High Hopes

Union Square 

Sitting in the cafe, Alice fumed down at her phone where she was now learning that daddy would not pay for everything that his little girl asked for, sending the spoiled brat into a bit of a fit.

It had taken Alice a solid month to find the abandoned Fire Station Asher and her had gotten into on the full moon, and after finally tracking it down, figuring out that the place was actually for sale. The price hadn't been too expensive, but it wasn't cheap either, especially when you considered all of the renovation that would need to be, which would all come out of pocket. Still, she had assumed her dad would be okay with it, especially since he had never really said no before, but even after begging for him to buy, he refused. There was no way he would be paying for two large loans, the other being her house, and so she would have to have one or the other. Clearly, Alice needed to live somewhere, and so she was at a stand still.

Finishing her first cup of coffee, Alice still wasn't completely satisfied, rising from her seat in such a rush that she didn't realize that someone was directly behind her, banging it against their chair as she exited. "Oh shit, sorry." She gasped, turning to face her victim.

There were times when it paid to wander out of town a moment. For the sake of her damn sanity. That, and she was perpetually interested in finding out if any other clutches had formed without their knowing. Useful knowledge to have.

She was not the person whose chair had been bumped into, not sitting so close to the animal woman without so much as an interaction. But she found interest in the mischief she could cause, and so she looked up from another table where she'd been writing in her journal and offered a small smirk.

"You should watch what you're doing," Raziyya commented, solely to get a rise out of the... whatever kind of animal it was.

The only comments she needed for the chair bumping incident, were the ones that came from the victim himself, and yet, from across the way another was speaking out. Immediate irritation would set in, Alices patience more than fried at this point in time, a glare immediately sent in the direction of the smug little voice. It didn't take her but a second to pick out the equally smug face of the woman, arms moving across her chest as she raised a brow. "And you should learn to keep your mouth shut." There was a part of her that wanted to offer a more stinging retort, but they were currently in the middle cafe, and making even more of a skeptical of herself was unneeded.

Raziyya would have expected nothing less from what was clearly a woman who didn't know how to dress herself like an adult.

"Oh, you know, that's actually good advice," she hummed with a smile. An airy wave, and then!

"So what kind of shifter are you?" she asked, directly into the woman's mind.

Good they were done then.

Alice was prepared to just leave it at that, turning on her heels to make her way back towards the register when suddenly the woman was coming straight from her head. Eyes widening, a hand would immediately fly to her temple, gaze seeking out the other patrons of the cafe to see if they had heard the question as well. None were showing interest however, Alice both feeling relieved and utterly confused, her gaze returning to smug woman in the corner, brows furrowed as she tried to process two things. One how the hell this woman knew she was a Were, and two, how the fuck she was in her head right now.

"The fuck?" She muttered, the raccoon giving low rumbles in the back of its throat, very distrusting of this new development.

"Is something wrong?" she said with a look of false concern. The woman was confused, and more than that she appeared not to have made the jump to what she was just yet.

This was, of course, the fun of it. It took her back to her first days with shifters! All the fun she'd had.

"Answer the question," she pressed further into her mind, with a faint smile.

The woman seemed totally clueless to what was currently going on inside of her head, only causing more confusion for Alice as she slowly shook her head. "N-No." She answered, the confusion clear in her voice as she just slowly sat herself back down in her chair, coffee forgotten in favor of her own madness. It had taken her months to get used to this fucking raccoon, and now she was going to have to deal with this new one? Alice was positive she was going nuts, and if things kept up, she would end up in a mental ward.

It didn't help that this voice sounded just like the bitch across the way.

This was deliciously sinister, but who didn't enjoy that position every now and then?

She had already picked up the answer from the woman's stray and panicked thoughts, and how fun was it! A dumpster diving raccoon.

"Are you sure?" she asked with a tilt of her head, moving to stand. "Perhaps you should shift and let us all see."

The raccoons grumbling would rise in volume as the woman moved to rise, Alice eyeing her warily as the voice continued to speak, seeming to grow more taunting by the second. It threatened her to shift, and Alice was pretty sure it would get its way if this craziness kept up, the cold sweat already beginning to form along along her skin. "Positive" The words were said through gritted teeth, her voice very unwelcome when in the presence of the eerily similar one in her head.

Raziyya could have giggled at it all. The clear journey of confusion in her mind amidst the grit of her teeth. And what was that nervousness in her happening?

"I can get you some water, if you like?"

"Shift, vermin."

And to make matters all the more fun, she took away all the air around the woman's head, forming a void in which she could not breathe.


There was an offer for water, which Alice would usually be quick to deny, however there was no chance for her to do that.

All of a sudden the air seemed to be nonexistent around her, eyes immediately flashing orange, as her hands flew up to her throat. She tried to gasp for air, but none came. Skin beginning to twitch, Alice was pretty sure her shoulder popped out of place as the telltale signs of a shift began. She would've run, but with the lack of air from her current panic attack, her legs felt too weak for even that.

The raccoon demanded for the shift, but Alice fought it, the gaze of others already moving towards her. She couldn't nor would she end up on the news, outing herself as a shifter for the whole world to see, and so she continued to fight it, even as the pain continued to rise.

How gruesome! Raziyya's eyes widened some as she saw the change in eye color, heard the pop of her shoulder.

"Oh no," she gasped aloud, face all in a show of shock. "Are you shifting?"

Said so that all present could hear, though the cafe wasn't immensely packed. Still, all it took was at least one other witness to make it a party, and there were several of those looking up.

In her excitement her hold on the air slipped, allowing the woman the chance to breathe again, but it didn't matter.

"Now they all will see."

Alice truly hated this woman, more than anything, teeth clenching as she called attention to the very thing that Alice had been trying to hide. The eyes increased, and while Alice continued to try and hold back the shift, the statement from the voice inside her head did her in. The raccoon took over, the popping increasing, and the snapping of bones seeming to echo in the shocked silence surrounding her.

The shifting felt like an eternity, but couldn't of lasted but a couple minute or so, and soon enough Alice was replaced by her raccoon counterpart. The creature puffing its fur out as its clawed fingers digging into the cushion of the seat it was sitting in as its narrowed gaze shifted between the humans, finally landing on the foul smelling woman.

Fantastically fun. The woman's body shrunk, grotesquely breaking and sprouting fur and all that nonsense. No one was recording this one, though, and so Raziyya would simply have to take the initiative.

She pulled out her phone, navigating to the camera and tapping record.

"Everyone out! She's a shifter and she'll attack you!"

This as she backed away towards the exit during the shifting, eyes moving between the screen to the shifter in question. By the time she was all done, Raziyya had stopped recording and was moving to leave with a wicked grin. Others likely were as well.

There was a flurry of movement around her, the raccoons head whipping about as she tried to keep up with the commotion. It was nerve wracking, for despite being larger than the average coon, she was still smaller than the clumsy humans that currently surrounded her. She missed the recording of the phone entirely, but not the leaving of the foul smelling woman. The raccoon could recognize her as the woman that had caused the discomfort her human counterpart had felt, and while the stench did shake her nerves, she would still rush forward to follow after. The panicked stumbling of humans making this much harder than it needed to be.

There came a moment where there were more people in her range than Raziyya could handle, and it zapped away her ability to speak. Phone safely put away at least, she turned as she felt and heard the little vermin following her.

No sassy comment could follow, but Raziyya could still choke the little beast out long enough to humiliate her further, and she made a repeat of her earlier trick as she continued to backstep away from both other people and the shifter.

suffocatin' again 3:


She would swivel between feet in her pursuit of the stench, however this would end as the air was stolen from them once more. Gasping like a fish swept out of water, the raccoon would pull back, head thwaping back and forth as if that would help regain her air supply. Unknowing that the foul woman was the cause of this attack, Dumbster would be focusing any and all attention on this new development.

It was among her favorite things to watch a struggle to breathe. Probably because she hadn't had to in so long, aside from the requirement of speech. It was fascinating.

Alas, Raziyya was leaving. She kept it up only long enough to slip around the corner of the cafe, and reasonably out of sight, she took wing within all of a second or two and was flying her way back to the Heights.

Giddy. It was good to be so powerful, so damn untouchable.

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