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Quick Stats

Name: Tyra Renee Collins
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 47 (October 12th)
Height: 5'9 (Average)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Blood Type: AB Positive
Residence Location: Magic Hollow
Occupation Location: Lavender Heights

Occupation: Choreographer @ Lavender Heights Community College
Vehicle: Blue Honda Accord

Psychic Stats

Age Abilities Appeared:
Eye Color: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Third Ability: None

Power Description

Vampire Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: N/A
Level: N/A
First Ability: None
Second Ability: None
Animal Form: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Power Description

Were Stats

Age Turned:
Eye Color: Purple
Sex: Female
Species: Jaguar
Level: N/A
Group: N/A
Rank: None
Role: None

Animal Description
- A metallic jaguar with larger rosettes head.
- Weighs around 220 lbs.
- A small tip of right ear missing from a previous fight.
- Small scratches and little patches of fur missing on underbelly.
- Not very vocal, but uses body language a lot.
- Both human and animal counterpart likes being touched.
- Can be very aggressive/protective when needed.


- Average build with curves all in the right places.
- Wears hair long and short depending on mood.
- There are tribal markings on her back which hide her scratch marks.
- Attire ranges from loose fitting and flowy clothes to something form fitting like corsets and leather pants.


There's an air of mystery that surrounds this woman. She can be invisible like a cat, quietly waiting and observing. Nothing is missed with this woman. She pays close attention to detail, watches body language and the way a person speaks. There are times one would never know she was there until she lets herself be known. She moved with grace and agility which often allows her to take people by surprise.

Tyra is one for not many words, her voice firm but delicate at the same time. When she does have something to say, what comes out her mouth someone might not like. She will speak the truth whether someone wants to hear it or not, which often makes her the person people come to for advice. She doesn't mind lending an ear and is considered to be a ‘carrier of many secrets.

There is a seductive nature about her that emanate off of her. She carries herself like a lady at all times, but she isn't afraid of harmless flirting and the bat of eyelashes. She can draw attention to herself when need to be, with little effort. However, do not mistaken this flirtatiousness for perniciousness. Tyra is very loyal when it comes to lovers and doesn’t believe in sleeping around with just anyone. She believes that the body is a temple and must be respected. Being intimate is sacred.

Her enigmatic demeanor, comes across that there is something unique about her. She has a dark sense of humor, but a sense of humor none the less. Her heart is in a good place even if doesn't seem like it within the moment. She would be considered a stern motherly type; knowing when to discipline and when to coddle to those who look to her in that manner. To others, Tyra is a great friend and confidant to many. She is a strong woman with good morals and loving heart,


- The oldest child out of two born to Drake and Pauline Collins.
- She was raised to a born werejaguar father and a psychic (healer) mother who did not want her to be infected and pleaded with Jedro (Prowl Prince/Elder) not to have her go through the sacred Ceremony. Jedro agreed and Tyra and any children after would be raised as one of the protected humans of the Prowl.
- Sean was born when Tyra had turned 4. She was excited to have another sibling in the house and adored him.
- At the age of 12, all had changed once Tyra had hit puberty. That year, Jedro broke his promise and attacked Tyra while she had been out one night meditating under the new moon. She wasn’t seriously injured, but it had been enough that she had needed stitches on her back.
- Drake was enraged once he had found out about the attack and that it had been Jedro who had broken his promise. He had challenged his Prowl leader and had almost lost the fight. Devastated, that her husband had been killed, Pauline had threatened to leave the protection of the Prowl and she was granted permission under one circumstance; Tyra would remain a member until she had been able to control her beast.
- Drake’s true cause of death was never discussed. The children believed that he had been murdered due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time. No one in the Prowl spoke of the truth for Pauline’s sake.
- At first Tyra had a hard time controlling her beast. She didn’t understand her animal counterpart, especially during her teen years. However, the more she meditated and worked with the mentors, the more she became at peace with her beast. It was some of her worst years, however that made her difficult to even function in the world.
- It was during her adolescent years that Tyra had been drawn to dance and it had been one of many activities that had smooth herself and her inner beast. She became the dance and took time to study different forms that continued well into her 20s and 30s.
- Her relationship with Sean had started to distant as they both age as he didn’t approve of her being a supernatural and was ashamed/embarrassed of his family’s background.
- Tyra had left Illinois and moved to (state), due to things in her life had started to become stagnant, however she continued to state in contact with the Prowl. She had also continue to state in contact with her family, though Sean really wanted nothing to do with them.
- Her new life in South Dakota was wonderful as he landed a choreography job and thought meditation classes. Tyra had joined a new Prowl in her 20s that had lasted a long time. She became a respected member and mentor for some time. That had been when she had met Castiel who had been more pronominal, they had complemented each other, thus forming a mated bond. Funny enough, he was a part of the same Prowl she was born into.
- Castiel had been her heart and soul as the two had worked well together and brought indigenous culture to this new Prowl which was accepted.
- In her 40s a fight had broken out with a Clutch that had wiped many of the Prowl and other allies. Castiel had been one of the guards who had fought and lost his life. It had been messy and a very hard cover-up which had led her to move Colorado.
- Starting over wasn’t something she had wanted, however she new Castiel would have wanted her to move on with her life. A new job, a new Prowl – a fresh start.
- Then her mother had passed 3 months later; the truth about how Drake had been killed came out on her mother’s death bed and Sean was no on in sight at the funeral. What had happened to Sean and was her mother killed or died of natural causes?


Face Claim: Halle Berry

-The Forbidden Pairing-
Drake belonged to an indigenous prowl that believed that being supernatural was sacred. Thus many are born or infected as a way of connecting to nature and the mystical world around them. A form of shamanism mixed with animal and deity worship is the best way to describe the belief of the Prowl.
Despite the supportive group, Drake had not enjoyed being a born werejaguar and never fully learned to accept himself and his beast. He wasn’t suppose to marry a human unless she had agreed to become infected; it was forbidden. However, Drake was not one for following rules and fell in love with Pauline who was a psychic, herbalist and doctor. She was accepted into the Prowl as a protected human – meaning she she could not be infected by any other except for Drake and would participate in minor celebrations and would treat any Prowl member that needed medical/hospital care.

-The Shaman-
From her upbringings, she was taught about herbs at an early age and the importance of connecting with nature. Having a close relationship with her ancestors whither human or supernatural had been instilled in her. She was taught how to connect with the spirit world doing journeying and figuring out what allies a person. Tyra was also trained on how to connect with another’s beast in order to treat them spiritually. Meditation and following the moon is sacred to her as well as giving thanks to the land. Dancing and song is a way of giving gratitude and honoring oneself. She was trained in sacred mysteries of jaguars and natives alike which makes her an excellent mentor.

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