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About Me

Quick Stats

Name: Maymūnah bint Ḥusayn al-Dimashqī
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 1652 (Jan 27)
Height: 5' 7 (Thin)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Blood Type: AB Negative
Residence Location: Lavender Heights
Occupation Location: Outskirts

Occupation: Vampire Bodyguard
Vehicle: Toyota Prius

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared:
Eye Color: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description

Vampire Stats

Age Turned: 36
Eye Color: Hazel
Level: Advanced
First Ability: Aerokinesis
Second Ability: Telepathy
Animal Form: Bat
Group: Eventide District Clutch
Rank: None
Role: Guardian

Power Description
Persistently focused use of aerokinesis (especially to summon hurricane-force winds or to prevent air from entering someone's lungs for too long) can trigger her into bloodlust.

Telepathy is always on except for periods of dead sleep, and extends the radius of twice times her height (about eleven feet) in all directions. Speaking telepathically is easier in her animal form than in her standard form. As of June 2019, having an active stream into more than three people renders her physically mute. More than five people at a time will leave her in a heavy daze. She can manage to successfully send a thought into someone else's mind about three fourths of the time. These numbers will improve over time as she gains more control over the power.

Her animal form is an Egyptian Rousette.

Were Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Sex: Male
Species: N/A
Level: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description


Outside of uniform, she favors an elegant and often reserved look, though she sometimes has a guilty pleasure for a low cut neck. Will not often wear a veil or hijab, but it is not unheard of for her. Any makeup tends to trend towards a natural sort of look, though red lipstick sometimes finds its way into her arsenal.


Raziyya is heavily tied to her history and her homeland. She has always been nostalgic for the ancient past, and especially enamored of warrior queens and goddesses of battle. She's always equated herself to them, which leads her into a rather permanent state of arrogance. She slides often between aloof and taunting disdain, especially for those who are not refined.

Attaining aerokinesis was a catalyst for her ambitions. However, she proved a very capable ruler once she attains power, and through several military campaigns she also gained a thirst for the action on the battlefield.

Becoming a vampire only helped to solidify her self-assurance, even at those times when she has faced defeat and finds herself forced to flee.

She is fond of changing her name.


367 C.E. born Princess Maymūnah of the Tanukh
374 C.E. develops aerokinesis at eight years of age, learns she can manipulate wind and air, occasionally causes dust storms
380 C.E. learns she can draw the air from a person's lungs and kill them when she murders her eldest brother "by accident" (she didn't stop herself once she realized what she was doing)
382 C.E. Weds her uncle and is named Queen of the Tanukh

As Sayf al-Nur, Queen of Syria
384 C.E. the king dies without a male heir. Maymūnah ascends to the throne and creates a new name for herself. It angers others, but she simply removes her enemies until there are none left.
387 C.E. discovers a religious rebellion brewing, puts it down. Battles an invasion from the Huns. Discovers one of them is a vampire, befriends him.
403 C.E. rules for a time of peace once more until she mysteriously vanishes. Rumors spread that one of her lovers killed her; in reality, it was at her request, as she desired immortality.

As Ameretat, army chief of the Sasanian empire
417 C.E. resurfaces in Persia when she exerts her influence over the shah Yazdekerd I and has him install her as head of his army.
420 C.E. Encourages the shah to persecute Christians after a zealous bishop nearly burns a Zoroastrian temple down, or so she claims. He is assassinated while she carries out the destruction of churches, but she continues to serve under his son.
427 C.E. Realizing she must make a habit of moving on or risk revealing herself to others, Ameretat disappears during a battle against the Hephthalites, but not before victory was secured. She spends several quiet decades in a clutch and tours Anatolia.
453 C.E. Attends the wedding feast and subsequent death of Attila the Hun with several others of her clutch. The cause of death remains unclear, but she seems to know.
472 C.E. After several more decades of comfort in the clutch and out of the mortal eye, life is disrupted when Vesuvius erupts, and the damage is widespread. Ameretat and a few others depart to Asia.

As Sindukht, Mistress of Paropamisus
597 C.E. rises to power and leads a clutch in Paropamisus.
618 C.E. aids Songtsen Gampo in putting down local rebellions and streamlines his path towards becoming the first Tibetan Emperor.
682 C.E. the clutch splinters and a vampire civil war breaks out. Her side wins, and the losing side is chased north into Bākhtar.
735 C.E. Is challenged by a stronger vampire and loses. She is permitted to remain as Second, which she accepts for the time being.
772 C.E. departs from the clutch to visit Baghdad.

As Leontia, advisor to Empress Irene
782 C.E. Unhappy with the deteriorating role of women under the Abbasids, she sneaks into the army on its way to Anatolia disguised as a common soldier; does not support either the Abbasids or the Byzantines but delights very simply in adding to the chaos on both sides.
787 C.E. charms and compels her way into the court of Empress Irene of Constantinople; ends up becoming friends with her. Aids in her retaining her power rather than passing it on to her son, Constantine VI.
792 C.E. Constantine manages to rise to power regardless, but Leontia has other plans, and secretly sabotages his war efforts against the Arabs.
795 C.E. meets with Constantine alone and compels him to divorce his wife and marry his mistress, which leads him into public disgrace. Gathers Irene's supporters to capture and torture Constantine. Kills him via aerokinetic suffocation once they are alone and drains him dry. Irene becomes Empress Regnant.
802 C.E. Irene rules the Byzantine Empire until she is conspired against and exiled. Leontia goes with her and turns her to a vampire; they spend nearly the next one hundred fifty years in quiet obscurity together as lovers.
950 C.E. Irene is killed when another clutch springs up and finds her to be "trespassing." Leontia tracks down their second in a rage and blows her up. They attempt to hunt her down, but she evades them.
1091 C.E. spends the next century or so as a nameless wandering soldier taking part in several human conflicts throughout the Mediterranean. She does not commit loyalty to any cause at this time, but finds the general chaos of war soothing for her loss.

As Na'ila, Soldier of Mahdia
1142 C.E. departs to Northern Africa and joins another clutch in Tunisia. Discovers she is able to travel during the day in animal form, is warned of the limits.
1174 C.E. is approached by the Dominus for her interest in ruling opposite him in exchange for her affections. She declines, preferring her role as a soldier. Her skills protect her from backlash, but she harbors resentment for his approach.
1248 C.E. noting the gradual decline of the clutch, she brings in more fresh (and loyal) blood. Becomes their primary caretaker and earns their trust and support.
1278 C.E. By now in command of a small collection of vampires both loyal to her and strengthened over time, she stages a revolt against the Dominus and his supporters. Installs a new head, and retains her position peacefully.
1423 C.E. departs from the clutch out of boredom to travel. Finds her way to Malta and takes part in stirring the public uprising against Aragon two years later. Returns to the clutch after the conflict settles.
1671 C.E. the clutch splinters due to political conflicts.

As Taraneh, the wandering soldier
1834 C.E. wanders around the Arabian peninsula and Anatolia in obscurity, taking part in random local conflicts and keeping a low profile.
1912 C.E. forcibly infects a fellow soldier for the sake of another chance at eternal companionship, but this ruins the friendship and he dies on the new moon when he refuses to consume human blood. She carries on as she has.
1979 C.E. takes part in Syrian excavations for the sake of recovering artifacts from her own history. Makes a home far into the desert.
2014 C.E. Unable to cope with the continued destruction of her homeland, she flees the Middle East to tour the North and South American continents.
2017 C.E. settles in the Mountainside's Lavender Heights after reports of shifters.
2018 C.E. Taraneh meets the psychic Cris Yahn, believes she is a willing participant in the feeding that follows. A month later, Cris burns down her home.

As Raziyya, Guardian of Eventide District
2018 C.E. Joins Beauregard's clutch at his invitation. Is made Guardian when he becomes Dominus.


Face Claim: Golshifteh Farahani

Name Pronunciation: rah-ZEE-ah

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