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Quick Stats

Name: Rabbit Nickels
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 29 (October 24)
Height: 5'7 (Lithe)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Blood Type: B Positive
Residence Location: Crestview
Occupation Location: Crestview

Occupation: Tattoo Artist, Home Baker
Vehicle: Dirt bike

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared: 15
Eye Color: White
First Ability: Phasing
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description
Phasing - can disappear through walls, and other solid objects but tires the longer she uses her power. A couple of times she was too fatigued to continue phasing and has run into a few walls.

Vampire Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Level: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description

Were Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Sex: Male
Species: N/A
Level: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description


- Medium length black hair
- Heavily tattooed
- On the thinner side
- Bambi-like green eyes


- Sweet personality, likes to make people feel comfortable and welcome
- Will cut a bitch if needed though
- Likes to joke around and pull pranks
- Enjoys open mic nights for singing
- Enjoys being outside, camping, hiking, etc.
- Feels as though she deserves the bad things that happen to her
- Believes she doesn't deserve to be happy


- Discovered her powers at the age of 15 when she fell through her bedroom down to the first floor.
- Her real name is Annie, but has gone by Rabbit since she was 15 and started living with her grandma
- Parents were narcissistic and abusive. Escaped to live with her grandmother around the age of 15 after her discovery of powers
- Used her powers in high school to pull pranks, and still does
- Using tattooing as a form of expression for her traumatic past
- Her tattoos cover up her many scars


Face Claim: Hannah Snowdon

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