Thistle & Clover

Belle Vista 
No leather, no eyeliner, no ripped clothing, the requirements for the florist job. Rather disappointing, he had thought when he heard of a hipster flower shop that he could wear his usual style. But clearly that was not the case. Still a job was a job, and only through much falsified documentation was he actually able to get one. He was just glad he didn't actually have to do much searching. Thank god his sire actually knew a place in Mountainside that was hiring. One phone call to an old acquaintance later (to get said fake documents) and he had a job.

Aw yeah he was going to be rolling in the dough...sort of. At least maybe enough to stop living in a hotel.

This all culminated to a early morning on a cold sunny september day, with Axel sitting behind the counter of a small but quant flower shop. Thistle & Clover adorned the small iron worked sign about the door. Such hipster, so out of the mainstream. Axel held back an eye roll. Yes the uniform did involve flannel. Well there wasn't really a set 'uniform' to be exact more of just some rules to follow that kicked out most of his clothes. So wearing the only pair of non-ripped jeans he had, a random t-shirt and a flannel over shirt was about as in the rules as he could get.

Ashley was killing time.

She'd arrived waaaaayyy too early to a healing thing after misreading a text, and now she was stuck in the rich fancy part of mountainside without a whole lot to do there. So she was poking around little shops, her wallet safely tucked away where it couldn't be harmed by Belle Vista prices.

As she stepped into this shop and tooth a deep breath of plant-y air, she could practically taste the flowers. (Maybe because she couldn't breathe out of her nose.)

It had that sort of hipster feeling that she wished she could off at her apartment. Maybe she could buy just... like. One flower? But what did you even do with one flower?!

Looking. Juuuust looking. Ash made her way through, oblivious that she was also wearing essentially the employee uniform.


The door gave a little jingle and Axel forced himself to glance up filling in a dot to dot drawing. There was not much to do this early in the morning at a flower shop. And he still didn't know what to do with any of the flowers, as it was his first day. He figured he could at least guess his way around the cash register if it came to that, but the small woman who entered looked more like she belonged behind the counter then he did. Brows immediatly furrowed.

Oh. He hadn't thought anyone else was coming in until later. The manager was in the back filling some order or something so he couldn't ask him who the girl was. So he leaned forward and rested his arms on the counter.

"Hey! I didn't think anyone else was coming in yet. Are you early for your shift or something?"

A voice caught her off guard if mostly for what it was saying. Ashley automatically looked left, looked, right, looked behind her.

Um. Was this not a store for the public? Had she wandered into someone's... flower studio?! Ash!

"Oh, I- I was just looking around," she peeped, smiling sheepishly and then abruptly unhanding a flower she'd been touching. This was probably a look and don't touch kind of place! This was Belle Vista, after all!

"I can leave if I shouldn't be here?"

Brows furrowed more. Huh? Now it was Axel's turn to look utterly confused.

"Uh I take it you don't work here?"

He glance over her outfit again. Really she looked like she could be twins with the owner in those clothes. They screamed hipster at him.

"Sorry you just have the same clothes that everyone wears here. Feel free to look around. It's a flower shop so you can touch them."

Feeling a little embarrased he would settle back down to continue his dot to dot picture. He was pretty sure it was a sunflower, which was boring. Why wasn't there any cool cat ones?

An employee was asking Ashley if she worked here?! This was confusing on some very ridiculous level, and her mouth dropped open a little, ready to apologize for some reason? But he clarified after a moment, and her shoulders slumped a little in relief. Though how embarrassing that she'd accidentally worn the employee uniform.

And then he read her mind kind of and she wasn't sure if she wanted to retract her hand into her body guiltily or immediately touch the flower because she'd been invited to. Um.

"Oh!" she answered noncommittally. "Um, do a lot of people work here?"

He gave a half hearted shrug to her question not really bothering to look up from trying to find the 100 dot.

"No idea it's my first day. But if you do need help I was told where the general different flowers are so I might still have an idea how to answer any questions."

He tacked that last bit on feeling like he should probably say something customer servicy since he was suppose to be working. Although if she was just here to find the most firm feeling plant then good for her as long as she didn't ask him to start touching them as well. Honestly he had actually been expecting some rich hauty person to be his first customer. That seemed to be the lay out of Belle Vista.

Oh! His first day. She glanced up to him, at the way he was writing on... something. Ashley knew all about customer service and recognized that he was being a little inattentive, but. It was his first day!

"Oh, congrats!" she said sincerely. "You like flowers?"

He didn't seem like the type, but you couldn't judge someone by their flannel and shrug.

Honestly he hadn't realy expected her to ask any more questions. But when she did he would look up letting the pencil drop.

"Actually yeah. I like the way they smell and the feeling of the petals. Drying them is also fun. Have you ever done the thing where you press a flower between the pages of a book and then come back years later to find it?"

He had done that a lot as a kid. Most of his childhood books had been full of dasies, bluebells, and dandalions. That last of which had done a great job of staining the pages yellow. Now that a interesting conversation was taking place he abandoned the dot to dot and leaned forward across the desk with a smile.

Oh, hey! Now he seemed kind of engaged! She smiled some, taking a few steps closer as she listened. Not everyone was drawn to what they did for work (Ashley wasn't suuuper into really loud music, for example), so it was nice to hear that he found an interest in it.

"I've never tried, but now I kind of want to," she said with a smiling huff. "To be honest, I was just killing a little time, and this felt like a nicer shop to look around in than some of the fancy clothing stores."

Not that there was anything wrong with fancy clothing! It was just way out of Ash's price range. And style.

Oh yeah he could understand that. Even pulled a face in sympathy of her and her wallet. He certainly was never going to stop by any of the other shops in the area. Damn clothes were way to expensive. Besides he liked stuff with holes and he could just as easily make his own from some cheaper pair of pants.

"Oh yeah. The prices are ridiculous out here. I mean their not the worst I've seen. I use to live in california and man the prices were not your friend out there."

Probably didn't help that he had lived in a rich neighborhood either. Or that his stalker boyfriend had been rich. The prices he had seen.

"If you do dry the flowers I suggest getting one that's not going to bleed color all over you're pages, or at least use a book you don't like. Maybe War and Peace if for some reason you have it."

Oh! California. She could only imagine how expensive everything was there. Silicon Valley and all that stuff. She nodded, listening as he moved back to flower books.

War and Peace. She laughed.

"I probably still have books from old summer reading projects that would work," she said. "Is there a kind of flower that works best?"

Something like a rose seemed like it would just... mush.

He got a laugh out of war and peace. And a mention of old summer books from school. God he could understand the loathing for them. After junior year he had burned the great gatsby along with fahrenheit 451, a rather poetic justice for the amount of time he had been forced to read and disect them.

"Wow I admire your skill in still keeping those books around. I had a habit of burning the required readings once school was over. Or using them for art projects."

He had ripped pages out of Romeo and Juliet to try out oragami flowers. After using up the entire book he eventually made a rather nice rose. Probably still had it somewhere to.

"As for flowers. Well it kind of depends what look you want. I've found that daisies tend to do well. Roses are nice but they tend to get smushed. Poppies are always a basic go to and their the least expensive."

He nodded his head to where the display of poppies sat.

Burning them! That seemed like a lot of work, and dangerous! It was easier to just keep them all stacked on a corner in her closet. She'd never been very artsy, either.

But he gave suggestions, and to that she smiled.

"I appreciate your expertise," she said sincerely, then felt a small buzz from her pocket. Glancing down to her phone, she... oh, gosh, the time was now to get the heck over to where she'd agreed to meet a... patient? (It felt weird to call them patients.)

"I have to go to an appointment, but it was nice meeting you!" she said. "I'll have to come back some time and actually buy something."

A little sheepish as she adjusted the bag on her shoulder in preparation to head out.

Oh an appointment, sounded very offical. How good for her having some offical work. He tapped a finger agaisnt the table.

"Here. Let me buy you a poppy so you can try out the flower drying at least. That way if you like it you can come back! and if you don't then you won't have to make the drive again."

Seemed fair enough to him, and hell he was always willing to help out fresh young artists. Pressing flowers into hated books had to be art right?

He clicked on the cash register ringing it up with a few haulting moments as he attempted to find the right butons. It was his first day. The only other job he had was back in Oregon at the groups head quarters.

That was. So. Unexpectedly nice?!

Not that he had seemed like he wasn't nice, but this was so extraordinarily nice that she was pretty sure her face was getting a little red. Ashley was not the recipient of many flowers.

"Oh, gosh, well- thank you," she said, all smiles, the kind that made it up to the corners of her eyes.

"That's very nice."

She'd be patient while he figured out the buttons. Registers could be tricky!

After a few more minutes of button pushing he had the thing figured out pulling out some cash from his back pocket he paid for two poppies.

"There. Go ahead and grab two, we're doing a buy one get a discount thing on them. And well I hope your appointment goes well."

He would lean back over the counter to flash a smile.

This job might actually be really fun.

Ashley practically sparkled a little.

"Thank you again," she squeaked. "Good luck with your job. I think you're going to do great."

She would take the two poppies with a smile, promising herself to keep them safe until she got home.

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