Bony fishes

Hollow Lowlands 
Cris couldn't carry a fishing pole because she didn't have one. On the way here, she'd tried to use a stick like a fishing pole slung over her shoulder for effect, but whenever she wasn't paying attention, it would fall through her body. (It was much easier to focus on holding onto things with her hands.)

There were swampier bits, sure, but this time of year they were more dry and you could make your way to the lakey parts way easier. Not that she needed to worry about getting mud on her shoes, but she didn't exactly float.

She saw a familiar splash of yellow hair ahead and smirked, real quietly grabbing hold of a cattail and pulling it up from the earth. Cris held the fat bit at the end loosely, sidling up to the same stretch of water as nothing more than an invisible force holding a plant until she appeared, suddenly, a few yards from her vampire friend.

From there, she flopped the front of the plant forward like it was a fishing rod, then gave a little hissing sound like the line was casting out far.

Marybeth, almost always, was attuned to the sounds and smells of her environment. This had be come so much more true after she had died. But even supernatural awareness could not account for ghost presence, and it was a staggering shock to hear the sound so close to her, and to turn and see—and see?? AND SEE?

Mouth open, pole clattering to the ground, she staggered backward and fell onto her butt. Her voice, when she found it, came out like a scream. "Cris?"

It wasn't quite the kind of scare she'd given Osvald, but it was similarly enthusiastic. Her cattail fishing pole fell right through her hands, landing with a soft sound on the earth.

"You're gunna scare the fish!" she said, but it wasn't a scolding. She approached her friend, though unfortunately there would be no helping her up. The only thing worse than watching someone fall down was having them phase through your hand and eat shit again.

"Y'alright?" she asked instead, flashing teeth that implied she knew her appearance here held mischief.


Marybeth stayed on the ground! Cris was...STANDING in front of her and smiling and a STICK fell through her body?! And for a second all she could manage was to draw in a shivering breath.

Then it hit that she was seeing her friend, who was dead, and instantly her throat tightened and her eyes welled up with tears. "What is happening??"

This was all a lot.

Cris did what made sense in the moment if Marybeth was going to stay earthbound. She took a seat on the grass, half the blades bending beneath her, the other half leaving tingling spikes into her crossed legs.

Ugh. Ghost problems.

"You're freaking out, kinda. And I'm visiting."

Spoken pretty gently for someone like Cris. She'd found a new sort of patience in the time after death.

Marybeth smushed quivering lips together, watching as her friend who was dead sat down on the grass beside her. A little breath hiccuped out of her, and she wiped at her eyes. Ghosts??!?!??!

It took a little bit, but she got her breathing under control, and eventually reached out to pat at Cris's knee. It was a lot of work to not absolutely bawl. "What does it mean?"

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