Humans & Psychics

Easily underestimated. Hardly helpless. Why John Doe is really a badass.


Let's face it, life was tough enough without knowing Vampires or Weres existed. Humans are your normal, every day person; they have no knowledge of Psychics, but they still have their own day-to-day challenges. If they don't have a supernatural ability, they are considered Human.

Ignorance Was Bliss
When it comes to Humans, the idea of "you don't know what you don't know" has never been more true. While magical powers and shapeshifting creatures can be found in books and movies, Humans never expected that supernaturals could exist in real life. This safe outlook on life was shattered when the news broke late at night on July 15, 2017 with the existence of Vampires, and then again on November 18, 2017 when Weres were shoved into the public eye.

Despite these broadcasts, people still try to explain away phenomena with reasons that they can easily believe. If a firefighter is called to the scene of a fire, they're going to assume that it's a kitchen fire, not a Psychic learning to control their Pyrokinetic abilities. When there's a report that campers were attacked by wild animals, authorities are going to look for the animal, not a person who can turn into an animal.

Where a body drained of blood or suspicious disappearances are harder to ignore than ever before and campsite maulings seem more vicious and destructive than should be possible, Humans have become suspicious of the world around them.

There may be situations in which a supernatural cannot hide who or what they are. If a Human finds out about a Vampire or Were, it is up to both characters to determine what happens next. Consequences for finding out about a supernatural being could range from a simple threat to ensure silence, to a horrible death. Everyone has their own ways of handling exposure and now, Humans are learning to fight back.


Not all humans are powerless. Some of them have developed special gifts along the way, making psychics a very real thing. Powers can range from controlling fire, to mind reading, to turning invisible, etc. There's a number of different things they can do, though they don't flaunt it for fear of discovery.

Psychics tend to be solitary by nature as they are trying not to reveal themselves to the world. They may occasionally encounter another Psychic, Were, or Vampire, but won't recognize another supernatural for what they are. They often think their abilities are unique to them alone and spend more time developing their own abilities than they do seeking out others who may have them.

All psychics have naturally high metabolisms. Because they ultimately share their body with one or several abilities, each power requires its own energy to be sustained. Psychics typically consume twice the normal amount of human calories in a day. That said, they burn through alcohol and other stimulants at a higher rate than a normal human, but shouldn't challenge a Were to a drinking contest as lycanthropes have a faster working metabolism.

For the sake of simplicity, psychics share the same lifespan as regular humans.

It's up to you whether your human character develops an ability or not. They are welcome to start off without any abilities and develop them along the way or can start off as a psychic. You can select any power from the list. There are no level restrictions in selecting a power, so feel free to select a combination you feel will suit your character. Keep in mind that once an ability has been selected for your character via audition or as a level up, the power can not be changed.

Acquiring a new ability can be triggered by a number of things, from something as simple as stress to puberty to a butterfly flapping its wings half way across the world. Psychics have the potential to gain up to three abilities total (see the Levels tab). They can use up to two at a time but remember that practice makes perfect. No Psychic will start off knowing exactly how to wield their power and if they get ahead of themselves, disaster could strike at any time.

Every time someone uses an ability, they use it at the expense of their own personal energy. There is a limit as to how long and how much powers can be used. Over exertion of a person's abilities can lead to nosebleeds, fainting, or blackouts.

Not all humans want the extra talents they've been given. Considering there's no secret society or school for the gifted, it can be difficult for someone to learn how to control their abilities, but not impossible.

Eye Color
When a Psychic actively uses their powers, meaning they're exerting energy to use their skill (whether a lot or a little), their eye color will shift to the alternative color chosen.

Abilities List

Below is a list of abilities your character may have. When selecting your characters powers, try to think of a combination that will suit your character's personality. Active abilities will be marked with an A, and Passive abilities will be marked with a P.

Aerokinesis – A

The ability to manipulate the element of air. Users can create a small breeze or bring wind to a sudden stop. As control increases, Aerokinetics are able to harness stronger winds. With practice users can create or prevent winds as strong as tornados.

Alteration – A

The ability to change one's appearance. On a small scale, this talent can be used to make minor cosmetic changes. Experienced users can transform their body's height, weight, and physical features to look like someone else.

Animal Control – A

The ability to control animals and insects. Today for you, tomorrow for me, that Akita "Evita" will no longer bother you at all hours with this ability. Users cannot understand what animals and insects are saying or feeling. Weres and Vampires cannot be controlled.

Cryokinesis – A

The ability to manipulate the element of ice. Users can create ice from the moisture in the air and solidify it into slick surfaces, frozen walls or snow. With practice, users can craft objects and wield larger quantities of ice.

Electrokinesis – A

The ability to manipulate the element of electricity. Users can harness currents in the air to create static, shockwaves and lightning. With practice they can tap into large power grids or charge electrical devices within proximity.

Dream Walking – A

The ability to lull others to sleep and take a walk through their dreams. Experienced users may also alter and manipulate the dreams of their targets. A 1D30 must be rolled for sleep success 1-15H 16-30M.

Empathy – P

The ability to feel the emotions of others. Users can walk into a room and get a sense of the range of emotions of the people around them. With practice, Empaths can temporary manipulate those emotions for as long as they can sustain them.

Healing – P

The ability to heal another's body. Users can cure or cause anything from the common cold and headaches to sprained ankles and broken bones. With practice, Healers have the potential to tackle more invasive and complex diseases.

Hydrokinesis – A

The ability to manipulate the element of water. Users can pull moisture from the air to create mists, rain or small streams. With practice, users can control larger bodies of water to create whirlpools or shift ocean currents.

Illusion – P

The ability to create visions of things that do not physically exist. At first, these illusions are strictly visual. With practice, Illusionists can begin to trick all the senses into believing in the total realness of the illusion.

Imprint – A

The ability to force energy into an object and make it explode. The more energy that is forced into an inanimate object, the more powerful the explosion will be. With practice, users can create a blast equatable to a grenade.

Invisibilty – P

The ability to disappear from view. Users can will parts of themselves or their entire body to become not visible. With practice, they can remove their sound, scent, heat signatures, etc until no-one and nothing can find them.

Invulnerability – P

The ability to make your skin more dense. From paper cuts to gunshots, this ability allows the user to withstand harmful strains on the body reducing their effect by fifty percent.

Metallokinesis – A

The ability to manipulate the element of metal. Users can bend, mold and animate metal objects with a simple touch. With practice, users can mentally strip items of their natural alloys and transform them to suit their needs.

Meteokinesis – A

The ability to control the weather. Users can manipulate the weather in their surrounding area. With practice, the scope and severity of the manipulation can expand up to a severe storm.

Mimicry – A/P

The power to mimic and temporarily possess the same ability as another Psychic. Mimics can copy one power for as long as they stay in close proximity to the person they copied from. Copied powers are subject to the same limitations as the original powers. Mimics can not switch between powers mid-thread. Note: A vampire using this ability in their shifting form may only use passive abilities.

Necromancy – P

The ability to see and communicate with ghosts and/or spirits. Necromancers are also able to temporarily revive the dead. Those revived are bound to listen and obey the one who raised them. If animated for too long, the dead will turn on its master. Necromancer's can not bring back or control Vampires. Any other supernatural beings may be brought back, however they will have no use of their abilities (Were's shifting, Psychics psychiching).

Negation – P

The power to nullify or cancel out the abilities of other Psychics. This ability operates in a specific radius from the user (no more than roughly 20 feet for Advanced Psychics) and completely protects the user from mental abilities. It has no effect on Weres, and only affects a Vampire's Psychic abilities.

Nosokinesis – A

The ability to cultivate or destroy bacteria, toxins and poisons. Users rarely ever get sick. With practice they can manipulate deadly diseases. Nosokinetics have added resistance towards lycanthropy and are less likely to contract the virus.

Omnilingualism – P

The ability to absorb new languages. That ancient text may never be understandable, however, modern languages in everyday use will flow through you as if they were taught from birth.

Phasing – A

The ability to become intangible, passing through people and objects without resistance. Users can phase parts of themselves or their entire body. With practice, users can extend their power to temporarily allow other people to phase.

Pyrokinesis – A

The ability to manipulate the element of fire. Users can transform a tiny spark into a blaze without having to worry about getting burned. With practice, users can pull heat from the air and compress it into concentrated flame.

Summoning – P

The ability to call forth an object from another location. Summoners are limited by knowledge, unable to call something they've never seen before. With practice, users may summon an known object from an unknown location.

Technokinesis – A

The ability to control any technology with an electrical current. Users can hack devices for personal use without detection. With practice, users can do this from a distance instead of needing physical contact.

Telekinesis – A

The ability to move objects with the strength of mind. This power is just as tiring as it would be to physically get up and do it with your hands, but those with a strong sense of will may exert a force greater than that of their body.

Telepathy – P

The ability to speak mind-to-mind with another. Telepaths can also walk in a room and hear the thoughts of those around them. They can not hear the Inner Beast of Weres.

Teleportation – A

The ability to instantly transport the body from point A to point B. With practice, users can travel to places they have been within the range of a few miles and bring objects or people along with them.

Terrakinesis – A

The ability to manipulate the element of earth. Users can transform the ground beneath their feet or encourage plants to grow faster. With practice, users can create small earthquakes or keep plants healthy during a drought.

Touch Clairvoyance – P

The ability to touch an object and relive the residual thoughts, feelings and memories left behind by those who have handled them. With practice, users can track a person through the objects they've come in contact with. Objects only. Does not work when touching people.

Tychokinesis – P

The ability to manipulate luck. Really want to win that lotto ticket? Give yourself or a friend a little bit of an edge over the competition. Careful though, in some users this ability is known to have an opposite reaction later down the line.

Veritokinesis – P
The ability to tell the difference between a truth or lie. Users sense a change in heart rate and more easily recognize the stress signals associated with lying. With practice, users can influence others to be completely truthful.


In order to advance in character, all characters follow a progression system referred to as "Levels". These levels are species specific and include writing challenges to either progress, or maintain their current level. Leveling characters is entirely optional and are not something a character is "aware" of. They do not refer to themselves as an "Advanced Weres/Vampires", they simply recognize abilities and strength.

To level a character, please refer to the writing prompts for each level. Characters must complete all of the of the challenges in separate threads in order to advance. The threads must be archived and contain at minimum 10 total posts (at least 3 of which must belong to your character) before they can be submitted to the level request thread. There is no time limit for completing these challenges.

Players are not allowed to stockpile threads for a level they have not yet achieved. For example, Common Weres can not earn threads for "Intermediate → Advanced" while they are still working on "Common → Intermediate". As soon as the Common Were becomes an Intermediate Were, any new threads will count towards "Intermediate → Advanced".

Players are not allowed to create their own writing challenges. The prompts provided are designed to be open-ended and up to player interpretation. This allows room for plenty of creativity as long as it revolves around the theme of the writing challenge provided. We want character progression to feel natural, so please feel free to design scenarios that suit your character's individual needs and personalities.

Any and all leveling progress after two months of character inactivity is reset. Previously completed threads will still be canon, however will no longer be applicable toward achieving the next level.

You're Human. You don't have super powers and you're going about your every day life none-the-wiser to the supernatural occurrences that are happening around you. Oddities and other mishaps are easily explained away by science and you continue about your business. The daily grind is real. Let's face it, the cold, hard truth, is that everyone has to work to survive.
Abilities / Experiences
• N/A
Writing Challenges

To become a Common Psychic:
• Have 1 thread where your character suddenly develops an ability

To become a Were:
• Have 1 thread where your character is infected

To become a Vampire:
• Have 1 thread where your Human character is ingests Vampire blood and dies

Join as a Human

Fill out your profile and audition.

Common Psychic


Maybe you were born with it. Maybe it's make believe. Either way, you've acquired an ability that is definitely not something most people have.

Your new power is something of a shock. You're not sure how to control it yet and it "misfires" at random. You're not sure if this is a "normal" kind of thing or if you just became some oddity of nature. There's no one to talk to about it, so you're doing your best to keep it under control.
Abilities / Experiences
• Acquire your first ability
Writing Challenges
(Common Psychic → Intermediate Psychic)

• Have a thread where your character gains a second ability.

To become a Were:
• Have 1 thread where your character is infected.

To become a Vampire:
• Have 1 thread where your Human character is ingests Vampire blood and dies

Keep in mind, becoming a Were/Vampire is a permanent change. Your character will lose their psychic ability if they become a Were. There's no going back.
Join as a Common Psychic

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Intermediate Psychic


You've just started to get the hang of your first ability, or maybe you've had it for a while. Either way, something happens and voila! A new ability is yours.

Figuring out what this new ability is might take a bit, but hey, you've done this once before. This time the adjustment is a little smoother, but it isn't entirely without its fair share of mishaps. At least now you're more practiced at covering them up.
Abilities / Experiences
• Acquire a second ability
Writing Prompts
(Intermediate Psychic → Advanced Psychic)

• Have 2 threads with different Psychic's
• Have 2 threads with different Were's
• Have 2 threads with different Vampire's
• Have 2 threads using your characters first ability
• Have 2 threads using your characters second ability
• Have 1 thread using both abilities at the same time
• Have 1 thread where an ability malfunctions at a pivotal moment
• Have 1 thread where your character struggles to hide one of their abilities from another.
• Have 1 thread where your character uses their abilities publicly.

To become a Were:
• Have 1 thread where your character is infected.

To become a Vampire:
• Have 1 thread where your Human character is ingests Vampire blood and dies

Keep in mind, becoming a Were/Vampire is a permanent change. Your character will lose their psychic ability if they become a Were. There's no going back.
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Advanced Psychic


By now you're no stranger to living with unique gifts. Maybe you try to keep a low profile and pretend that you're just like everyone else, maybe you've learned how to make your abilities marketable. Either way, your powers are an extension of you and they're not going away anytime soon.

In fact, it's about to get a whole lot more interesting ...

Abilities / Experiences
• Acquire a third ability
Writing Prompts

To become a Were:
• Have 1 thread where your character is infected.

To become a Vampire:
• Have 1 thread where your Human character is ingests Vampire blood and dies

Keep in mind, becoming a Were/Vampire is a permanent change. Your character will lose their psychic ability if they become a Were. There's no going back.