Here is where you can keep up what's going on in the character lives of WLWB. Players can submit their threads to the News board from their OOC accounts. Threads tagged "Important" were on the local news (Mountainside News Network) and likely had a widespread effect.
Pandora summons Beauregard to discuss making a clutch of her own. The dominus promises not to intervene, but the meeting ends tensely.
Oliver scouts out Yujin's property for threats and meets Raziyya and Ophelia. They leave him bloodied and with a broken arm.
After a failed suggestion and a clashing of personality, Safiya gets violent with an cryokinetic Neve.
Safiya challenges Lazarus to attend some combat training from Raziyya. Things get a little bloody, but not in the good way.
Following run-ins with the cops, Eventide District Clutch lays down some new ground rules.