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North Glenn 

Found it!
-Location Pin-
Let me know when you're on your way. No rush!

It was about 8:00am. She had been up before the sun and most of her travel had been in the dark. The bike park was not too far from the piers. The help of a friendly passerby jogging along the piers had made finding it a far quicker affair than anticipated.

Sitting atop her bike at the edge of the park, Kenzie retrieved a sandwich from her canvas knapsack. Bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce and tomato between two halves of plain buttered bagel. There was no one here this hour of the morning, and so as she chewed her food she let her gaze wander over the ramps and obstacles, wondering what she might try first. In her bag were a number of first-aid supplies (she always carried a few but she had packed extra this time) just in case.

The flutter of wings and the subsequent coo of a pigeon drew her eye to an intrepid bird bobbing its way nearer in search of crumbs. How close would it come before—

Ah, there it went.

Her laugh was muffed by her breakfast.

Getting the texts with the location helped a lot. There were a lot of piers in North Glenn from her experience and all the information she had on the place was a he said she said they said, google wasn’t updated, whatever. There’d been a bit of guilt at not being able to provide exacts to her friend, but what could you do.

As they came in, Kara was vaguely in the area, grabbing some smoked fish sandwiches from a food truck much to the excitement of her beast. Reading the location on her screen as she shuffled the wrapped food goods between a hand and her mouth, a grin lit up her face.


From there, she hopped into her car and followed the gps coordinates to this pier trick town oasis. Parking close by and then wrestling her bike and backpack out, food included, she was off walking towards the entrance. A familiar smell wafted by and Kara stepped in that direction. Eventually, Kara would see Kenzie sitting and eating, looking all kinds of ready and in a good mood. That had a wide grin playing on her face as Kara came up and offered a wave in hello as the bike ticked right by her side.

”How’s it goin’!”

The bird made several more attempts to draw near but it was twitchy and jerky, and never came too close at all. Truly, it seemed conflicted. It was evidently accustomed to feeding itself off the scraps left behind by humans but it no doubt sensed something in Kenzie. There was a time when this bothered the girl. When she missed the feel of fur beneath her hands and the gentle rumbles of a purr as she stroked a cat. When dogs would come to sniff curiously at her leg with a wagging tail instead of barking or drawing away. But today, she found joy in the pigeon's aversion to her. Going so far as to pretend she was paying it no attention, allowing it come to as close as it dared, before whipping her head around to yell 'boo!' at it. It took to wing so hard and fast it left behind several soft downy feathers.

She was surprised when the text came in but delighted also. It seemed she was not the only early riser. Kenzie had not even finished her sandwich when Kara came by — sensed before she was seen.

"Hey!" Her joyful greeting was accompanied by an enthusiastic hand wave. "Going just great! Looks like we got the place to ourselves too. I wasn't expecting you so soon, I figured you might still be sleeping." She laughed. "You up early a lot?"

She lit up, Kara lit up, really this was great. Kara looked past her to confirm what was being said. Yeah, it was like a ghost town so far which was great because there’d be less people watching as she made an absolute fool of herself. Kenzie was going to be the only one that saw that, but they’d be on equal ground there as she’d mentioned it was her first time trying too.

Stopping by her, Kara laughed a bit at the point out that it wasn’t expected she’d have been here so early. ”I can say the same thing ‘bout you. I’ve been a bit of an early bird since I was a baby much to the chagrin of my pa,” she explained. There’d been plenty of mornings where she’d run through the house waking up him just for the simple task of pouring chocolate milk for her to watch tv with.

”How’ve you been doing?” There was always the sense that Kenzie had some sort of group stank and heaviness to her, but Kara wasn’t so sure if it was true or not, especially since she’d never run into another wolf here.

"I can relate to that," she laughed. Of course in Kenzie's case it was that her father had gotten her into the routine with the two of them getting up to go hiking or camping or to go down to the pond or to try a bit of fishing off the docks. In some cases even before she was capable of participating much herself. Later in life it had become more of a necessity for her survival and general restlessness beyond that. However, she could appreciate having the entire day ahead of her rather than waking up at noon with it half over before it even began. So, rising early would remain her norm.

Kenzie took a deep breath and exhaled peacefully. "Good." She nodded her head. There were things that were not so pleasant and there was much she trying to work through, but Kenzie was feeling herself and could honestly say she was, "good." Certainly in a far better place than she had been a short while ago (especially if compared to the night on the bridge when she first met Kara).

"How about you? Ready to see who gets the biggest bruise? I brought bandaids and things just in case!" She reached back to pat her knapsack as she giggled.

That drew a grin out of her, finding the similarity nice to know. As for Kenzie being good, well, that’s all she knew in the first place based off their texting convo. Hopefully that meant actually good good instead of something opposite. For now though, she took it as face value and nodded, happy for her.

And god! Kenzie was prepared! Kara hadn't even thought that far in advance, but maybe she should've. Oops. ”Oh my god, you smart dork. All I brought were fish sandwiches and water,” she laughed some, shaking her head at herself. The idea of having anything medical on hand had totally not gone through her head. If it came to breaking an arm or something she supposed shifting might help. Bandaids were in her racing stuff usually, but there were no guarantees there were any left in the bag she had now. Good on ya wolf girl. ”You’re free to them if you want and yeah! I’m doing good and so ready to see how this works. Let’s go ahead and head over if you're ready?”

She’d wait for Kenzie to pack up if needed before beginning to walk into the park with a confident stride.

"I mean we gotta eat and drink too so!" Kenzie laughed.

She didn't have to be asked twice. Nodding, she held up a finger to ask Kara for a moment as she finished the last bite of her sandwich and dusted her hands off on her jeans. "Dad and I used to camp and hike and such and he'd always make sure we had some medical supplies on hand," she started to explain as she wheeled her bike toward the shenanigans that awaited them. "Mostly because I was accident prone, I think." To this she shrugged and laughed again. "I loved to climb trees and fall back out of them. Or wipe out on my bike. He was a sensible sort. Taught me some basic first aid and the lessons and the habit of having a few bandaids and such around stuck with me." More than once it had come in handy for herself or someone she knew.

Standing in the park, Kenzie drew a deep breath and exhaled in a puff. "Well! Where do we start? I guess we could try jumping those ramps and seeing if either of us can even land something simple? Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first?" She held out her fist at the ready, grinning daringly.

As they walked forward, Kara listened dutifully to the backstory of Kenzie and one Mr. Father of Kenzie. She’d gotten into enough trouble to warrant a medical kit to be on hand and it drew a wide smile on her face. It was good to know that her dad had been so good to her like Kara’s own was. ”It seems like you had a great dad,” she commented.

Presented with what they’d be doing, she took stock. There was a lot they could try. The ramps, the inclines, the probably more geared to skateboarding areas. As if thinking her own mind, Kenzie prompted with what they should do first. Letting out a laugh at the questioning, she shook her head some at the offered fist. ”Sounds great, let’s do it.” Fist over her hand while making sure the bike leaned against her hip, Kara put on a daring grin. ”Ready? One, two, three, shoot!” And she’d slap her hand in time with Kenzie as they awaited to see their fate.

Dice roll of rock!
1. rock, 2. paper, 3. scissors


One, two, three—



Kenzie's eyes flicked between her closed fist and Kara's as if expecting one to unfurl into a sheet of paper to be smothered or a pair of scissors to be smashed. But no. They had tied. Grinning and giggling as she does, Kenzie readied her hand for another round.

"Welp! Let's try again! One, two, three, shoot!"

Rock! And Kenzie landed with the exact same. Eyes wide, Kara drew in a breath. ”You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me,” she laughed out. ”Yep! Let’s do it,” she agreed to the do over.

Smacking her fist in time, she counted off with Kenzie. ”One, two, three, shoot!”

Anddddd, Kara threw her hand smack palm down to be paper.



Both their rocks unfurled into sheets of paper on the next turn, and Kenzie slapped hers over her eyes in a theatrical reaction; one that was a bit too hard for a swath of her skin stung beneath her fingertips. But she was laughing and grinning and paid it no mind.

"Well then!" Kenzie stuck her hands to her hips next and punctuated her remark with a nod. "I think there's only one thing to do about this unless we want to stand around shaking fists at each other for god knows how long..." Her hands went to her handle bars next and secured themselves there, and her expression darkened with mischief, her mouth quirking upwards on one end. "Together! Fuck it! That ramp—" One finger briefly uncurled from the rubber to indicate Kenzie's choice of obstacle. "Backflip. Let's GO!"

There was no room for argument. Up on her pedals, Kenzie surged toward the ramp, summoning all the speed she might and hoping that her newfound sense of strength and agility would see her through. She had no idea what she was doing, but, as she shit that ramp she hazarded a guess at how to pull off the movie and she did well enough that her wheels were successfully over her head in the air. Kenzie even managed to keep a hold of her bike as she followed through.

Unfortunately, her landing needed work. The wheel was turned just enough that when the front tire touched down both Kenzie and the bike flopped over. She rolled twice down the opposite side of the ramp as the bike chased her on a skid.

She might have been quicker to recover her feet if she wasn't laughing so damn hard!

And wouldn’t you know, it happened again????!!!! They both drew paper and the odds of doing this twice in a row was just ridiculous. Surprise ran through her and then a laugh built its way from her chest and up, using an arm to wipe at her face. God.

Kenzie quickly took charge of the situation and Kara followed along, amusement still clearly written on her face. Her companion’s expression was going straight for something mischievous though and she listened raptly. She wanted to do… ”The ramp? A backflip? Oh my god,” she snickered. ”Sure, let’s do it.”

Grabbing the handles of her own bike, Kara was quick to hop onto it and follow, pumping legs to the pedals to get a speed going. On the ramp, she went up and turned her body to the side as wheels went up in the air and managed to land and pedal down, but that was it. No, backflip, no trick, nothing but just trying to keep on as the dog screamed in her head. And as Kenzie surpassed and fell off onto her back, Kara hit the brakes in alarm, screeching to a halt, back wheel lifting some as feet went up in the air. Slowed, she quickly got off and headed towards Kenzie. Instead of sobs, she was greeted with tinkling of laughing. Relief washed over Kara as she came up and offered a hand to help her up. ”You alright?”

"Heck yeah I am!"

Still laughing, Kenzie reached out to grasp the hand offered to her. Her grin could have stretched no further and she was bouncing with even more energy than she had before the failed stunt. He clothes were dirtied and beneath them she might have an abrasion or bruise or two but she was otherwise unharmed and eager for more.

"Okay, I know I didn't stick that landing at all but that was fun!"

Kenzie stood up her bike and gave it a quick glance over. No real harm done there either. Might be a scuff or scratch she couldn't see.

She had noticed that Kara hadn't tried the backflip. She cocked her head.

"Do you want to pick the next obstacle and trick?"

She was a laughing crazy, but thankfully, alright. Having to hoist back a broken and bloodied wolf to wherever with a strange leader or medic didn’t seem like the best way to spend an afternoon. ”Good,” Kara breathed while hoisting her up. ”Didn’t want to have to scrape you off the floor.”

Making sure while Kenzie stood up that there wasn’t a lean to a side or blood or anything, Kara’s face brightened at how enthusiastic the girl still sounded. They were still on then. And it seemed the bike had been fine too, bonus.

”Well, sure if you don’t wanna keep trying this out.” Looking around them, she thought for a moment. It was probably, better to start small and work up. No one needed to actually smash their face in today.

Seeing the giant wavy pool cut outs in the ground, Kara pointed them out. ”Why not see if we can jump between sections?”

Kenzie could be a thrill seeker who wasn't fully aware of that part of herself. Flushed with tingly excitement, she was more than willing to keep trying for a successful backflip, but just as enthused about having a friend to goof off with she was content to switch to something more suitable for beginning... trickers?

What do they call people who do tricks on their bikes?

"Yes!" Kenzie leapt back onto her bike and took off. "Hey, if we get some tricks down, do we get some treats later?" She called over her shoulder as she pedalled furiously for the... wavy things.

Learning some terminology might be in order later on.

With a hearty whoop, she stuck the landing this time, a Were's speed easily providing enough propulsion to send her across the gap. This trick far more tame but no less fun. Feeling the wind sift through her short locks and being momentarily airborne was enough to make her wish she could sprout crow wings and fly.

For good measure, she circled around and did it another time.

"They should install these on the streets so I can do this on my way to and from work!"

It was like Kenzie was an excitable lab or something with the way she so quickly took off after confirming that yes, she did want to try that out as well. Rolling her eyes in good humor, Kara made her way to her own bike. As for treats? ”Duh, of course.” Straddling the frame for a moment before lifting her feet to pedals, soon she was off as well. ”Best reason ever to treat ourselves,” she shouted back over.

Pumping legs, she dipped down and as the incline went up, Kara stood, continuing pedaling, a move she was used to from trail riding. Understanding the principles with this better, she eyed the other side and angled anddddd got it. A bit of a wobble that was quickly corrected, but this was tons more successful and the lurch in her belly had a laugh letting out.

Seeing Kenzie take off and doing it again, she followed suit, much more confident, as it should be. Good!

”Hah, they definitely should. That’d be wild. Just fly to work.”

Kara's comment had Kenzie squealing the bakes after landing a third jump.

"Flying." She hummed, one foot bracing her and the bike on the ground and the other perched on a pedal at the top of its rotation. By reflex, she had a cursory glance around before she said what she said next. "Say, you ever meet any bird-Weres?"

She still had no idea what Kara was. The fragments she had seen in her mind's eye were dog-like, but the colors continued to throw her. Kenzie was possessed of a keen curiosity to know, and a temptation to ask, but she had been told once before that it was rude to do so and that had stuck with her.

The brakes screaming was concerning and she looked behind her briefly. She’d stopped, okay? Turning the bike towards her, Kara pedaled and let it eventually coast closer. A question about bird weres had her heavily scrunching brows together. ”Bird weres,” Kara echoed back, unhelpful truly, but she was thinking too.

Putting a foot down, she stopped the bike from going any further. Humming some, she crossed arms across her chest. ”Nah, can’t say I have. Lots of canines and big cats, an occasional reptile, but that’s it.” Scratching her head, she considered Kenzie. ”Why? Did you see Captain Falcon out there?”

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