Hello, It's Me Again

Directly after this

Alice had gotten better at dealing with herself when in this form, so once the panic of the crowd and the lack of oxygen dissipated, she was able to assess her current situation better. She couldn't stay here any longer, not after that commotion, and so with her bag all but forgotten, Alice would race out of the cafe towards the only place she could think of.


He luckily lived nearby, and while she did get many stares, no one really messed with her, and soon enough she was batting an open palm against the door of her only friend. If he didn't hear the soft baps, he would have the chance to pick up the onslaught of chittering was emitting.

Uh, what the fuck.

Asher was on the couch, high and playing Destiny, as one does. Definitely not expecting the sudden chattering and excited screeching in his head as the raccoon caught scent and sound of his only friend. Asher paused his game with a frown, looking to the door. Fucking Alice. This wasn't even the first time she'd done this. Expecting another movie invite or some shit, he'd be slow to get up... until he heard the sounds of the raccoon that he'd at first mistaken for his own.


Asher hurried to the door, shirtless but thankfully in joggers. When he saw when he opened the door was not the girl he expected, but a full on raccoon looking like she'd just stuck a fork in a socket with how puffy she was. "Bro, what." He snapped, and would step aside to let her rush in, hurrying to close the door behind her while checking to see if anyone was nearby.

Once sure she wasn't being followed, he'd turn to her. "What the fuck, Alice?"

It took for what felt like forever until Asher finally got to the door, Alice dashing in the second that the crack was wide enough for her fuzzy butt to squeeze inside, jumping up on the couch into the spot that Asher had just been sitting in. He was shocked, rightfully so, but with the flashing lights of the television, and the shiny cups of something on the table were taunting.

Instinctively going for one of the cups as Asher spoke, Alice would sniff at the contents before looking up towards the somewhat towering man. "Shifted." The sound that came from her lips was gross, and she vowed never to do it again, jaws clamping shut as her eyes widened, fingers twiddeling with the handle of the mug.

Ugh, what the fuck, rude. He watched her dumbly, blinking slowly as she climbed onto his couch and sniffed at the cup of half drunk, hours old coffee he'd forgotten about. And then. Then she fucking talked. "Bro, what." He exclaimed again, stepping back as his face twisted up. Not that he felt much of it. Still, what the fuck? Was he that fucking high? Was something in that weed?

"You did... what?" He said, and would move toward the raccoon to reach out and poke at it's back to make sure it was real.

Ashes amazement was ignored in favor of tentatively sticking a tongue into the dark liquid of the cup, nose crinkling in disgust at the taste. It was not good, not good at all. Asher was coming to poke at her back, and the primal part of her assumed that he had come to take her disgusting coffee away, which was immediately greeted with low growls as she whipped around to glare at him.

He was asking her more questions, and Dumbster was unwilling to answer, clutching the mug close as she curled herself up on the couch, still offering low growing chitters his way. If he couldn't figure out what had happened, that was his issue, and he would have to wait until she was back to normal to find out.

No more gross talking for her.

Okay, yeah, fucking real. And fucking rude. "Gross, that's old." He told her, but would back off and let her have her nasty coffee. So, she shifted, and came here. "In public?" She didn't have to fucking talk, just nod. Apparently she was able to talk, so she could understand him, right? This was fucking bizarre. It was the first time seeing her while not an actual raccoon himself.

It might be gross and old, but it was her gross and old and Asher couldn't steal that away from her. He was back to the questioning, and Alice would glance up towards him with sad orange eyes and a slow nod of her head. He might be mad at her for now, but he would have to understand once she told him about all the voices in her head, and the weird lack of air!

"Fuck, bro." Asher lamented with a heavy sigh, placing his palms over his face and roughly rubbing. "Fuck." He'd said again, and bring his fingers through his hair. There was bound to be fucking video, then. She was glad no one pulled out a fucking gun and shot her. There were a million questions here, but she seemed to be done with talking. Which he was kind of glad about.

"Okay." He said, and dropped his hands, nodding as he looked to her, "Okay, get up. Come on," He said, and would head toward his room, "Shift back, and tell me what the fuck happened when you wake up." He'd open the door to his messy room, which was covered in dirty laundry and had more dishes on the bedside table. He'd gesture toward the unmade bed. "In."

He was rightfully upset, and her ears would fold back a bit in regret for her actions. There wasn't anything she could do though, no way to turn around the past. As Asher collected himself, he would demand her into his room which was something Alice would love to hear on any given day, but the context was a bit different in this situation.

Plus, she was currently a raccoon.

Huffing, Alice would hop off of the couch towards the bedroom, as she walked by though she could help a little 'rrrr' which came out a purr, and made things much weirder she intended. Oops.

Off to the bed she went.

Fucking weirdo. He'd make sure she got herself into the bed, then grabbed a blanket to throw over her before leaving the room. Only when the sounds of gross breaking and popping subsided would he return, making sure she was alright and covered with the blanket. With that, he'd go into his closet to grab a shirt, and then into his drawers for some boxers. He'd set them at the end of the bed, then let her rest.

While he waited, he'd first start on making two Totinos pizzas, smoke another bowl, and then mentally prepared himself to get online and start looking for any videos of the incident. All he really saw was one or two shared Facebook posts that lacked videos, one of which was a fucking meme about how shitty were raccoons were.


He'd check the internet a few times over the course of a few hours, spot a few more things here and there, but no actual video yet. Around three, he'd shut his laptop when the door to his room opened, looking back toward Alice as she reemerged. "Morning, sunshine."

The sleeping that came after a shift was always more like dead sleep than actual rest. She never got dreams, and when she woke, it always felt like she had only closed her eyes for a second, only to wake up a few hours later. Today was no different, and so when she opened her eyes to see her normal human hands, and not fuzzy arms, she wasn't surprised.

She would stay laying there for several minutes, mentally preparing for the explanation that Asher was sure to demand. How did one explain hearing voices in your head without sounding like a total nut job? She could only hope that this was just another case of the Were magic that was going on, and not her brain actually breaking. Shoving on the offered shirt and boxers, Alice would emerge from the room, offering a wave of her hand for greeting as she slumped onto the couch next to him.


Alice always looked so different after shifts. No makeup, black hair. He kind of preferred it, if he was being honest, but he had no right at all to tell her what he preferred. She was cute either way. And he shouldn't even be thinking like that, given she was probably in a really fucking shitty place right now. So, he'd let her slump next to him, and reached out to grab her wrist for a squeeze. The raccoon shuffled up to give her face a pap and stick his nose in her ear.

"Hungry?" He questioned, and would begin to scoot himself up off the couch to go get plates of pizza ready.

Alice couldn't help but smile at the reassuring squeeze, the raccoon snuffling up into his face as well. It was a nice little moment that ended a bit too quickly as Asher scooted towards the edge. There was the offer of food though, that helped enough, and Alice would give a thumbs up and a wink. "You know it." She answered, before dropping her hand to her side. "You got any beer?" She need something to take the edge off the explanation she was about to offer him.

Pizza and beer. "Yeah. Bud, too, if you want it." It wouldn't be hard to find the pipe and grinder sitting on his coffee table. He'd pile on a few slices to each plate, then move to grab two beers. It was a balancing act to carry both plates and two bottles back, but he managed. He'd pause in front of her for her to grab hers, then sit down close enough that their thighs pressed against one another. "So, no video yet." He'd start as he set the plate down and scrounged for a bottle opener on the table before them. Finding one, he'd go about opening both.

She would take the beer and pizza, but for once, pass on smoking. She needed Asher to believe that her head was completely clear when she told him of the whole 'voices' thing. She also sorta feared that if she started smoking now, then the voice would just sorta come back to her head, taunting and smug as it was.

"Thanks." She mutter as she took the beer, taking a long sip of it before speaking again. "I didn't see any cameras, so I think we're good." There had been so much chaos that Alice hadn't actually been looking for them either, more concerned on the whole shifting in public thing.

Well, in the midst of shifting in public, he wasn't sure how... sure she could be. But he'd be hopeful, take her word for it. He nodded quietly to himself, took his own beer and swallowed down quite a bit before moving in for his pizza. Half way through chewing, he'd speak up. "Wha' happen'd?" Masterful timing.

As Asher drank, Alice would eat, slowly munching on her pizza as he finally posed the question that she had been dreading. Taking her time to swallow down the pizza, Alice would heave an audible sigh before answering. "So I know I might sound crazy." She began, turning her body so that her knees were facing towards his. "But l heard this voice in my head. Taunting me." She would look at him with wide hopeful eyes, secretly wishing that Asher might of gone through something similar.

Well, that was one way to start of the story. Shifting in public was crazy enough. That she'd heard a voice taunting her into doing it...He paused in his reach for another bite of pizza, setting the piece back down and looking at her fully. No longer high, he was sure he was hearing her right. And she was stone cold sober, too, so. "Well, yeah, that sounds crazy. You weren't on anything?" Just checking, sorry.

Alice would shake her head, biting at her bottom lip, worry setting in now that she got the confirmation that this was not a normal Were thing. "Nothing." She sighed, hands moving to run from the bottom of her face into her hair, grabbing hold. "I have to be going nuts." She groaned, throwing her head onto Ashers shoulder.

"It even felt like someone was stealing all the air away from me."

Her sudden closeness was not expected, but he appreciated it. Both man and raccoon, but whatever this wasn't about him. He'd move his arm around her, though, pulling her against him for a moment as he shook his head. "Don't think like that. I've know plenty nuts, and you're not one." Reassuring!

Still, it did sound fucking insane. But so did turning into a giant raccoon, so. "Was... like, were you talking to anyone, though? Or it just started happening?"

Alice shifted her head so that her chin was now resting on his shoulder rather than her forehead, gaze tracing the dark curls of his hair as she thought back to the cafe. "I bumped into a mans chair." She finally answered, pulling back into an upright position. "And I some bitch was rude about it across the way." Those were the only two interactions she had really had, other than ordering her coffee. "That's it."

He tried not to feel uncomfortable with her staring. It was normal. Anyway. A man, and a rude woman. Asher bit at the inside of his lip as he considered it. "I mean like, you know how they say there's people with like, powers?" He questioned. It was still debatable, "Some dude told me about this man he saw turn into a bird, then a guy again. Don't think he was a Were, so..." Asher shrugged, not even sure if the druggie was even worth trusting. "Maybe someone has some mind fuck powers. Or maybe you are nuts, and I'm nuts for thinking you aren't." He laughed darkly at that, but it wasn't in a mean way. Maybe they were just fucking crazy together. He'd rather be in it with her than make her feel like she was alone, and vice versa.

Alice briefly recalled the whole bird thing from their movie date, but she hadn't thought much of it at the time. She never considered that there might be people out there with powers, but it was a hell of a lot better to think there was, rather than think she was crazy. Shrugging lamely, Alice would sip at the her beer. "The voice did sound like the lady I was pissed at, but she seemed really concerned the whole time I started shifting." She'd groan at the memory. "She was also the one to announce it to the whole fucking cafe, stupid bitch."

Man, what the fuck. "Maybe her, then." He said with a side ward nod of his head, then leaned forward for more pizza. "At any rate, I'm not mad you shifted. Just hope there's no video, so people can't like, recognize you." If she started getting harassed because a video of her shifting got out... fucking hell, he wasn't going to think about that.

So they would blame random bitch for the whole voice thing, but that still didn't explain the lack of air. She could shrug the first one off as a panic attack or something, but the second time with the raccoon couldn't of been that. Biting at her pizza. Alice would do some of her own research on that, and let Asher know if she found anything out.

"I'll keep a look out." She sighed after a moment, brushing the crumbs off of her fingers. "There is something else I needed to talk to you about by the way."

He would, too. 'Raccoon Were' would be his most searched thing for days. Anyway, she had something else, and he looked to her with a raised eyebrow, "You turn someone, too?" He teased, but really... what.

No, thank god.

Alice could barely take care of herself, let alone some other poor sap.

"I went back to the building." She answered, jumping to the edge of the couch as she reached for another slice of pizza. "It was for sale like we thought."

The... building. Oh! The building. Fire truck place. "Oh yeah? Even with the truck?" He questioned, surprised, but pleasantly. He swigged his beer.

"Yeah, they said it doesn't work anymore, so I'm sure they just didn't want to pay for the towing it would take." She bite into her pizza, taking a moment to eat it before continuing on. "The price reasonable, but we have one problem. Dad won't pay for the down payment." Or anyt payment for that matter.

Huh. That was pretty sick. A place of their own to run around and be raccoons was pretty nice. Complete with a truck? Fuck yeah. Apparently, the price was reasonable... except that they didn't have the money for it. "Yikes." He said, and sat back, deflating some. "I mean... is it worth it, though? To take out a loan, or something?"

Given that Alice had gotten into even more trouble, yeah, but the only way she could even fathom getting the money for the down payment was by selling the house and asking her dad for a temporary loan until it was sold. It was not a preference, but neither was being a Were.

"It was decent." She answered after a moment. "Needs a ton of fixing up, but has tons of potential as well." Ugh why couldnt it of been a total dump!?!

"What are we even gonna do with it, though? Just make it a place to run around in? Like some raccoon funhouse?" He questioned, still kinda on the fence. It felt like a lot of money to put into something just for them.

Holy fuck!

Alice's eyes would widen, mouth widening into a smile as she turned to Asher full on. "Shit dude, yes!" She gasped, grabbing at his upper arm with both hands. "We can make it a funhouse and make some fucking money!" Not just some kids place but...

"Like that one thing, where you go through the washer or whatever!"

Shit, dude! What! Asher regarded her with widened eyes, reeling back some from the sudden shift in excitement. The raccoon was into it, chattering loudly in his brain as his friend grabbed him. Jesus, what? He'd been fucking around, and she was down with it. A washer... oh. "It's a fridge, and its called Meow Wolf." He said with an incredulous laugh, shaking his head as he straightened up. "It's like a big ass interactive art instillation." Did she... want to turn that place into one? It could be kinda cool. He could paint that truck.

Raccoon fun at night and meow wolf rip off by day. It was absolutely perfect, and Asher was a fucking artist, there was no reason for them not to do it.

Other than the money thing...

She really wanted this to be a thing though...

Fuck it, she was already on crazy train.

"I may have an idea on how to get the money." She started, lips squishing over to the side. "But I'll require assistance."

He watched her think, laughing a bit through his nostrils.

"I'm not selling drugs with you." He half-joked. She wasn't thinking that, probably. But he'd probably do it, if he got convinced. She was good at convincing him to do things.

Drugs? She hadn't even considered that possibility, she supposed she could attempt and push him onto that train if he denied the first idea, which she was pretty sure he would.

"I can sell my house, and use that as leverage to get my dad to give us a loan for the property. He's more likely to say yes that way." She began, eyes focused on taking in any sort of expression Asher had to offer as she continued. "But if I do that, I'll need a place to stay until I make enough money to stay some other place...?" Her voice would raise up a bit as she waited for Asher to get the pretty obvious hint she was putting down.

Uhhh. That was fucking drastic. She'd have to give up her fucking goth mansion just for some throwaway idea he hadn't entirely meant? Asher let out a sigh, looking to his beer as she continued. She'd need a place to stay. And, well... he had a couch. "I mean. It's your house, and your money. My credit's fucked so I know I couldn't get a loan." He looked back up at her. "There's a lot to owning a business, 'specially something like that. Need connections." He picked at the label on the beer bottle, and glanced up to her, "But, y'know I own my own shop, and I got plenty artist friends we can ask about featuring their shit." Was... that a yes?

Asher was talking about loans and blah blah blah. He was starting to sound like her dad, and she was tempted to just cut him off right there and throw the whole art thing away, but then he was agreeing? Was he agreeing? Alice would say he was simply because it fit her own agenda, smile broadening as her hands came together to her lips.

"We can totally do this."

Worst case scenario the business didnt work out, and Alice was out of a house she didn't even pay for to begin with, and whatever money she spent to fix the place up.

God, what the fuck just happened. Asher chuckled and rolled his head to one side. "We can see about it, yeah. And, my couch is always open to you, by the way." Even if she still had her big fat mansion, what kind of douche would he be not to make that an open offer? He wasn't sure what he was getting himself into by agreeing to let her fucking live here, what kind of hell that may bring forth, but... Maybe this could work?

Yeah his couch was open for him to sleep on, because no way in hell was Alice ever going to just sleep on it. This would be up for discussion if the whole thing ever happened. She still needed confirmation that her dad was even going to go along with it, which if he was a responsible adult, he would not. Alice however was none the wiser as to what a responsible adult was, and so was completely clueless to this probability, figuring she and Asher had just worked out all the kinks,

Thanks Ash." She would give him a hug as she said, mind already buzzing with ideas.

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