recent news stories coming from there, he fancies paying them a visit.


Face Claim: Alexander Skarsgard

—Jaxon can speak in a number of European languages, but he is most proficient in Dutch, German, French, Italian, and Romanian.
—While his specialization in Cataclysm was interrogation, he is a capable hitman and fearsome combatant.
—Nothing is beyond him when it comes to achieving his goals.
—Speaks with a subtly British accent.
—Is prone to speaking with his father's Irishness when his temper flares.
Jaxon's ride.

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