1. Matches will be 7 rounds long (14 posts total, 7 posts for each fighter). Which ever character lands the most hits wins. If the characters have the same amount of hits at the end of 7 rounds, then no one wins and the match will be a draw.
  2. Fighters are required to use the Dice Roll - Combat system. None of the fights can have a predetermined winner.
  3. Hybrid shifts and partial shifts are allowed. No full animal shifts. If the character shifts full animal, they will be caught and pulled out of the ring and probably tranquilized.
  4. No murder attempts! This event is made to be fun for all, so no fatal blows!


Set Pairings

8:15pm — Floppy Ears Slaps Like A Bitch
Finlay Fawkes vs. Hollis Campbell

8:30pm — Small Yote, Big Kick Energy
Alexandra Davidson vs. Kai Cormyr

8:45pm — All is Fair
Yana Novik vs. Levka Orlovsky

9:00pm — Temperamental Testosterone
Hendrix Houpt vs. Dante Orion

9:15pm — I Got Cat Class
Adina Russo vs. Calvin Bates

9:30pm — Here Come the Runts
Alina Sinclair vs. Cliff Douglas

Random Pairings

Players have until Sunday 8pm EST to submit their characters for random pairings (or set matches, but I won't be putting up the Random Pairings til tomorrow night/Monday morning)!

9:45pm — Free to Do it All My Way
Ingrid Thompson vs. Iago Mora-Padron

10:00pm — Generation of Disorder
Natasha Kelly vs. Riley Toscani

10:15pm — An Ounce(Ounce) of Respect
Heidi Wolff vs. Erik Satō

10:30pm — Spots and the Underdog
Mathis De Luca vs. Dylan Fletcher

10:45pm — starting right now i’ll be strong
Indra Mehta vs. Kenzie Crowther

11:00pm — cocking tails and pricking whiskers
Isolde Casarez vs. Remington Triggs