Bad Days = Good Stories

Spending the entire day sleeping had some downfalls to it. Such as learning about the aquarium but not waking up in time to actually go. Ash had set an alarm, three actually, but had done an excellent job of sleeping through all of them. He had instead awoken in a bit of groggy panic knowing that he was in fact late since he felt far to rested. One hurried flurry of throwing on random clothes and a taxi later proved that fact as he now stood outside the gated entrance of the zoo very much closed for the night.


Was about all he could say.

What was he going to do now? He had been throughout Lavender heights, seen everything there was to see there. He could call another taxi and just go to another part of mountainside but that meant more money then he had been planning on spending. Not having a source of income besides disability tended to dampen his frivolous adventuring habits.

The streets were quiet and empty. It was night and pretty dark out already. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

But there was someone out! It was a cat!

The cat wandered the streets of Larkspur with more or less impunity. It all started when a dog startled her into a shift, and it took out her hands first, and...

Well! Here she was, an hour later, hunting rats and getting into garbage. She was actually doing both right now, shuffling noisily in a corner trash can for one little squeaker that kept wiggling out of her reach but otherwise trapped in the can. Her tail stuck straight up out of the garbage, lashing wildly. Just a little closer.

He heard the rattling first, and being his usual oblivious to danger self walked around the corner to see what it was. At first he thought maybe there was a homeless person getting settled down for the night. He didn't have a lot of cash but he felt that the few dollars he had would be better for them. But it wasn't a person in the alley way making the noise, no it was a cat.

A rather pretty cat from what he could see with a shiny coat and fluffed tail. He had always rather liked cats, and dogs, but had never been able to keep any pets. They didn't really mix well with his father.

The cat seemed to be trying to get at something, and he paused for a breif moment wondering if he should leave it be.


He tried for a soft gentle voice hoping it wouldn't freak the cat out.

She had just managed to snag the rat when she heard a voice. It was startling, and a muffled yowl left her as she tensed and sought to back up out from the garbage can.

Only to sink further in!!

Aaand the cat was definetly startled. It stiffened and then almost seemed to slide further into the bin. Okay...

"Oh gosh I'm sorry."

He took another few steps unsure if the cat would be more freaked out by his approach or not.

"It's alright I'm not going to hurt you."

Was it just him or was this cat bigger then normal?

There was no one in there to understand English or even the kindness of a human tone. But she watched warily of what she could see of him, not yet bolting. Mostly because it was hard to find something to kick off of to bolt.

She held the wiggling squeaking rat in her mouth, waiting for him to do something wrong. Or right? With such a grumpy cat, it was hard for anything to be right, really.

The cat was giving him a stink eye and holding a wriggling little rat in it's jaw. Was the poor baby a stray?

"It's alright."

Slowly and admitly a little hesitantly he slowly lowered himself down to his knees and held out one of his hands. Pretty sure things would go badly if he continued to approach. This way the cat could come to him if it wished.

The cat actually couldn't approach at all! Because she was stuck in the bin, still! Her arms were kind of trapped in garbage and her legs were unable to find something to kick off of.

So as the other kneeled, she squinted at him, unimpressed.

The rat squeaked again and she wished she could use her paws to hold it to get a good angle for beheading. Everything was so sad.

The cat continued with a disgruntled judgy face. Wow okay McJudgy, he was trying to do things the right way here. Still the cat was not approaching so clearly that method wasn't going to work. And the rat just kept squeaking and sqwirming.

"Right okay. Just don't freak out when I come closer okay."

He didn't really think the cat could understand him, but animals were suppose to pick up on emotions right? So a calm voice hopefully meant a calm cat.

Staying on his knees he inched closer eyes watching the cat incase of a negative reaction.

The other was nearing. Her ears went horizontal as she watched his approach. Was he going to try to take her meal?

She'd like to see him try. Her head ducked in the can some, eyes wide as they watched his careful approach.

But for now. For now, she could let him closer, she supposed.

Was head ducking a bad sign? He wasn't sure. The lack of pets had not prepared him for this moment.

Figuring that at the worst the cat would just scratch him, he continued his slow inching forward until he was only a few inches away.

"It's alright."

He would offer his hand yet again for a possible sniff.

It was very tempting to scratch. Monumentally. But again, she was a bit stuck, so. It was for the best that she wasn't trusting her ability to not sink in further, here.

The cat scrunched her head a little at the nearing of his hand, but he must have done something right, or the circumstances were just in his favor, because she decided to offer him a small sniff.

The rat, still alive, did wiggle somewhat annoyingly, though, squeaking in doomed fear between her teeth and his hand.

Having seen a lot worse things in his time then a rat about to be chomped Ash didn't pull away. Instead he gave a smile, actually glad that the cat hadn't scratched.

"See nothing bad."

Very close now he could get a better look at the cat. The paws of which were surrounded in the garbage of the bin.

"I think you're going to need a bath at some point."

He kept his hand out waiting for the cat to get use to him.

It was such a good thing she didn't know what the word bath meant. She squinted as his hand remained, but her ears relaxed their position some and she decided he wasn't trying to take her food or hurt her.


Right, okay. She seemed less interested less like she was going to snap at him anyways.

He sighed feeling the tension in his shoulders let up.

Now to figure out what to do with the stray cat. He thought it was a stray anyways. He couldn't see a collar.

"Okay Im going to start moving the garbage alright."

It was gross. Very gross. His hands dug at the bags attempting to move them away from the cat. It smelled well like garbage.

Move garbage he did. She squeezed the rat, but he didn't take it away. Oddly calm around this man, maybe because she knew if he tried to hurt her she could drop her prize and bite him.

He didn't. But she was noting that she was freer, now! One paw resurfaced and reached for the edge of the bin as he worked.

Granted enough leverage and supernatural feline strength, and she was finally free to escape. And so, she did, leaping out quite suddenly with the intent of landing to the side of him.

He continued moving the garbage trying hard not to think how his hands were going to smell afterwards. When enough was pulled away the cat all but jumped at him, with more force then he had been expecting. Man it really hadn't liked being in that bin.

Thankfully the cat did not land on him but rather beside him. He jumped at the suddenness of it and fell backwards onto his butt.

Him moving out of the way was all she really needed; the cat's tail flagged high. She stank of garbage, sure! But now she was free to run away.

So, thankless as a cat would be, she did that.

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