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Quick Stats

Name: Astrid Min Holt
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 24 (Feb 2)
Height: 5' 10 (Thin)
Hair: Very dark brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Blood Type: O Positive
Residence Location: Crestview
Occupation Location: Larkspur

Occupation: Bartender at Chupacabras / Photographer
Vehicle: 2013 MINI Cooper S

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared: 12
Eye Color: Light Blue
First Ability: Healing
Second Ability: Aerokinesis
Third Ability: None

Power Description
Healing - she's rather proficient at healing things like wounds and soothing symptoms of illness, though never quite chasing sickness completely away. She struggles to find more power in this, but she finds it taxes her very quickly if she tries too hard and gives her a headache.

Aerokinesis - prone to getting out of hand when she's feeling volatile or emotional, Astrid can create or calm anything from a gentle and controlled breeze to alarming gusts and and even sustain a significant whirlwind for a couple of minutes. However, prolonged or sustained use of this power makes her rather faint and she has been known to pass out.

Vampire Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Level: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description

Were Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Sex: Male
Species: N/A
Level: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description


  • She just can't seem to keep weight on, and as a result Astrid is a slender and rather tall young woman.
  • Her long dark hair is usually worn down, though she always has a hair tie on her wrist... just in case. It has a natural wave to it that she at times tries to tame.
  • What she wears varies wildly on mood, but she likes to look nice and dresses up whenever possible. Just no heels--she knows she's tall enough already.
  • Late at night or at home you can usually find her in dark-rimmed glasses because she's short-sighted.


  • Argumentative and bold, she speaks her mind and doesn't back down easily, even when she may begin to doubt her own point of view. That said, she is very critical of both others and herself.
  • She's tougher than she looks, but not as tough as she pretends to be.
  • Utterly sentimental, things definitely get to her whether she wants you to know it or not.
  • She's a dreamer and a bit silly on the inside, but tries really hard to keep a lot of that to herself now that she's not a kid anymore.
  • Inclined to physical contact, she's mindful of personal space with others but doesn't really have any of her own.
  • She's clever and she's sharp and she spends a lot of time thinking. When something gets her down she's prone to brooding and becoming short with others. When she does, she often speaks without filter.
  • She does, however, like to be helpful and will go out of her way when the sensation strikes. And no one is more important to her than her brother.
  • Astrid is also very self-conscious when it comes to flirting.


  • Born just barely older than her twin brother, Erik, to Min-hee and Bjorn Holt in Hayward, California.
  • Just before twins turned two it was discovered that Min-hee had terminal cancer. She did not recover and passed away after only a few months.
  • Bjorn, stricken with the loss of his wife, took to drinking and lost the good man he'd been to poor choices and neglect that eventually evolved to abuse.
  • Before they were seven the twins were removed from Bjorn's custody and put into foster care.
  • Though their foster life in the San Fransisco area was pretty steady even as they got moved around houses, they were never able to be adopted as Bjorn kept fighting for custody.
  • When Astrid was 12 she discovered a strange ability to heal when her brother scraped himself up and continued to do so often as young boys (with no sense) do.
  • The twins grew closer and closer with this shared secret and even more so when Erik discovered his own strange phenomena.
  • At 15, Astrid's natural curiosity seemed to be rewarded when she discovered that she could will the wind to stop outside her bedroom window--and start it again.
  • When the twins turned 18 they made a point to be their own people and kept themselves removed from their father's outreach.
  • Astrid graduated well in school but ultimately wasn't sure what or even if she wanted to study anything in college, so she got odd jobs before she discovered a love for photography.
  • She and her brother remained in California for a while, enjoying the beach life, but eventually it was really clear that it was too expensive to stay in the bay area. They moved east but not too far east, landing in Cordova shortly after turning 20.
  • Since then she's just been trying to figure out a way to make photography work as a full time thing while doing waitress work at a local American-fare restaurant.
  • And then her brother got her out of her dead end waitress job and into a job as a bartender at Chupacabras. Marginally qualified as she is.


Face Claim: Elizabeth Salt

  • Lives with her twin brother, Erik
  • They have a dog. She's a golden retriever named Jedi.
  • They also have a cat! He's long hair tuxedo cat named Trooper.
  • Home deets

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Keepin’ It 100
Keepin’ It 100
April 19, 2018 at 12:48 PM
Can You Bend the Spoon?
Can You Bend the Spoon?
April 19, 2018 at 12:47 PM
  • Keepin’ It 100
    Keepin’ It 100
    April 19, 2018 at 12:48 PM
    Can You Bend the Spoon?
    Can You Bend the Spoon?
    April 19, 2018 at 12:47 PM