Here is where you can keep up what's going on in the character lives of WLWB. Players can submit their threads to the News board from their OOC accounts. Threads tagged "Important" were on the local news (Mountainside News Network) and likely had a widespread effect.
Following a hyena attack, Iago comes to aid Mateo. Secrets are spilled, and it devolves into a fight. Mateo loses his arm, and is unwillingly put into a game of species Russian Roulette.
When Mateo's silver necklace burns Lorena, she shifts. Shit gets real.
Shane mistakes a nighttime intruder in his chicken coop for a lost pet. Parker is not best pleased with his attempts to pick her up and take her inside, accidentally leaving him with a bloody, life-long memento on her way out.
While shifted and on the lookout for errant shifters in their soon-to-be territory, Echo and Pete encounter an unexpected Lorena. After a bit of fun and games, Echo makes the decision to infect Lorena, and bring her into their family.
Greta discovers Evelina bleeding out in an alley and offers the psychic her own blood. And that's how vampires are born!
Nika invites Asha to dinner and then asks to be turned. Asha does it. It succeeds.
A lonely Ben bites Yue and then steals her blanket.
Hendrix's lesson on the supernatural becomes more interactive than planned when he is attacked and turned by his former flame, Alex.
Dog walking is no walk in the park when Natalie is attacked and turned by a massive wolf. (Rest in peace, Boris.)