Here is where you can keep up what's going on in the character lives of WLWB. Players can submit their threads to the News board from their OOC accounts. Threads tagged "Important" were on the local news (Mountainside News Network) and likely had a widespread effect.
A feeding frenzy turns into a last meal for Pippa after a run-in with the Eventide turns violent.
A sudden sighting of a crocodile and wolf in downtown Cordova ends in a fatality
A self-imposed tracking lesson leads to the brutal murder of the train yard's hired security.
Echo comes across and aggressive Abhinav while shifted in Magic Hollow. A fight ensues, which Summer attempts to break up. Thanks to sheer stubbornness and desperation, the fight ends in Abhi's untimely death.
Rabbit appears to be in an unstable state when she comes to Lavender Heights in search of 'Henry' (Beauregard.) When Edvin attempts to diffuse her, she threatens to burn him, and pays with her life.
A wild chase ends in blood under trinity bridge
Joey runs into mountainside's infamous troublemaker, Gabriel, with lethal consequences for the hyena and father.