Advertisement Contest 2: Electric Boogaloo



It's that time again, Liars! It's an Advertisement Contest, this year run by your favorite and only advertising moderators, Lyss and Drew! To participate and earn some sweet wildcard prizes, please read the info below.


There are two ways you can advertise for WLWB. One way is the tried and true posting of an advertisement on another site's advertisement area! These are worth one point per advertisement. The other method is to respond to an RPG-D RP Request thread! These are worth five points per response as they require more time and brain power (but can offer a way more personalized experience for the recipient!).

Posting Ads on another Site (1 point each)

 1. You must use your Lies username when posting an ad (example: Bones would advertise under the name Bones).
 2. Follow the site rules regarding advertising on each site; be courteous!
 3. Do not post our advertisement if it is already on the first page of the site. If you're linking back (posting on a site that posted on WLWB first), be sure to post on the site's link back forum if it applies!
 4. Preview a post before you submit it, please make sure that the coding is functioning and will not distort the site you're posting on!

Our advertisement is located here!

Responding to an RP Request thread (5 points each)

 1. You must register on RPG-D with your Lies username. If you already have an RPG-D account, you can change your username here.
 2. Navigate to the RP Request forum and browse through the threads posted.
 3. Read the information a user posts! Not everyone is looking for a site like ours, and we don't want to waste their time if we're not a good fit. Once you do find an RP Request that seems promising, respond with a personal blurb telling the Original Poster why you think they'd be a great fit, making sure to respond to points mentioned in their post.

Some examples of Gina responding to these RP requests are here and here.

Please keep track of all websites/threads you have posted a WLWB advertisement on by replying to this thread with a list of said websites/threads, updating as you go. Please do not hoard ads/etc. to post at the end. This makes it less of a competition, and also increases the chance of doubling up ads on a site!

The Prizes!

All participants who post at least one ad or RPG-D response will receive a wildcard! The two members earn the most points will receive one additional wildcard each! (Wildcards can be used towards one thread requirement for a leveling a character of your choice. This can not bypass a time requirement.)

This contest will be open until August 25, 2019 at 4pm EST. Happy advertising!


RP Requests

1. Behemoth
2. Jax
3. Caervent
4. Crane
5. Titania
6. Lorsynth
7. Hikki-Geist
8. Diegania
9. Themis

Site postings

1. Virtue in Darkness
2. Beyond the Night
3. These Violent Delights
4. Bound to Eternity
5. Milkshake
6. Heroes of Today
7. Ignite Your Bones
8. Supercut
9. Empty Gold
10. Uninvited

1. The Lake Song


RP Request!


total: 68 links, jesus wept and the angels sang

Current tally: 25
Site Adverts:

Personal Ads:

Participation trophy

On Another Site!

RPG-D Requests

 1. Mystics
 2. Kuroya
 3. Morrigan
 4. Yggdrasil
 5. Strixter
 6. Shantastic
 7. Jane3Doe
 8. Jessie Belle

Link Backs

 1. I Want to Believe
 2. Paranormal S&I
 3. Verum Videre
 4. Turn a Blind Eye
 5. Nola Aparecium
 6. Devil's Playground
 7. Sweet Dreams
 8. True Path
 9. Final Chance Weyr
 10. Santa Verda

 11. Infidelis
 12. Shut Up
 13. The West Coast
 14. Tempest Harbor
 15. Loyalty Binds Us
 16. Black Clover
 17. Millean
 18. Starrcade
 19. Heroes Like Us
 20. Seven Kings and One

 21. Kingdom Come
 22. Zenith
 23. Divested
 24. Blue & Gold & Wicked
 25. Melodies of the Void
 26. Indigo Prophecies
 27. Harken

First Posts

 1. Raise Up the White Flag
 2. Maybe Not Today
 3. Kitchen Sink
 4. Beautiful People
 5. North Ridge
 6. Natural Magic
 7. Built to Fall
 8. Pine Hollow
 9. Illuminate
 10. Calm Down

 11. Saving Tomorrow
 12. Atheos
 13. Lochland Grove
 14. Jurassic World
 15. Kink
 16. Celestial Gateway
 17. Side of Darkness
 18. Apostasy
 19. World of Remnant
 20. People of Pern

 21. Valhaven
 22. We Own The Night
 23. Catch a Falling Star
 24. Absinthe
 25. Fata Morgana
 26. Blue Mountain Pass
 27. Lokelani Rose
 28. Mahalo
 29. The Cove
 30. Time for Wolves

 31. Ocean Eyes
 32. Kingdoms of Thareveth
 33. Sunder
 34. Hybrid Minds
 35. Crossroads to Hell
 36. Whatever It Takes
 37. DC's Gods Among Us
 38. Between the Lines
 39. Follow Me Down
 40. JACFC

 41. Sehnsucht
 42. Lumos in the Dark
 43. City in a Garden
 44. Statera
 45. Innovo Weyr
 46. Devils & Dust
 47. Brave New World
 48. JLUnited
 49. Black Sun Rising
 50. Reckless

 51. Heart of the West
 52. Duplicity
 53. Blood Law
 54. Burned Not Buried
 55. Skin to Bone
 56. L'appel Du Vide
 57. Within the Gates
 58. This is the Aftermath
 59. Altered States
 60. Sangre Noir

 61. Dark Motives
 62. Nocturne
 63. Undrunk
 64. After Hour
 65. Enter the Shadow World
 66. Duality


I did my first advertisement!

1. Irenic Institute

First link!

The Onyx Treaty

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