What You Gon' Do When There's Blood in the Water

The Cage 
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 Tonight was the night that all her last minute planning had led up to. She'd been here most of the day, stocking the bar alongside her Second with water, alcohol, and bagged snacks. It had all given her something to do to keep herself busy, keep her mind off of things that she could not control. Cal's appearance a few hours before they were officially open continued that, doing what she could to help him set up.

 Alina opted to sling drinks behind the bar when the crowd started to trickle in, greeting the Weres that came up to her but mostly keeping her focus on what she was doing, keeping conversations short and finite. She didn't want to talk about why she looked so tired, why she wasn't the witty, smart-ass wolf she normally was.

 The truth of the matter was that today was the first time she'd been to the Cage since The Incident and being here was difficult. Not to mention the fact that her wolf was on edge with all of these other Weres around here. The creature postured and bristled within, intent on displaying a dominance that only she could have here. This was her territory. Wolf territory. They had all been invited here and the expectation was that they would behave, at least until they were in the ring. She had no problem with rowdiness but the mood she was in tonight, disrespect would be met with swift action and aggression.

 Tonight was not only for the Were community at large but for her, too. Instead of rampaging like she had, a fight against someone else that could hold their own would likely prove much more therapeutic than destroying her house or setting it on fire. Perhaps it would serve the same purpose for others, too. Or they were just here for fun. Whatever the reason was, there was an undeniable tension in the air as they all milled about, chattering and eating and drinking, waiting for the event to start.

 When the time came, the Wolf King shooed a person or two out of the way and hopped up on the bar to stand above them all, commanding their attention.

 "Listen up!" If she didn't have their attention before, she surely would now. "Welcome to The Cage. The way this is going to work is if you want to fight, put your name on the list by the ring. If you don't want to fight, don't put your name down.

 Do not shift in the Cage unless it's a warrior shift or a partial shift. If you go full animal, you're DQ'd and I'm gonna throw you into the safe room and either leave you there all night or let your King or Queen come to collect you. So don't fucking do it.

 That's it. There's no rules. You wanna fight dirty, be my guest but all fights are confined to the Cage. Start one outside of it and you're on my shit list. First match is in ten minutes so get your name on the list if you want in the Cage."

 Her mini-speech concluded, Alina got back down onto the floor and downed the shot of whiskey she had set aside, listening to the renewed chatter, an excited thrum running through the crowd. Now to socialize.

 The Cage was The Cage no matter the day - all grime and sweat and beer and blood. And while it wasn't necessarily her natural environment, she'd been here enough times that anyone who took note could tell she enjoyed it all the same. Tonight, however, held a special intrigue. her own beast a muddied mess of emotion from sensory overload. Loud and smelly, the space in a nutshell - the usual claim of wolf, familiar species and ones that were a little less easy to come by.

 She paused with her drink to her lips when Alina took the floor to lay the framework for the night's main event. Smirking against the rim before she took a sip when all was said and done. She glanced to the time on the screen of her phone, confirmed that she had a while before she was scheduled to entertain, settling back in her chair in the meantime and enjoying her view of the floor.

 Thoroughly chuffed, Calvin was in his element, slinging meat and cheese and condiments as fast as he could stack them. He had a table full of protein-heavy sandwiches for patrons to sidle up and grab and was set up to whip together made-to-order fancies for those that didn't like the selection to the left. He was sweating, his beast was spinning in tight, pent up circles, but he was happy to be included and honored that the wolf King thought well enough of him and his grub to feature it.

 Picking out a vaguely familiar form from the throng of people, he tipped his head to the royal cat surveying the room. He had her to thank for his attempts to herd the rest of the kittens into something more organized, and while their leadership was still a grab bag, them building a family together felt less of a dream and more like a goal than ever before.

 While she didn't make too much of a habit of picking fights needlessly or for the sake of violence, she knew some things. For instantly, she hadn't bothered with looking nice just to get fucking decked in the face. She stuck with black workout attire because it meant she didn't have to bleach out stubborn bloodstains. Had taken the time back in Larkspur to take out her earrings and flip-up her septum after switching to a retainer. The little things just to keep from ending up with more hassle to heal.

 By the time she arrived and made it inside, she was ... committed - a little excited, a lot happy to see that same familiar food truck parked along the side of the road. Her beast all but made a beeline to where he was all set up and in his element, bowling into his as her eyes erred towards gold in the presence of so many Were's, almost all of them giant in comparison. "You ready to make jackasses of ourselves?" Hollering over the chaos of people filtering about to grab a bite before the real fun started.

 His cat trilled, tail up and fur puffed as it greeted the other beast. Calvin grinned, the smile so wide it split his face. "Sure am. Wanna be a doll an' sign us up fer a later slot so I can deal with all these hungry mouths? Then I can get ta kickin' yer ass." It'd be the cherry on top of a perfect evening.

 She stayed to the sidelines, shot him a look at the idea that she was anything close to a doll before she lifted onto the balls of her feet to survey over the crowd to spot exactly where she was headed. "Got it. In the meantime, make me a sandwich." Taking off without further instruction to secure them a bit of time to slap the shit out of one another.

Car pooling really was the way to go with this sort of thing. Convenient that the two he’d volunteered to play driver for were so close by. Benji lived with him, and Frank was not far.

When they arrived, Mathis opted to stay near Frank, encouraging Benji to peel off and mingle, though still sure to keep an eye on him in the case things took a bizarre turn.

It was the first time for Mathis since that faithful funeral that he’d been in the presence of so many different weres, and it brought him to a place where he felt he was best suited taking a back seat with things for the time being. Still, he’d greet Yana, Levka, and even Alex with a wave when he caught her eye. Otherwise, he’d offer to grab food and drinks for himself and Frank, and when Alina spoke he would pause his chatter about the time he and Yana had sparred here to listen.

With everything laid out, Mathis would set down his drink, “I’m putting my name in. Are you just manning the bandaids tonight?” He questioned Frank.

He was worried about this.

So many were here. Not all of them were wolves. Eric couldn't relax, and Alina was way up there announcing rules.

Deep breath. Don't freak out. Same to you, wolf.

Eric was flooding himself with calm thoughts. This was just a boxing match, basically. Except with...warrior shifts? Was that what she was when she kicked his ass?

Well. Bit it.

He found a place to sit and mellow. This would be interesting, for sure.

For what it was, Erik was happy to come back into Cedar Creek without such a sullen affair thick in the air. Instead, it was loud and filled with weres that had the leopard skittering and jumping around with fluffed up fur in his head, while he leaned against the bar. There were familiar faces he hadn’t quite gotten the names of last time they’d been here, but maybe now was the time to start.

As Alina jumped up onto the bar, he looked up and listened. Rules set, everything laid out, it seemed they’d have a fun bout of spars to watch and attend. He’d wait a moment to finish his drink before milling through the crowd to put his own name down.

Echo was certain the numbers in attendance here beat out the funeral of dear dead Joe. He would keep to the back, half shrouded in a pint in any instance someone might catch his eye. It was safe to assume he was sullen that he was in no state to spar, but he would rather be an onlooker than open wounds that were just beginning to ease in their aching.

Alina, the she-King, spoke with all the authority she was deserving of here. Echo listened, but watched the sea of faces that he was eager to see the state of by the end of the night. He wondered, how many were strong enough for this “warrior” state? What would those little cats look like?

It was very overwhelming. More so than she perhaps anticipated. So many weres, all packing into a confined space. She’d never seen so many in her life, given the other cats were the most she’d experienced at once. It was likely this had been a mistake.

Parker was eager, then, to take any direction she was given from Calvin and perform it with diligence and in silence. The cat itself was priming her to blot at any moment, that or claw its way from her and do it itself. So she would reduce the chance of it by interacting with as few people as possible as she maintained some cleanliness in the wake of Calvin’s less than precision serving techniques.

A woman, she assumed was the leader of the wolves here, climbed to the bar at some point. Parker bit at her lips as she direct the masses how the night would unfold, and quietly in the back of her mind Parker would go back over the items she’d packed in her med bag. When the speech was done with, Parker would smile briefly to Adina as she approached to banter with Calvin, before excusing herself briefly to retrieve her bag and move it to a table with multiple chairs stationed around it, where she’d been told was going to be the “med station.”


 After selling a bunch of shit for an overpriced bus ticket that ended up being the trip from hell, she had made it to Mountainside four whole days earlier than anticipated. A little surprise for Alina, a little bit because she hoped the spontaneity of it would keep her from chickening out. Needless to say, arriving to find the Brewery more or less a Were-ghost town was both a little shocking and alarming. But the way she figured, there were three likely other locations: the gym, the cage, home.

 It was good fortune that led her to the cage next, surprisingly visit and with ... a whole fucking cocktail of scents that made her beast bristle. Cats, bears, wolves, ... she lot track as the whole fucking place felt like a Bath and Bodyworks with far too many candles all going at once.

The fuck had she missed?

 She came in on the very tail end of what seemed to be ... rules. Rules for - Jesus, the - "THUNDERDOME!" She yelled over the noise as much as she could, arms flailing in the air to try to grab Alina's attention. "Alina! It's a fucki- where's the first aid kit!? Oh my god, did you replace me!?" Sidestepping past tables to try to cut across and to her King.

He was thankful for the ride, making it more impossible to back out at the last minute and to have some kind of reassurance. There was the want to just avoid this all together, but Frank was trying. It would be good to know others as Abraham had mentioned and he had a feeling there’d be familiar faces there as well. As they went inside, it was more or less confirmed this wasn’t a place he’d normally attend. There were so many weres it was sort of overwhelming, kicking up the cat’s pacing and rooing to try to be the loudest thing here. Congrats stupid cat on achieving that solely in his mind. And he was right, there were familiar faces and he waved to each, and also new. Still though, as they settled in he was happy to have Mathis nearby to help him ease into it. Following along with the story, Frank listened with a wide smile, partially wishing he could’ve seen it.

A woman getting up onto the bar had everyone quieting for a few and Frank was going to guess this was Alina. He followed along, already resolved that there’d be a lot of people needing attention when this was seen through, and got a bit tripped up at the word usage of “warrior state”. A what?

As things resumed, Frank turned back to Mathis, brows lifting some at the mention he’d be putting his name down. Hopefully, Mathis wouldn’t get too hurt, not that he thought he wasn’t capable. Still though, he looked forward to seeing him all the same. Shaking his head some at the question, Frank huffed with a smile. ”Just manning, yeah.”

There were so many people here. So many Weres that Riley was having a hard time sorting out the smells. She tried, but she gave up within five minutes, a headache beginning to form in her temples.

She was happen that when she reached out rob Wren that she agreed to come with her to be the two awkward bears that cheered on their king together. Riley hadn’t expected so many people to be there, but her and Wren found a parking spot after circling the lot several times and made it in safely. Now, if only they could find a seat...

Riley found herself wedged onto a corner, drink in hand looking up at wolf... king. She did blinked, putting two and two together. That was the woman who had served her and Cliff the other night. She had felt the power then, but hadn’t known who it came from. This was her. Wow. A little embarrassing but whatever. Riley was thankful that she wore leggings and a loose rock band crop top, her hair piled in a bun on top of her.

People people started to move to put their names in for the fights and Riley instantly reached out toward Wren, linking her arms with hers. The touch was comforting to her uneasy bear. "Where do you think we should sit? I didn’t know it was going to be this crowded."

 The second she heard the voice, the wolf perked up, looking for --


 She couldn't help the grin that spread across her face, bee lining it for the wolf that had come back far earlier than she had expected. A hand grasped her arm and pulled her into a quick, strong hug, not thinking about how much it might startle her, her wolf practically tackling hers to the ground with enthusiasm.

 "Are you thick? There can only be one Moonshine. Your kit's in my office so no one fucked with it." The hug was a short-lived gesture, the Wolf King stepping back and leading her towards the bar where it was a touch quieter. "We're hosting a Were Fight Night and the other leaders pitched in their medically inclined to help."

Ultimately, Levka didn't worry too much if most bears would be there. It was his own pleasure that he was here for, and carpooling with Knox was part of that, actually. It was very nice to have another guy around, especially one he got on so well with. He wasn't certain if Knox intended to fight or not, but he'd... honestly pay some money to see him get in the ring at least once. He was curious as to what such a built bear could into with a no-holds friendly brawl.

So when they'd first arrived it had been side-by-side and the gathering already there was simply something out of a dream. Not a single human in sight--nothing to hide.

That included his relationship with a certain someone as far as he was concerned, and the moment he'd spotted his favorite lady in the spot she'd chosen, he made the beeline for her. The rules had been heard, the sign up would occur, but first things first, "Knox! This is Yana. Yanochka, this is Knox. Be friends."

And if there was any question about the spot he'd claim tonight, it would be between this particular pair if he could make it happen.

Anyone and everyone he knew would earn at least a look and a grin if he could catch their eye, but for the particular moment, Levka just wanted to soak in all the muddied power and chatter. Observe, as one does.

It simply wouldn't do to be late for a paying job.

Eli didn't know what to expect of this place or this event other than the fact that inevitably there would be a lot of chance to spin his trade. He had put together a fresh duffel kit--all his medications back up to date, everything sanitary and ready to go. No more scrambling to try and get his things together if someone needed him.

And hey, this was basically a medic were conference, if he wasn't going to be the only one here. Would Frank be here? He was! He was over there! Eli didn't go for him, though, instead opting to grab a sandwich and then make his way towards the spot they were apparently setting up shop. This was actually pretty cool.

Should he get out there and fight, he wondered? The coyote was a little keen but...

Mmmm... They'd see, but it really was probably more his speed tonight to simply put people together rather than help take them apart.

The twins had gotten a text from Cliff about Fight Night. First rule of Fight Night was that you dress to impress. The second rule of Fight Night was you had to come prepared a la posterboard marked up with only the best things. The third rule of Fight Night was you brought a plus one, your OG brother.

Parking in a full lot, Emmett helped dole out and begin carrying the load under his arms. When they neared the door, his bear maroo’d in concern, but outwardly he tried to keep a lil bounce in his stride full of confidence. Opening the door, he shot a huge smile to his brother before wading between people and finding a place and then food things.

Some chick randomly jumped up onto the bar and announced the rules. Looking on with wide eyes, his gaze landed towards where shit would go down and then at all the weres in attendance. COOL! While him and his brother most likely weren’t going to fight this go ‘round, it would be rad as hell to see how this worked out and what all all these other weres could do.

Walking with his brother to find the best spot to watch, he caught Locke's look and unzipped his own jacket to reveal the pièce de résistance, matching shirts!


When Cliff reached out about The Cage happening Locke’s brain immediately screamed 'It’s a TRAP!’ Because the last thing they expected after being given the responsible bear talk was a quick turn around to "check out this actual fight club". Not that Locke was complaining mind you, he was stoked to be here!

Now getting in the ring would be for another time as he wanted to keep all his teeth in his mouth tonight and to more importantly: check out the local community. Didn't mean they came unprepared though, oh no, they had plans to be the loudest and proudest of the attendees here tonight. Locke couldn’t stop the grin spreading across his lips once the made it inside, knocking a shoulder into his brother’s as the scary lady on the bar gave the green light. "This is gonna be awesome." He said, bear agreeing with anticipating whuffs.

The place was already jumping, a barrage of new smells and plenty of new faces to memorize. Some of these guys looked absolutely ready to go a few rounds with anyone that looked their way. This place did not kid around in the slightest. Pretty obvious the twins were not part of the regular crowd and Locke reveled in it . Finding a premo spot, Locke unzipped his jacket alongside Emmett. With matching shirts and handmade signs the Bower brothers were here to represent.


Wren practiced her breathing exercises the whole ride over, missing most of whatever conversation the two had in the car on the way over. But alas, there they were amongst the dense crowd. The red head was at step three of her breathing when she felt Riley grab onto her arm. She exhaled immediately in relief. Her eyes moved from the intense fighting over to her sleuth sister.

"We are here to support our kin," she started, "but I honestly don't want to sit too close." Her voice cracked at the thought of sitting in the mosh pit right where the action was. "We will support them, but perhaps from a distance." Wren turned and looked towards the back, pointing a finger towards a few empty seats.

It was almost hard to wait outside for Sokol, watching other people go in and file past. Anyone he did know would get a greeting that reflected such, but he'd decline any invitation to enter. He was waiting! Anyone he didn't know would still get a bright-eyed bold sort of look he normally couldn't afford. Everyone here had seen far more strange that lavender eyes on an excited werelion.

He rocked back on his heels and kept alert, in no danger of missing his dearest friend's arrival.

 If she thought accompanying Jo to that brewery meeting a whole lifetime ago was weird, this was just fucking surreal. It was a whole slew of Were's, an impressive array of critters that were both easy to identify and familiar. There was Levka lingering close to spots, and Alina along with some of her wolves. She caught sight of Elijah and if he looked her way she would grin and offer him a wave from across the way. In typical shifter fashion, the food line was close to unreasonable.

 Still, she had nothing better to do while two unfamiliar faces took turns swinging at one another for all to see. So she waited for a melt, beer in hand - tried not to think of anything beyond the room. Taking comfort in coyotes and the second home that was Cedar Creek, still familiar even after so many months. She wiped her free hand on the side of her leggings, set her bottle down once she was within reach of the table to tie up her hair.

 It felt unavoidable that she'd end up in the cage at some point, doubtful she would resist the temptation clean through the evening. She tried to keep that in mind as she went slow and steady on her drink and found a table unoccupied and wedged into the corner to settle in at for the time being.

He sloped his way back from the lists with his hands in his pockets and a wily grin. The Cage was churning. Electric, like a barrel full of eels. A riot of scents, sounds and signatures. Kaleidoscope eyes. Fletch had come here once before to settle a score with his dog. But tonight, man and beast walked with surprising synchronicity.

There were a handful of faces he recognised in the thrum, not all of them band mates. Of course, representing Copper Quarry there was Eli, on hand to ply his trade, and the others were milling about somewhere. He could feel them; familiar and friendly. On the quiet, Fletch wondered how much bank the Doc would make that evening, and whether it would put a dent in the losses he suffered from Asha's residence tax.

As for the others he knew 'you going full animal on us tonight, your Majesty?!'

Yelled across the thrum towards a certain tattooed wolf king, his hand cupped beside his mouth. Was he an embarrassment to the band? Quite possibly.

Outfit: Shirt, black leggings, and shoes!

 Gosh, this was a lot. Like a lot a lot. There were more Weres here than Jackie had ever met in her whole entire cat life, she was pretty sure and just that single thought had her wide eyed and nervous. Even worse was the thread that if she shifted by accident, she'd be locked up! But Yana wouldn't have encouraged them to come if she didn't think it would be a good experience for them. So, she was gonna be a big girl and act like and adult and patch people up and hopefully not shift!!

 Jackie made her way over to say hi to the other Cheetahs, her own chirruping happily, and then sadly as she walked away to walk over to the "Medic Station". Which was really just a table near the wall with a sign nailed above it that said "MEDICs" (someone ran out of room for the 'S', apparently) and a couple people at it, their own bags either on the table or on the floor. "Hey guys. I'm Jacquelyn." And then she hesitated, because the rule was you didn't talk about what you were, but here, they were all Weres. How odd and almost uncomfortable, in a way. "Cheetah." But also... relieving. She smiled as she set her small duffel bag in an empty seat and looked around.

 Turning from Isla, Alina looked for the next familiar voice she heard call out to her, that moniker clueing her into the fact that it was her being hailed and not someone else. Blue eyes settled on that raggedy looking trash dog she'd run into a while ago and raised an eyebrow at him, calling back, "Meet me in the ring and find out!" If he did, good on him. She was betting he wouldn't take her up on it though.

Alina got a thumbs up, a broadening of that toothy grin. An ambiguous answer she could interpret however which way she liked. Fletch wandered off after that, to grab a seat and watch the first few fights unfold. Despite having a history to him that stretched back to the dim and distant days of the school yard, amongst the likes of Alina and the rest of this hairy bunch he was an underdog. He needed pointers.

She had come here with a purpose, to prove something to herself, and without knowing the special event was occurring. The sight and feel of everyone as soon as she walked through the door nearly drained her of the courage she had been dredging up and storing, and nearly sent her back to her isolation.

But no.

It came over her in a rush. Some hot-blooded boldness from a well that was not her own. The wolf was standing tall, assured of itself on this ground; pack territory. In her mind's eye it looked around the crowd intensely, daringly. It wanted to use its teeth tonight. Not its fleet paws.

Kenzie strolled forward as though this was routine to her, avoiding the eye of anyone she knew, her gaze sharply focused on the list and the ring. She put her name down for a match, then tucked herself into the quietest corner she could find to wait her turn. Tension gathered into her muscles and set her jaw.

She let her mind empty of any thoughts but the ring and what she needed to do.

Remy's arrival came with clapping hands, grins, and laughter, while sprinkling hey's, how are ya's and other pleasantries as he moved through the crowd to jot his name down on the list once the King had said her piece. Iago, waiting outside, had received a rough shake of his shoulder in greeting on his way in; Alex, a wink and two big ol' thumbs ups; Fletch was offered a fist bump as he settled beside the man, and a few peanuts which Remy had soon after pulled out of his pocket.

He recognized the woman who almost shifted over a road-killed deer, and would grin her way if she looked his. He also spotted good ol' Levka, but, in the name of not rustling up trouble so soon on this special night, he decided against hollering out to the man and giving him a hearty wave.

To the stirrings in his mind:

Didn't you hear the rules? No animals allowed. She's even got a safe room! So pipe down, pip squeak. This will just make us stronger. Ready up!

”Selling off my spot to a coyote already?” Would be what Cliff said as he came from behind Alina’s shoulder as he waded through the crowd toward the woman who’d challenged him. He’d smile kindly to Fletch with a nod, but direct most of his gaze to Alina, his heart pounding and a grin growing undeniably wider with the excitement of the night.

He’d carpooled with his entire crew, small as it was, and stuck with the ones that didn’t immediately disappear into the crowd to play social butterfly. He was thankful to remain close to them, something familiar among a sea of animals. He did notice Levka, and his feline girlfriend, trailing behind him a giant fucker that Cliff could only describe as “Lee 2.0”.

He was being an adult here, remember? Cliff ignored them for now, focused on the speech Alina had given before deciding to make his way toward her to confirm they were putting their names in for a less randomized brawl. It was safe to say he was pretty terrified, but he’d front it with excitement to the best of his ability.

Ayane was the one that didn't play social butterfly. This was harrowing! But she'd come to support her leader, and also Indra even though he was kind of weird. Also, was Natasha fighting too? She came to support her too.

Ayane was support.

Deciding to just offer a smile and nod to whoever he was talking to (very very very strong woman!), she mostly just third wheeled comfortably.

 This was definitely a new Alina, but not a bad one necessarily as she held her tight in a hug for a brief couple of seconds. She nodded about, a little overwhelmed by the sheer force of presence but with not a single complaint to be had. It showed in her eyes, sage not brown, but otherwise she kept her wolf down and compliant in the familiarity of the King in front of her. She hadn't been planning on working tonight, but she was there and the opportunity presented itself - so ...

 With a quick glance around she spotted a table of what appeared to be, maybe her type of people. A nice relief as she adjusted the strap of her bag and gave Alina a thumbs up. There was the issue of where the fuck she was crashing for at least a week or so, but it could wait for now. "Go do your kingly duties, I'm going to grab my shit and set-up, we'll catch up later."

Natsaha had been happy to drive up with the crew, sticking close to Cliff as they entered the establishment. It wasn't her first rodeo, but she had been pretty upset her last night here. Shaking her hands and arms, Natasha attempted to push away the jitters, excited whatever fight was to come. She only hoped that it was a good one. She was also pretty pumped to see how her friends fared as well. It would be nice to see just how strong their group members were against others. She hoped they all won every single round.

Indra, for once in his life was quiet. He'd told Cliff already that he'd join in, but as they entered the gym and he got a good look at everybody, he started feeling a bit nervous. The yelled rules from the woman, likely the one Cliff had spoken to about this whole thing, didn't do much to quell his fears. Calm down, he told himself and his bear. This is just supposed to be for fun. And once he finally got a good look at some of the others in attendance, he started to feel better. Not only was his whole fam there, but he noticed Adina, the cute cat from the waterfall; the redhead girl he knew to be another bear [Wren] from a jaunt through the forest several months ago; and of course, Riley. He frowned as he looked at the girl who should've been with them.

The one woman had yelled about there being a sign-up list and even though he was still nervous, he still went forward and put his name down, sealing in his fate like he was Sabrina Spellman signing her soul over to the devil. Except this was to be fun. Maybe he'd be paired up with Natasha. That would be fine. In preparation for the fight, he pulled a hair tie from his pocket and pulled his hair back into a low man bun. Didn't need it getting in his face tonight.

Scout tugged her pack's straps to tighten them around her shoulders while she weaved around the crowd. So many new smells. Some enticing while others were a pungent mess. Her cat was uneasy being around this many people but Scout hushed and soothed the worries away. They wouldn't be here for long, just some curiosity for the feline.

Silently, she pushed passed a few rowdy viewers, using her hands to steady them and prevent them from falling into her. The scent of booze strongly wafting from them. She turned up her nose and continued to find a more open area, if there even was such a thing.

Rowan would have signed up for the fight, were it not for him already getting into one days before. He had no idea what got into Asha, but she had been a pain in his ass. Even a shift couldn't hide the damage does to his face. The lower side of his ear near his jaw up to his chin was scabbed over, healing quickly but it'd probably be another couple of weeks before he could talk without it causing him pain. Not to mention his shoulder. It was sore, and just like everything else, it'd heal.

He just got off a shift, still in his Crestview Fire Department navy blue shirt and a pear of khaki utility jeans and steel-toe boots. Beer in hand, he searched for an empty table while everyone got situated and signed up for fights. He wasn't looked to talk to anyone, just watch a few old-fashioned Were fights and go home and crash.

Heidi, in her ten years at this, had met a ton of weres. Lots of different kinds. Cats, dogs, those of neither persuasion. But, never this many at once. It was overwhelming, sure, and the coyote was very much of the mindset that none of the other animals present were worthy of trust but the others like herself. Some of which, she hadn't even officially met. Alex, Fletch, and Kai were most familiar, but any others were just a face and recognition in the fact that it was a coyote in the band.

Heidi would partake in soda or water, but she'd consume as much food as she could possibly stomach. A comfort blanket, if you will, in the face of so many different animals and the idea that at some point her name would be drawn and she'd be paired up against god knows what. A bear, a jaguar, a fucking rat. Who knew. After placing her name in, she'd stick close to her kin, observe with pursed lips and hardened brows as she watched and waited for her turn.

 Ever since the brutal bar fight that led to his turning, Knox took care not to start trouble, but there was a private part of him that reveled in it, the physicality of each tight motion, the motivation of pain. He'd come here tonight with an open mind and an open schedule, waiting until he could suss out the scene before he committed to a fight.

 Content with his kingly companion, he followed Levka in, taking a level breath to get his bearings, accosted by the sights, sounds, and smells of an establishment at full capacity.

 He was ushered over to a sharp-looking woman, angular and severe with a heavy power signature to match. He'd heard enough about her to not need the introduction, but he welcomed it with an open smile and an extended hand. "Knox Renshaw. Pleasure to finally meet you. The King speaks of you highly and frequently."

 She turned into the introductions, took the bears hand happily and gave it a quick and firm shake, the slightest upturn of a near smile as she looked up at him. Surprise, he looked every part a bear. "I've heard a good deal about you as well, all good things. It's nice to finally put a face to the name." She shot Levka a look, mind circling the bit about frequently and deciding that this was neither the time nor place to inquire about her presence in bear conversation.

 She assumed if you weren't at least a little nervous then something was certifiably wrong with you. Or, you know, maybe you were just a wolf in your own backyard. Either way she took her time finding parking down the street (it appeared she'd missed the memo about arriving early to get a good spot), a little surreal as she made her way down the narrow entrance to The Cage. It was probably a good thing she'd driven Finlay, she was sure she would have chickened out if she had been flying solo.

 It was a whole litany of feline and wolf, things she'd never picked up on and ... fucking bears. A considerable number of bears, actually. Some she knew and some that were complete strangers. She looked about, glanced over to Finlay and motioned at the crowded floor. "I don't really know ..." What to do, basically - yikes.


Etta was very overwhelmed as she entered the gym and got a good look at all the weres in attendance. Her eyes were large as she quietly made her way through the crowd, just looking for another cheetah. She spotted Yana finally, after what seemed like ages of looking (but was really only a few moments). She gave her a wave, unsure if she actually saw her or not, before finally sitting down at a table near the back, in case she would need to leave. Violence was not her thing, but she was here to support her fellow cheetahs all the same.

 Having arrived a little too early to be cool, Hendrix was tucked away in the corner, nursing a beer. Watching the door, he saw a stream of unfamiliar faces pass through. But there was comfort amidst the chaos. Unable to catch Eli's eye, he chewed on his lip and watched Alex's for a while, having already had this discussion with himself. This was wolf territory. Biden would probably be there. With her. So, he should keep his distance.

 But she was alone from what he could see, and his coyote dragged him over through the crowd. He picked up a sandwich, waving to Fletch along the way and spotting a woman with a familiar sort of air and an unfamiliar face. "Hey Lex, this seat taken?" See: Should he fuck off now or later?

There was inherently something very pleasing about taking two people you genuinely enjoyed and seeing them come together. Levka reveled in that feeling before he'd take up the spot next to Yana, and pat the next seat over for Knox to take. Insistent, as he ever was, but nice about it.

Frankly he was just ready for the fights to begin?!

Soon, soon. Everyone needed a chance to sign up first.


A lot of cars outside. And approaching the building, more animal smells than he had ever encountered at once. Clearly, even with no intention of putting his feet in the ring, it had been the right decision to come here; he was stepping into the networking opportunity of the year. He approached with the guarded look of one who will be seen and knows no one, but the expression lasted only until he saw Iago, instantly recognizable and waiting loyally outside.

He smiled at his friend and clapped him on the arm, working hard at being normal. "You managed to wait!"


The lion in his heart immediately coiled like he might pounce, but once Sokol was within his space, the familiar clap of arms, there was merely a strong swat at the other lion rather than a heady pounce. He grabbed Sokol's arm for a brief moment to squeeze it, then let go with a sprite nod.

"I did, and you managed to make it worth it. We gotta get in there, though. I counted like... probably thirty going in!"

Maybe not so much as that--or maybe more! That was part of what made it enthralling.

Sokol felt part of his soul wither from embarrassment at the comment, but here they were anyway. He made a laugh and rolled his eyes, stepping toward the doorway. "I'm not surprised, it smells like a zoo here. Did you see anyone you know?"

"Couple. Alex, the coyote that I mentioned, and a big ol' rat named Remy. I'll point them out."

They were let inside without incident, and the atmosphere inside was wild for someone with so little experience with multiple weres at once. It was bustling and vibrant. Iago would stick companionably close to Sokol, though at some point he would need to go put his name down on the growing list of combatants.

Who would he even fight? That would be the best surprise of this evening, undoubtedly.

It was a marvel to realize just how far she’d come in a year, from not believing in any of this, into becoming a were and attending a fight party for a whole room of them? So weird. Not entirely sure what to do or where to go or who to talk to, Natalie found herself grabbing a drink and finding a seat someways in between other pack members and what was no doubt where the center of attention would be. Her wolf was eager to sniff everything new, excited with all the activity around.

She’d listen to Alina give the rule spiel, not entirely sure what some of it meant, and then would wait for the event to begin she supposed. Dante had been teaching her some basics, but it would be cool to see how those really played out in an actual fight.

 To Cliff, she only grinned. She had more or less promised him a fight and he would absolutely get it. But right now, she had other things to focus on. Now that she was up and moving, talking a bit here and there, it was easier to shake her veil of silence and generally pissy attitude. It wasn't completely gone but right now, Alina was happy. Isla was back, she was going to fight later, there was food. All was well, for the moment.

 Dante would sit at the door, filtering those that might try to weasel in without a beast under their belt. He watched and listened, generally quiet unless needing to return a greeting or tell someone they weren't welcome tonight. He'd stuck his name in some time earlier, and anticipated being able to get off this stool so someone else could take his post, or lock the door, while he grappled with someone he wouldn't have to worry about punching softly.

 Kai weaseled in a little late, grinning at some more familiar faces, skirting the coyotes in the room to head straight for the bar, maybe even greet Alina. She'd mingle around later, after she whooped Alex's ass - or, more likely, got her ass beat by the fucking Princess. Wouldn't that be some sweet, belated revenge.

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