An easy mistake to make [NSFW-GORE]

Magic Hollow 
The house was unremarkable in nearly every way. Two stories tall, brick facade, neat grey shutters lining each window. The door was a pleasant shade of blue; a choice that they hadn't agreed upon initially but there it was. A gently curving cobble stone path lead from the sidewalk to the front door, and on the stoop a cheery potted shrub flanked the doorbell.
All in all, it seemed a lovely place.

Inside however, was a slightly different story.

"Bloody hell-Sebastian, I leave for an hour and come back to this!?" Vivienne gestured to the dead body slumped at their kitchen table, an empty willow-patterned cup and saucer sitting next to the corpse's head. She'd walked down to the local grocers to pick up some more cigarettes and stopped to pet a dog.
Apparently that was too much time for her brother to be left to his own devices.

She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Did you have to poison him?"

"I didn't-he wasn't supposed to-" Sebastian sputtered, bending down a bit to press his index finger to the dead man's neck.

"I was simply trying to test a new dosage of an all-natural anesthetic! I didn't expect it to paralyze his entire central nervous system!"
The body coughed and spasmed, tugging the table cloth and sending the tea cup crashing to the floor. Sebastian pointed at it triumphantly.

"There! See, he's not entirely-oh dear." a gout of blood spurted from the mouth and splattered across Sebastian's face and sweater. He blinked as the warm liquid splashed against his cheek. This was not at all what he had intended to happen.

Meanwhile, a completely unaware Sheridan drovealong the street, the magnetic "Checkers Pizza" sign jittering noisily on the roof of his decrepit, old car. Just another minute, according to his GPS, and he would be there. He looked over the box of pizzas in his passenger seat, counting the numbers on the houses just to ensure he didn't miss the place. Even when the GPS said you were there, you never really were there, you know?

"Here we go," he mumbled to himself as he pulled up to the curb and put the car in park. He gathered the receipts and slung the pizza boxes over his shoulder, meandering to the front door. Tugging on the collar of his baggy polo uniform, he then reached out to ring the doorbell, only to pause.

Something was... off. It wasn't anything he'd experienced often, so he couldn't exactly pinpoint it all, but something that did stick out to him was the sweet taste of icy blue fear.

He took a deep breath, retracting his hand. Maybe he should wait a few minutes. Technically he had another ten before the delivery was considered late. But he definitely couldn't just... not deliver the pizzas, too. There were like six of them!

"You know what? Just in and out. None of my business." He rung the doorbell, pushing his concern aside and putting on his usual smile for the happy and normal customer(s) he was bound to greet.

Vivienne scowled at her brother and looked to the now sadly shattered remains of the teacup. It had been one of her favourites-the blue willow ones were a gift from their grandmother.
The body spasmed once again, more blood pooling at the nose and then lay still, slumped nearly out of the chair, linen table cloth twisted around the arms like a mock-burial shroud.
Vivienne stared for a moment and then a small, sardonic smile curled the edges of her lips.

"Just like dear old mum." her voice was quiet and carried a weight of malice seemingly unsuitible for one so young.

Sebastian blew out a heavy sigh and put his hands on his hips, watching with mild interest as the body ceased moving. He should be taking notes-clearly he'd under-estimated the hitch-hikers metabolism. The anesthetic had been absorbed far too quickly; he'd need to look at the formula again and make some adjustments.

At his sisters comment his mouth also quirked into a grim hint of a smile.

"Messier, I think. Can you fetch the-" he was cut off as the doorbell rang and he looked to the neatly appointed foyer in a sudden panic. Not waiting for a reaction from his twin, he dashed to the front door and peered out the peep hole, pressing his face to the door with an audible thump.

A young man with long hair and at least five pizza boxes balanced in his arms was standing on their front porch.

Sebastian looked back to Vivienne in total confusion.

"Did you order pizza?"

Sheridan would practically taste the sharp panic on the other side of the door. Even without seeing the residents, he could tell something was very, very wrong. Though he kept the smile on his face, his brow started folding into a frown, and he looked off to the side to see if there might possibly be others out and about in this little neighborhood. Didn't seem like there was much luck.

A large part of him was willing that they not open the door. Maybe he was just being paranoid and had seen Thirty Minutes or Less one too many times. His mom had always warned him about being a pizza delivery driver. He could almost hear her yapping on and on about how he could get mugged or shot for trespassing or mauled by pet dogs or pranked by a bunch of bored teens. He really hoped he wouldn't have to call her later to tell her he was sorry for rolling his eyes at her all those times.

He pulled out his phone, checking the time. If the door didn't open by the turn of the next minute, he'd chock it up to a prank order and just go back. Not a bad idea, quite honestly... Maybe he could get one of these pizzas for dinner tonight?

Vivienne, who was in the middle of wrapping the body in the tablecloth looked up at her brother in exasperated confusion.

"No, I did not-tell them to go away, quick!" she flapped her hand at him and went back to shifting the unfortunate hitch hiker around.
She did not have time for pizza shenanigans.

Sebastian scowled and took a deep breath, smoothing his hair to what he hoped was a natural look before cracking the door open and poking his head out, smiling. The expression was surprisingly natural.

"Hullo, er, can I help you? " his tone was calm and polite, just the barest hint of strain indicating that things might not be all that they seemed.
The pizza delivery man was a scruffy fellow who looked a bit younger than himself, Sebastian thought, but not by much. He kept his face bland and polite even as he heard a small thump from a body sliding to the floor behind him.

Sebastian put on a good front, but Sheridan could still glean that there was something very unfavorable happening in that house. The conversation with Asha raced through his mind as he gave the blonde man an equally coy and unassuming smile. "Hi there! Delivery from Checkers?"

What if he just stumbled upon a couple of vampires or were-creatures doing their thing? That would mean he was in a dangerous predicament. A dangerous predicament indeed. The contradictory emotions coming from the residents only fed into Sheridan's growing weariness, and so for the first in months and months, he decided to save himself as much guilt as possible and simply... turned it off like a light switch. The confusion and frustration permeating his senses were snuffed out.

Much better. Now he could just focus on Sebastian's face, and definitely not the questionable thud he might have just heard from inside the house.

Sebastian coughed-too slow to block the thump- and let out a rather unconvincing laugh.

"Er, I'm afraid you've got the wrong house, mate, we uh-" he suddenly remembered that there was a splash of blood on his face and he scrambled to think of something, anything, to a lay any kind of suspicion that might possibly be forming in the delivery man's mind.

"We-we're making our own!"

"Oh, ahah, yeah..? Nice. You, uh, get the tomato basil sauce? That's the good stuff, ya know. And add some extra garlic to it? Choice stuff..."He looked back to the five boxes of pizzas in his hand, though, and to the receipt on the box. He gave it a little tap, holding the boxes closer to Sebastian for him to see.

"You positive this isn't your address? That's your house number, right? Just, so my boss doesn't write me up for screwing up or, ya know." He felt a little relieved to hear that maybe he just have the wrong house. He knew his boss wouldn't be thrilled about bringing all these wasted pizzas during the dinner rush hour, but hey, it was a lot better than Sheridan becoming someone else's dinner instead.

Inside, Vivienne was pulling the body towards the bathroom. She froze, mid-tug, as she heard her brother fumbling with excuses.

"Bloody hell..." she grumbled under her breath. If they got caught because of a pizza delivery...
Well, perhaps she'd be able to take care of the problem before it got out of hand. She blew a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes and continued moving the body.

Sebastian laughed awkwardly as well, nodding along as the delivery man talked about garlic and other toppings.

"Aha, yes, lot's, lot's of garlic-and tomatoes! Fresh, for the sauce you know." he coughed and squinted at the receipt.

"227...yes, that's here..." he reached out and pulled the reciept off, frowning.

"But, I think someone's taking the mickey mate, this says Nevada, not Colorado."

Sheridan blinked once. Then again. He leaned in to look back at the receipt, reading the address over once, and once again. "Wait a second..." He wrestled his grip on the pizzas, which were starting to get a little heavy in his arm, and dug out his phone. He skimmed over the address he had put in, which was indeed the address here in Colorado, but then when he looked more closely at the directions he'd gotten from the system...

"Seriously?!" He slapped the phone screen against his forehead in disbelief, accidentally turning navigation on again. "Who calls a pizza in from Nevada for us in Colorado to deliver?! My boss is gonna be so pissed, ugh..." He bit his lip, realizing he'd just cursed in front of a customer. Oops. But it felt rather warranted. He'd only been at Checkers a week, and already the boss had made it clear that mistakes were not acceptable. "Sorry for bugging ya. Uh... I gotta make a call, but if we end up having to toss these, you want one? For, you know, when you finish your other... pizza." Yeah, that pizza that they were totally making in the house. Yep.

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