Getting Started

Read everything, but this is a good place to start.
WLWB is a post-by-post environment set in a parallel universe where supernatural creatures hide their presence from the rest of the world. Due to the violent and graphic nature of these creatures, WLWB also follows in the same vein and has many adult themes. For more information, see the Mortality Clause. On What Lies We Breathe, we wish to foster a healthy community with as little stress as possible. We ask all players intent on joining our game to recognize our community is made up of adults who write as a hobby not as a full time job. This is a game, we intend to treat it as such, and ask that you do too. We are all adults; Members are expected to resolve their own conflicts with other members of the site.

Ready to join?

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  1. Read all the Game Information portions of the Guidebook in its entirety. These are all the need-to-knows and contain very important details about What Lies We Breathe.
  2. If you have not done so already, please register an OOC account. This will give you access to all OOC portions of What Lies We Breathe.
  3. Decide what kind of character you'd like to play.
  4. Register an account with your character's First and Last name using proper capitalization.
  5. Fill out your character's profile. This can be found by entering your User CP under the User Links dropdown menu. For more information on filling this out, see the Character Profile Guide
  6. Join our active community on Discord! We can't wait to get to know you and your characters better!

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Mortality Clause

Life as a supernatural isn't easy. Weres and Vampire follow their own laws and customs that help them maintain order within their own societies. Those who fail to fall in line are considered dangerous and a huge risk to their way of life. Psychics, while they may not be part of a hidden community, also try to keep their abilities on the down low. In contrast, Humans are limited in their defenses and are unable to fully protect themselves from the threat of a supernatural with abilities beyond their comprehension. Knowing of a supernatural's existence may not end well for them. By joining as a Human, Psychic, Were, or Vampire, you acknowledge the cruelty and difficulties of their world. You are aware that these characters lead challenging lives and may not live to a ripe old age. While Weres and Vampires may be difficult to kill, no character is truly immortal. Characters are permitted to kill other characters without seeking permission of the player. (For more info, see ICA = ICC.) The Staff Team will not be held responsible for the demise of your characters.