Here is where you can keep up what's going on in the character lives of WLWB. Players can submit their threads to the News board from their OOC accounts. Threads tagged "Important" were on the local news (Mountainside News Network) and likely had a widespread effect.
A confusing exchange ends in Parker and Ben publicly shifting and tussling in a bookstore. (Thankfully, neither is pancaked by a car.)
Joey runs into mountainside's infamous troublemaker, Gabriel, with lethal consequences for the hyena and father.
An unfortunate fall at The Terrace leads to a shifting Natalie, causing Asha to call in the wolf support team and give Amber some choice advice.
Asha and Abraham become queen and king of the jaguars.
Saved from potentially fatal alcohol poisoning, Abhinav meets his sire, Pete. True to form, he repeatedly spurns her attempts to help him adjust to this new life.
Calvin shelters Ben from the blizzard and makes a rat out of a rat.
Hendrix's lesson on the supernatural becomes more interactive than planned when he is attacked and turned by his former flame, Alex.
Daniel and Naz meet for the first time at a warehouse store. It's fair to say that both their crocs are pretty chuffed about it.
The jaguars finally come together as an official prowl in an evening of celebration and a little tension.
Dog walking is no walk in the park when Natalie is attacked and turned by a massive wolf. (Rest in peace, Boris.)
A feeding attempt turns into an unexpected nap, and Cordova police manage to detain their first vampire... for a little while.
The cheetahs meet and reestablish a well-known Coalition rule: No vampires in Belle Vista.