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Cordova's Wonderland 
 Things had been.. tense, since they had gotten back from Texas a few days prior. And Carmilla wasn't entirely sure on what was going on in his head. Heck, she barely knew what was going on in her own. But she was trying to show him that she wanted to mend things. To try and fix this crack between them. Of course she knew that she couldn't just slap some duct tape on it and expect everything to be okay. This would take time and she knew that she probably had to earn some of his trust back. But could she really blame him? No. She couldn't.

 So, here they were. Trying to ease some of the tension and have some fun. Now, Carmilla was very careful in what she did and what rides she'd go on - but she was excited to be at the amusement park with him. "Thanks for humoring me and coming here with me." She said before sticking a piece of a sugary sweetness into her mouth, letting the cotton candy melt on her tongue. "Where do you wanna go next?" Carmilla smiled at him, before nudging him playfully. "FYI, I'm still waiting for you to win me a prize."

He had a rare day off, and Carmilla wanted to take hims somewhere. Rowan had agreed just because she batted those pretty, long lashes at him and now was regretting that decision. An amusement park? Really? Just the thought of being on something rusted, rickety and metal made his stomach flip and the beast restless.

It was a shock when he went through the gates and a shock that he was still there at all. One hand in his pocket and the other on his stomach as she spoke. "Is home an option?" he asked as he looked at some of the roller coasters that shot through the air. "What kind of prize do you want?" Rowan agreed to try. So here he was, trying. He can’t recall ever being in an amusement park but the whole thing made him queasy.

 It was the child in her who had always loved, loved, loved amusement parks. And although she wasn't a general fan of the rides per se, there were always a lot of other things you could do. So she was trying and she was hoping to at least get a smile from him. But it was difficult and she could feel her own falter slightly at his response. "No. Too soon." The femme stated in a matter-of-factly manner and offered him some cotton candy. Whether he took some or not, was entirely up to him.

 "A stuffed animal. A big one." Carmilla smiled brightly at him, but it didn't quite reach her eyes anyway. Instead she looked around at the booths around them, before letting out and excited "there!" Out of habit, she took his hand into hers and began pulling him along. "I promise, we don't have to stay here all night. But I want you to at least try and enjoy yourself. Besides, I know for a fact that there's alcohol around here somewhere." The brunette pointed out, lacing her fingers with his as she dragged him along to a booth where you were supposed to use a BB gun and try and hit a moving target.

 "Look, you can even win a leopard." Carmilla smirked at him, before nodding towards a gigantic stuffed leopard.

Rowan couldn't stop the groan from escaping. Too soon? But they'd already been here 20 minutes. Wasn't that enough to sate one's hunger for dangerous thrills? Still, he offered her something in between a grimace and a smile. "A" for effort right?

Wrong. He would need to put a lot more "effort" into it if he was going to make her happy. And he did want to make her happy. It was just that this thing between them.... Rowan couldn't get past it, not yet.

"Where would you even put a big stuffed animal?" he teased as he let her pull him forward with little resistance. He figured he might as well get his shit together. Because the sooner Milla thought he was having fun the soon she would let them go home. Still, he couldn't help but shake his head and mile when she mentioned the leopard. It was a leopard, but a snow leopard and as far as he was concerned, there weren't any around these parts.

"You're not going to give me an option, are you?" he said with a small laugh while pulling out his wallet from his back pocket. He handed the worker some move, getting a few extra tickets for more rides, attractions and games before sitting down on one of the seats and looking at the "gun." "Do I get something in return for this?"

 It was going to take time, for the both of them, and Carmilla was aware. But she missed how they had been, how things had been between them. She was aching for even a touch of the intimacy they had shared once; emotionally, physically.. metaphysically. Hopefully, this would bring them closer to it. Her own feline aching for it almost as badly as the human, but at least the full moon was closing in.

 "On your side of the bed, of course." Carmilla teased in return, pulling him with her. Flashing him a smile and hugging his hand in hers, she was soon beyond excited as she saw the leopard in the stand. "Not really, no." Carmilla smirked and leaned against the seat next to his, beaming down at him as she finished her cotton candy. The sugar sticking to her fingers, having her lick them off as Rowan got settled in and ready to take a shot or two for her.

 Hmm. There was a slightly playful glisten in her eyes as she pondered his question. "Well, I mean.." Carmilla attempted to give the impression that she was actually thinking it over. "Is there something in particular that you want.. or..?" Leaning in closer, there was a touch of amber briefly appearing in her green hues as it recognised the playful manner, in which Carmilla was partaking. "Going home is still not an option."

Cotton candy was, all sugar. He didn’t believe he ever had the pleasure of tasting something like it. There was no other nutritional attributes other than sugar and food dye. But it didn’t fast half bad.

Rowan, leaned to the side, bracing one hand on his thigh as he looked up at her. He should have worn a ball cap, but thankfully, this particular game had a hang over that did an okay job at hiding the sun.

And the way she teased him, played with him.... it was hard to swallow, but he did it. His leopard eagerly brushed against hers in the metaphysical space between them, and he could feel his own desire for the human herself, but he attempted to push it away. "I uh," he stammered before looking away.

"Maybe for you to keep your make up off the sink. That’s something you could do, right?" his voice was husky, but he recovered with a tease, a glint in his hazel eyes. He took the gun in his hand, and nodded to the worker to start the timer.

 Smiling down at him, she raised a perfectly groomed brow. He seemed at loss for words, for a moment, and she wondered.. Why. Or not really why either. Truth was, she found the stammering side of him rather endearing.

 Her smile softened at his comeback and she chuckled. "Definitely. But only if you win. " She pointed out and took a step back to let him focus at the targets, as the Tivoli worker set the timer.

 Targets shaped as clown appeared and Carmilla frowned, not entirely fond of the ever-smiling, cheerful beings. So there was some pleasure in seeing them being shot at and every time Rowan got a hit (if he did) she, happily, cheered him on. If he didn't, she didn't say nor do much but remain silent and waited for him to finish.

Rowan was no stranger to guns. But he was a stranger to this BB gun thing. It didn’t shoot like a normal gun nor did these little clown things make sense. In the end, he shot down all but one, eye lids lowered in a flare at the single clown remaining.

Whatever. He stood, brushing his hands on his jeans and walking toward the counter. "I don’t suppose that will win me something will it?" he asked. It did, but thankfully it wouldn’t be the large leopard Milla wanted. But a small one. Something waaaay more manageable. Still, he grinned when he gave her the small leopard. "One snow leopard cub for the lady."

 The young femme was pleased either way, hoping that at least he was going to try and relax. Enjoy himself. And nicely, she didn't hover to close as he tried his luck with the BB gun, pouting at him with feigned disappointment as he got up. One target was still standing, but that wasn't where her attention was at. Instead she followed him wit her green gaze, a smile touching her eyes as she saw him return to her.

 "Yay! I love it." Carmilla hugged the plush cub to her chest and tip-toed just enough so that she could give him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you. I'll promise to keep my make up off the sink." She promised in return, before taking the chance to slip her hand into his. "We should go into the funhouse. Or the house of mirrors." The brunette suggested, biting her lip as she searched for either of the two buildings.

 "Or would you want to grab something to eat?" Carmilla suggested. But hey, at least she was trying, right?

He didn't exactly win, but he was going to take it. Rowan wasn't one to correct what anyone was saying, especially if he somehow benefitted from it. "Sounds like a solid plan," he said was squeezed her hand gently. He was still recovering from the beating Asha gave him... but in all reality, they had ended the fight with a draw and he hoped she was still feeling it too. With the full moon coming up soon... perhaps it would finally heal.

The mention of food peaked his interest. "Food first. This way I won't freak out for being caged in a house of mirrors..." he said cautiously. He didn't know if that would be good for either of them, especially with the full moon right around the corner. He was already on edge and add that to the mix...."Do you have plans for the full moon?" he asked quietly.

 It felt like if she was making some sort of progress. At least that was what her gut was telling her, hopefully she wasn't wrong. "Well, if we are going to live together.." Milla left the rest unsaid and merely smiled as she felt him squeeze her hand. He wasn't pulling away, anyway, and that was something.

 "Food it is." She agreed, "but I won't force you in there if you don't wanna go." The femme continued softly and began tugging him along again, this time with food in mind. When thinking of it, she could use a bite to eat herself. Her thoughts on food were soon distracted as he dropped his voice, his question having her look at him with slight confusion.

 "Uhm. Well. I thought we'd.. spend it together.." Suddenly feeling a bit awkward, she cleared her throat and tried again. "Unless you have something else planned, of course." The thought of that, however, was displeasing not only to her, but the feline itself. Who had been trying to inch closer and closer to him, just like her human counterpart. Trying to find a way back in.

Food it was. Of course it was natural for Milla to live with him. He still had her room there and he wouldn't dream of touching it. Not because of her personal items that were left, but because it was hers. Getting rid of it in some way or another felt like he was going to give up his soul. So, he hadn't even opened the door.

"Okay," he said with a small smile as she tugged him along. He was happy to follow for once in his life. She always had that way about her. They always fought for the top spot, their beasts evenly matched despite the fact that he was stronger. "I met another leopard the other day. Before you came back. I invited him to run with me....if that's okay. He may not show up," Rowan admitted.

He hardly knew Erik and the idea of Milla meeting him, wooing him over with her clear charm, beautiful smile and genuine personality... it didn't make him upset. Actually, he wanted them to meet.

 Milla laced their fingers as she tugged him along, patiently waiting for him to answer her. Perhaps she had done wrong in assuming that they'd spend the full moon together, but for her.. She hadn't even considered another option. Assuming that they'd be together for it. Even so, Milla was eager to give him the time and space he needed in order to mend their relationship.

 Yet, when he answered she felt a touch of relief flood through her. "Of.. course it is. Why wouldn't it be?" There was a slight hesitation in her voice as she spoke, and Milla turned her gaze away. Not because of the idea that they'd be accompanied by another leopard, but the memory of what had happened not too long ago. But the femme swallowed her nervousness and smiled at him.

 "How did he seem? Friendly?" She questioned as they stepped into the food court-area of the park, the scents triggering the hunger in the femme. "Should we check if they have a barbecue stand?"

Rowan had no way to tell what she was thinking or feeling. Her emotions were so fleeting and unless she voiced them, he was out of luck. But he tried. Sad? Perhaps not. She seemed to be thinking about something. Something that involved what he was saying about them and the full moon. On the other hand, it was best he didn't assume anything.

A shoulder shrug was given, a small smile on his lips as he let her tug him along, little resistant given. "He seemed nice enough. Respectful. He owns or manages some sort of haven for supernaturals in Ravenswood." That allows vampires, he quietly reminded himself. He still didn't know how he felt about that. He only knew that he wanted to know more. Perhaps he could visit, if not to check it out then to get to know Erik a little more. The Cage was nowhere to have a lasting conversation.

And it was like she knew him. Well... she did but that worked out in his favor. "Who could ever say 'no' to barbecue? I just hope they have enough food for the both of us, otherwise your SOL," he teased, picking up his pace so that he could beat the couple that seemed to want to still be at odds with what they wanted.

 "That.. sounds interesting." Things had changed in Cordova, she knew that, and really.. All over, if you were to be honest. The whole vampire / were-thing having gone public, ah.. Well. Milla had no intentions of letting anyone know what she was, even if she had come to cherish that part of herself as well. "Have you been there?" She continued, still hugging the leopard cub with one arm.

 Smiling, she made sure to pick up the pace to stay by his side. He was right, who would? Human Milla had never been that fond of meat or animal produce in general. This before the entire shitstorm with Rowan, of course, which had turned her a beast. But a lot had changed since then and even though there had been a while where she'd been close to hating him, these days she was grateful. Yes, things sure had changed and her mouth watered at the thought of food.

 "Puh-leaaaase, if there's not enough. I'll just eat you up." She teased in return, snickering as they slipped past the couple. "I think I want the ribs. Or the steak... or maybe both. Ugh. What are you having?" Milla chewed on her lip, eyes looking over the menu as she felt her stomach rumble slightly at the mere presence of food.

"That's one way to put it," he snorted, running his free hand through his short hair and shaking his head. Rowan didn't have direct experience with vampires, but his once-upon-a-time friend, Rabbit, didn't seem to have good luck with them. "I haven't. I told him I might visit just to get a feel for it. We will see if that actually happens..." he trailed off, looking at the small, laminated menu taped to the side of the window. Barbeque steak with a side of hush puppies and fries. He could do that.

"I'll take the steak, you can have the ribs. If we need more we can always swing back by before we leave," a chuckle reverberated through his chest. She really was a cute little thing, and he could see that she was trying. She didn't have to. Not for him. It wasn't Milla's fault that she was held against her will. Just the thought of it had his eyes flashing green. "There's also more snack stands as well..." he teased, gesturing to the cotton candy stick still in her hand.

 "Maybe it could be worth checking out. See what it's all about." She suggested, wandering off in her own thoughts. Slightly curious on who frequented a place like that, on what (Were)creatures roamed there. Vampires. "I could maybe go with you." Milla suggested, smiling before shifting her attention back to the stand and the food.

 "Mhmm.. Sounds good to me." Milla agreed, already planning on stealing a bite from his steak - just a little taste. This only to stick her tongue out at him at his comment, before throwing the (finished) cotton candy stick in the closest bin. "Careful or I'll make a snack out of you". Again with the teasing, Milla stepped forward with a smile on her lips. "I'll have the ribs. Just the ribs, nothing else." Nope, no fries. No nothing. Milla just wanted the sticky, (hopefully) delicious ribs.

 "Also, he's paying." Nudging Rowan, she grinned at him. "A diet coke too, by the way." The femme quickly added, before turning her attention to her partner. "I'll go and grab us a table, before they're all taken." Milla swiftly pressed her lips against his cheek before turning around to go and find them a table close by.

Rowan could only blink as she bosses him around and then ordered her food. He stood there, watching as she walked away until the worker snapped him out of his stupor. What the fuck just happened? Rowan ran a hand through his short hairs as he took out his wallet. "Guess I’m paying," he said with a huff of laughter and a shake of his head.

"I’ll have the steak, medium rare with two orders of fries and some water as well." Rowan glances up at the worker, simultaneously pulling out several $20 bills from his wallet. "And all the wet wipes and napkins you can give me." He absolutely hated sticky. With a passion.

He paid and strolled over to Milla with a Diet Coke for her and water for him. "You’ve gotten pretty bossy little miss. I have to admit that I’m not used to it." He sat down on the seat across from her, happy to sip on his cool water. Yes, water. Not beer. This was a first for him.

 She found a table not too far off and got settled, her little leopard cub seated next to her on the bench. Her fingers playing across it's soft fur and smiling to herself as she heard Rowan moving closer. Lifting her attention from the plush animal and chuckling with amusement, taking the coke from him. "Is it a problem?" The femme teased, opening the can before taking a generous sip of the cool soda.

 "If so, then maybe you ought to show me who's the real boss." Mille challenged with a smirk and a light shrug, setting the can down on the table before leaning against it with her arms. Perhaps it sounded like some sort of playful banter for those around them, but they were probably both aware of their felines reaction to the idea. A challenge was always a challenge, be it playful or not. Even if Milla was mostly trying to get something out of him. Anything really, by now. That didn't keep an amber shimmer from appearing, only to disappear almost as quickly, as she met his gaze.

 "Unless.. you don't think you could handle me." Boom.

She was tempting him. Rowan knee that and yet with each demand of hers, his could feel himself shuffle uneasily from within. For a while he felt like the beast and him were one and the same. No inner voice, just him and his thoughts, no matter how animalistic they were.
Eyes slowly bled into a pale green... and stayed that way.

His eye lids narrowed as he leaned forward, the old wood of the bench groaning against the shift of his weight. She was used to him acting out of animal instinct. He could give her animal instinct, even if it was just for the fact that he was in charge. It was a pecking order thing, not a male empowerment thing and she seemed to understand that. It was what he needed to keep himself in check. Especially when there were other leopards around.

"Play nice," he growled softly, picking up a single (clean) napkin, balling it up and tossing it toward her face, where it hit her square in the nose. It bounced off, and fell harmlessly to the table, but that leopard loomed in the metaphysical space, tail twitching, brows creased together. There was humor that danced in those pale, Greek eyes, but mostly.... mischief.


 Ahh. There he was. The Rowan she knew. Her lips curved into a smile and as he leaned in closer, so did she. The amber resurfacing and her feline wanting to tempt the male further. Because it wasn't that she didn't recognise him as the one in charge when it came to their little duo, she simply wanted a reaction. She wanted to fix things and he hadn't been making it easy for her.

 "Or what?" Milla bit her lip, only to flinch and shake her head slightly as she the napkin ball hit her on her nose. "Hey!" A chuckle escaped her and she picked the ball up. Eyeing it carefully, before glancing at him with her leopard oh so present. Milla knew it wasn't really the right time and place with there being so many humans around, but..

 "Was that the best you could do, Mr. O'Tera?" The femme teased, tossing the paper ball back at him, hitting him in the chest before bouncing off and disappearing out of view. "Hashtag, lady not impressed." She added with a playful smirk.


She was playing a dangerous game. It was already so close to the full moon. Not only had he been pent up for so long - caged and barely surviving off booze, food and shifts - but now Carmilla was back and he was still sorting out these damned emotions. It had been easier when he knew what he wanted and he went after it. It had been easier when life was simpler. Now? Everything was all sorts of fucked.

He glared at her with missy green eyes, the leopard already so dangerously close. It didn’t help that she threw the napkin back hitting his square in the chest. A deep rumble sounded within his chest - too low for any human to recognize - directed at Milla. Their food was coming and he didn’t want the poor server to puss his pants. He kept his gaze down as their food was set in front of them. "Thanks, man," he said.l, watching him walk away with a calculated stare.

He pulled his gaze away, focusing on first the food and then the woman before him. "Eat." it was his responsibility that they didn’t change in public. There were women and children here that wouldn’t deserve to see a human’s bones change into some overly large cat. Food was the first step. To prove it cut into the rare steak and shoveled in a rather large bite.

 Oh, she was aware that she was playing with fire. But she wasn’t planning on taking it too far, believing that she would be able to tell when she was pushing it a little bit too much. Hopefully.

 But to be fair, she wasn’t planning on going too hard at him. He was already giving her the reaction she had been hoping for, making it difficult for her to hold back a girly giggle. Mills did, however, keep her gaze down, and away, as the waiter arrived. Not wanting to give them away and frankly, she wasn’t trying to piss off Rowan even if she was being a little tease. Something her feline was very much onboard with.

 The food was a very much welcomed distraction, the femme digging in in her ribs instantly. Rowan’s little command wasn’t even necessary and she smirked at him, "look who’s being bossy now." Milla teased, soon refocusing on the plate before her.

 A few seconds later, she stole a couple of fries from him with a grin on her face.

At least she did what he told her.... even if it was Were instinct to eat food and lots of it. He continued to cut his steak up, eating more like a job than anything enjoyable. Sure the steak was raw and fatty and all things seasoned, but mostly he just needed a full stomach to help him control the beast within. Milla knew that his leopard was easily riled, the line between human and beast blurred.

When she took some of his fries, he watched the moment, but did nothing. He wouldn’t be the one stop her from eating, even if it meant giving him all of his food and leaving him none. That meant something, right? "I’m only bossy because you’re forcing me to be." he said eventually, his eyes slowly returning back to their very human shade of hazel.

 Chewing down the stolen fries, she eyed him as he ate his own food. A smile was playing across her lips and she poked at him with her foot, underneath the table. "Like you would complain.. I recall you being rather bossy most of the time." She teased endearingly, before continuing on her own meal. Milla did regret not having ordered more, even though she had ordered a large portion of the ribs. But now, she wanted fries too. Ugh!

 "Not that I mind." Milla added softly, soon licking the barbecue sauce from her fingers before going for another bite of ribs. "This is delicious. I think I might order more and bring with me home." The feline stated, devouring her large portion of ribs with ease. The sauce sticking to her fingers, not realising that she had gotten some on her face too. So eager to finish her plate, and deliberately trying to steer clear from Rowan's fries.

 "We should probably leave after this." Milla stated, although mostly for herself, as she could still feel the feline rummaging around right beneath the surface. Of course, Milla had only herself to blame, but she was trying to satisfy the beast but her eyes remained the same. Feline. Burning.

Rowan wasn’t designed to keep up with the mood shifts of any type of female: human, child (yes they were in their own bucket, feline or otherwise. She was all smiled now - teasing a minute later and pouting a second after that. It was enough to put him on edge as a human let alone as a leopard.

So, all he did was look at her wearily as she spoke, wondering what other job she would make at his ego. Yes, he had been rather bossy, back when he wanted to claim her as his own. He still did, but when she was taken captive this last time, he damn nearly told her that he thought she was his mate. That he wanted to marry her, that she was his and he was hers... that type of soul-sucking bullshit. If he had completed the mate bond... what would have happened if she left out of her own free will? It would have torn him apart.

It was something he needed to think on a little more just to be sure. He still loves her, his feelings hadn’t changed, but he needed to make sure he was thinking with his head and his heart (pathetic, right) and not his dick. So when Milla said that they should probably leave after this, he blinked at her, a look a pure confusion written on his face - lost in his own mental and emotional battle.

"What?" he asked, not at all embarrassed that he had missed out on half of what she said. He looked down at her plate, noticing that it was half gone. He had been eating too, but lost in thought. Choosing to eat instead of participate in open discussion. Rowan took note that her leopard was still near the surface. Right, she’d probably need to change or something. "You ready to go?" he assumed she was talking about leaving. Hopefully, it was a lucky guess.

 He seemed lost in thought and Milla resisted the urge to wave a hand in-front of his face. He snapped out of it though and she offered him a slightly strained smile. "Leave soon?" She repeated, focusing on finishing her plate and attempting to push down the feline. Wanting to urge her into staying down and calm.

 "Mhhhm." She replies softly, soon reaching for one of the containers with how fries and claiming them as her own. Her ribs were out of the way and having wiped her hands on wet wipes, she was ready to nom down some of his fries on the go. Instead of getting another set of ribs while her eyes were acting up.

 "You finished soon? I think I just need to get away from all these people. Just in case.."

The mood changed. And it was his fault. He took in a deep breath, focusing solely on Carmilla as she snuck in a few more fries. He was more than happy to give them to her, knowing her beast was so close to the surface. He couldn’t give her that proper release she would need in order to stay in control. He couldn’t even provide a safe place for her change if it came down to it.

He finished his steak up, happy that his belly was at a state of satisfaction. "Done," he grumbled, wiping the tips of his fingers off and snagging a few fries before she ate them all. Rowan stood them, gathering all their trash to throw away on their way out. "That’s what happens with you push," he teased lightly. His voice lowering to a whisper. "Let’s go find somewhere to run."

Run as in change, stretch their legs and surrender to their beasts. They could hunt, climb trees and wrestle if that’s what she wanted, but he didn’t want it done around humans.

 The lady rolled her eyes so hard that they almost got stuck. This right before a grin spread across her lips and she dug our her shades from her crossbody purse, hiding her eyes behind them. And after tucking her leopard cub under her arm, still nomming down on her fries, she watched him clean up after them.

 "Not like if you’ve proven anything yet anyway.." She teased back, lingering close by as she waited for him. "Sounds perfect. Hurry up, kitty cat." Milla held out the cub, "watch the baby while I finish the fries, please", waiting for him to take it while focusing her attention on walking and eating.. and holding her down for a while longer. At least the lady wasn’t being a pushy one today.

 "Where do you wanna go?"

The what? Baby? Rowan eyes the leopard cub suspiciously before snatching it and holding it in the nook between his arm and rib cage. Armpit book.

He continued to move past the little food area and back to through the games to the parking lot. There weren’t a whole lot of places for them to change so he figured their normal spot. Well... his normal spot. He had been changing alone for a while.

"The usual spot. It shouldn’t take too long for us to get there," he said, the jingle of his keys sounding between them as he took them out of his pocket. "Think you could beat me in a fight with your little kitty cub?" he teased, plucking the stuffed leopard away from his armpit and making to have it kiss her cheek with its button nose teasingly.

He was trying his best to lighten the mood for the both of them. They would need to blow off steam somehow and a hint might be out of the question. Perhaps the little kitty could take some of her frustration out on him. Maybe... they both would like it.

 Milla followed, finishing the fries fairly fast. The duo didn't get too far before she realised she was done, soon tossing the empty container in the closest bin. She merely nodded at his response, stepping up next to him and nudging him playfully. A chuckle escaped her and she tried to dodge the toy kiss, snatching the cub from him and hugging it endearingly.

 "Who knows.. you know what they say about mothers and their babies." Milla stuck her tongue out, happy to be at the car before too long. At least they'd be out of there in no time and ready to run,


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