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Quick Stats

Name: Indra Mehta
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 28 (August 7)
Height: 6'2 (Thin)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Blood Type: B Negative
Residence Location: Ravenswood
Occupation Location: N/A

Occupation: Busker/Musician
Vehicle: 1993 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared:
Eye Color: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description

Vampire Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Level: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description

Were Stats

Age Turned: 20
Eye Color: Black
Sex: Male
Species: Bear
Level: Common
Group: Rogue
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description
Himalayan brown bear
Auburn colored fur
Big and stocky - around 8ft and 500 lbs
Black eyes
Reference picture


Tall and thin
Old clothes - lots of flannel and jeans
Long, shaggy hair
Slightly kept up facial hair


Fits the Leo stereotype perfectly. Highly sarcastic and likes being blunt. Doesn't always do well with authority. Knows he's good looking and is highly flirtatious, mainly to increase the likelihood of getting money while busking. Music makes the most sense to him and he's usually always seen with a guitar strapped to his back. Also knows how to play the bass, ukulele, harmonica, and saxophone. Is mostly a self-taught musician.


Born and raised in Mountainside, Indra dreamed of a bigger life. He skipped out on college to try to make a name for himself in Los Angeles, but after he was attacked and turned while out on a camping trip with a few friends, he started living a transient lifestyle, jumping from city to city along the west coast. He returned to Mountainside shortly after turning 25 and makes a living by busking in Cordova and other nearby cities and playing gigs at Echo Echo and other small venues.


Face Claim: Dev Patel

-Also goes by Indy
-Flirts with everyone

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