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I'm your local short brown girl currently stuck in Idaho, US. I don't do much besides taking care of four accident-prone horses and roleplay fictional characters. My patronus is a wolf.

Spreeing is like, my thing and I always try to reply as soon as I'm tagged! I'm online all day, everyday unless I'm having one of my Moods™*.

P.S. Kam made me do this.

* Moods™ are when Sam has a sudden, irregular drop in muse (for some unexplainable reason, they usually happen after watching one of the amazing new MCU movies upon their release to her local movie theatre). These can last for various durations and might sometimes seem like Sam has disappeared off the face of the Earth. Don't worry! She is always available via Discord. Drew and Hal are probably more than willing to give her lazy-ass a poke <3

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