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Quick Stats

Name: Mariana Acosta
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 23 (August 22)
Height: 5'3 (Average)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Blue
Blood Type: O Negative
Residence Location: Larkspur
Occupation Location: Other

Occupation: Con Artist
Vehicle: 2015 Jeep Wrangler (Black)

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared: 2
Eye Color: Pink
First Ability: Telepathy
Second Ability: Summoning
Third Ability: None

Power Description
  • Telepathy; Cannot remember a time without this ability. It first manifested with just a direct connection with her sister, but as time went on the twins were able to extend their ability onto other people. By now, they have both mastered the craft of tapping into the minds of others and communicating with one another as easily as if it were breathing. If she is exhausted or in the wrong mental state she will not be able to communicate was fluidly, nor be able to tune out the thoughts of others, when this happens the amount of voices she hears becomes exhausting and typically causes her to pass out.
  • Summoning;Summonings- Learned at the age of 15, Mariana learned of her new power months after her sister. It had hit her one night while they were out and she noticed some jewlery in a store window. She had wished she had the item, and the next thing she knew, it was falling there right in front of her. It was from that point that she began to control her ability more and more. She can only summon things when the location is explicitly known. If she uses this power too much, she will not be able to summon things from a great distance, and rather than coming into her hand, or bag, it will instead fall around her.
  • Vampire Stats

    Age Turned:
    Eye Color: N/A
    Level: N/A
    First Ability: None
    Second Ability: None
    Animal Form: N/A
    Group: N/A
    Rank: None
    Role: None

    Power Description

    Were Stats

    Age Turned:
    Eye Color: N/A
    Sex: Male
    Species: N/A
    Level: N/A
    Group: N/A
    Rank: None
    Role: None

    Animal Description


  • Typically dressed casually
  • Alternates between glasses and contacts depending on what she will be doing that day
  • Hair is usually down and in it's natural state of curls
  • Natural makeup
  • Personality

  • Laid back
  • Deceptive
  • Reserved
  • Reliant
  • Observant
  • Self-preserving
  • Impulsive
  • History

  • Born on August 22, 1995. Santos, São Paulo Brazil.
  • Parents were food vendors on the shores that tourist would frequent.
  • Grew up lower middle class. Spent most childhood wishing for better things.
  • Psychic ability, developed at a young age, although was written off as the twinlepathy.
  • Due to this connection, remained very close to her twin sister, Marcela.
  • Often just went along with Marcela's plans.
  • Did well in school with the help telepathy, although often found herself in detention.
  • It was in their high school days that the two began to use their powers for thievery. Often taking from those who were better off than them.
  • Got caught stealing from a wealthy man, but were let off with a warning and a small fine.
  • Parents, angry with the girls constant misdeeds, disowned their 17 year old daughters and kicked from their home.
  • The decision was then made to move from Brazil to San Jose California.
  • With no money, and no job, Mariana and her sister continued to use their gifts for the wrong reasons. Accumulating a good amount of wealth.
  • Needing a change of scenery, Mariana and her sister relocated to Colorado, where they reside.
  • Other

    Face Claim: Veronica Merrell

  • Tends to rely on her sister
  • Allergic to Lavender
  • Second language is English. First is Portuguese
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