Madden 19

 He did not quite send her in the direction he wanted, which resulted in some awkward dragging by her fist in his shirt and a nice head-bang to shove the back of his head into the grit of the concrete again! Awesome. He was dazed from the impact, unable to do much more than scrabble at her hand as she rolled onto her knees with a groan. They were just short of kissing, he figured, but this was a lot less hot, and WOW SHE SPIT IN HIS EYES.

 Gabe made a sound of utter repulsion - "Eugh!" and recoiled into himself some. Even an organ harvester had his limits. Still, between the threat of all her murderous glory, being blinded by spit, and being ground against the pavement, that ugly shadow of himself snapped inside. It was not an instantaneous transformation, but the beginnings were not subtle - a series of wet pops where his mandible met his skull, teeth stretching painfully out of his gums. When he swiped at her eyes with the intent to put fingers into them, they were cracking into lengthening points.

thank god he fucking misses


She clenched up with what must have been delight at the reaction: imagine being a crazed, murderous, thousand-year-old vampire who got all grossed out by spit. Not even a loogie, Coco! But she only had a moment of absolute euphoria before things began to go south. The sounds coming out of his skull were foreign but familiar, and she didn't need a clearer warning than dagger-claws coming for her eyes to know that the game had suddenly changed. She jumped up, back, and began to create distance, all while scanning the empty street for a conveniently placed wooden stake or crucifix. "Too much, papi?" Still buds, right??

 She was up and off him in an instant - smart girl! He smiled, or tried to, as the skin on his face was plied into something too thin to support much expression at all, rolling onto his hands and knees as his eyes burned red. He comprehended her words, but any ability to carry more of a conversation slipped away from him as his hands and face warped into something otherworldly. The loss of any good brain function flaked away from him, warping the image of dear stinky hottie into something akin to prey. She did not smell good, but she was as good a target as any.

 He shrieked at her, his own voice layered with something thick and unnatural, vocal chords drawn tight by the grotesque shift of his face. He lumbered onto his feet and lunged at her, spindly fingers outstretched, intent to kill her.



Yikes!! Not buds, definitely not buds! He rolled onto his knees, and a phrase appeared for Pete as she looked at his face, eldritch horror. Who knows where she'd heard it. But it only took a second of looking to know she had to GIT.

She spun on one heel and took off at full hyena speed, her thighs immediately screaming not from strain but from fucking jeans friction. She was faster than a vampire, right? Probably? From the screaming behind her it was hard to tell.

 Off she went, and the monster harboring Gabriel tracked her movements with hollow eyes, drool falling through his teeth from a mouth that lacked the capacity to contain it. He squealed indignantly and would bolt after her, with some several second delay.

 Somewhere down the blur of the late night city, a less fortunate soul would intercept his hungry path - whether that was better for Pete, or better for him, he couldn't really know. He'd decide later that it was better for the hyena woman, that she had evaded his ugly wrath and was replaced by some poor human who would surely show up on some dismal news cast the next day.

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