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Hi! I'm Scarlett. I'm a Texas native with a major sweet tooth! It's been a couple years since I last role played. I have really missed the fun of playing characters and the community. My experience is mostly with animals/creatures (Warrior Cats, Wolves, Dragons, etc.), but I'm very excited to jump back in and start writing. My specialty is silly, pure characters, but I'm going to try spreading my wings a bit and challenge myself.

About me personally, I'm an avid reader and animal lover. I have an addiction to buying cute things on Etsy (it's mostly under control). I'm pretty crafty and love to make things with scrap material. My favorite place in the world is being cozy under the covers in my room with my laptop and a snack.

I'm always down to talk, so feel free to send me a message! If you have any tips or ideas please let me know. I'm having to re-learn role playing and would love any advice.

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