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those pastries are from a friend of yours

She'd send that a good few minutes or so after the group text, just so he'd grasp what she was meaning.

There was only one friend he had that immediately put him in mind of fancy, continental cakes. But life experience taught him it was rarely a good idea to mention female friends to other female friends. Curiosity, jealousy and falling out usually followed.

So instead Fletch acted ignorant, and hoped this wasn't a precursor to twenty questions.



Maybe i'm not used to customs out here, but it seems weird that the next step to take after biting a man's ankles and then passing out under his coyote friend's van is to bring by a bunch of pastries

thought you'll like to know he described you as having 'brownish hair, maybe in his forties, and spoke with an english accent'


Fletch blinked, and read the message a good few times to make sure he grasped what Heidi told him. He'd not forgotten that strange afternoon with the questionable fox - he'd met Remy that selfsame day. But he agreed; delivering cakes a month or so after the fact brought to mind stable doors and horses.

Wasn't Jackie come on a social visit, either, for which he was personally relieved.

Have you know I'm not a day over twenty one.
That happened ages ago. Why's the kid show up now? He say?


I told him the same.
not sure why, he just said he thought to bring them as an apology, apparently got a talking to by Alex, so I bet he's just trying to stay on her good side


Fletch chuckled. Somehow, he found it hard to imagine Heidi backing his corner over a trivial untruth; the woman seemed more likely to laugh and add a couple of decades.

As for the fox -

Makes sense he'd come grovelling. The knob's an arctic fox. Whiter than virgin snow. Decided to go about shifted in broad daylight, along the main drag of a desert town.
Then after he goes trying to take a chunk out of one of the EMs customers, he goes and shifts back right behind the bloke's truck, full view of the road.
Gobs gave him another chance, god love her.


There's what she was fishing for, the other side to the story. The one she was more inclined to believe.

To shift back certainly was a choice, he made it out like he thought the guy, a rat?, looked pretty tasty. so naturally shifting back in broad daylight was the best choice.

we got pastries out of it, so i guess its not all bad. that is if you're ever coming back to have your share.


Possibly? But they had acres upon acres of untrammelled wilderness, and the lad had decided to do his business where everyone could see him.

It was not the only reason Fletch wound up with a frown.

Planned to be out here another couple of weeks, actually.
Pastries look grand, but figured it was better to let you lot enjoy them rather than letting one go to waste on my account.

He was not fool to think his absence would go unnoticed, but it was hard not to wonder at the notion he had abandoned them. Perhaps it was better not to read too much into it.

This your way of saying you miss me? ;-)


where's 'here'?

Not that it was her business, but she never claimed to not be nosy. As far as his question, she rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue.

more like i'm trying to see how long i've got peace from crude jokes

There was belated concern he may actually take that seriously, but she had faith his skin was tough enough that she didn't need to follow up with a 'just kidding.'

Fletch pulled back a notch from his screen and made a face at her nosing. As if she had any right at all to know.

On my back with some blonde young thing bouncing on my cock.

He had her number. Unless she blocked him, Heidi would never be free from Dylan Fletcher's crude banter.

Well, she'd stuck her hand right into the mouth of that one, huh?

She had to place her phone down a moment, go finish tidying her living room, something adult to remind her that she wasn't a sixteen year old girl that could get flustered by stuff like what that grown man had just sent to her. She liked him well enough, but he needed work on identifying boundaries.

Tell her to treat you right, you're missing out on a load of pies and custards for her

For what it was worth, it was the truth.

There was an irony to Heidi's well wishes that made his heart ache. Straddling two worlds that could never be allowed to mix, every moment that slipped by saw them bleed into one another like two opposing hues of ink. Despite his efforts to stop it, they felt clumsy and as though they muddied the canvas further.

In not so many words, he missed her. Wished he could explain his absence beyond the joke he'd made it in the hope of some solid, unbiased advice.

But she was super mum, and he was, well -

That's a matter of opinion.
Could always welcome me back with a slice of something sweet.


She paused there, eyes narrowed. That'd turned in a way she wasn't entirely expecting, but then again, what could she possibly expect from Fletch? It'd happened twice on her visit to his abode and their subsequent brunch. He'd never been shy about making quips like that. And, well, she was adult enough to look something like this in the eye and decide for herself how she'd like it to carry on. He was trouble, that was clear, and a dog through and through. Maybe it said a lot about her as a person to not be so opposed to inviting that.

we'll have to see when you get back, hendrix seemed pretty interested in what i've got in the kitchen, but there may be something left for you

Cruel, to use someone she'd met in passing for something like that. What the kid didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Fletch laughed to himself. In the context of where his mind was, dragging Hendrix into their joking around made for an unfortunate innuendo.

Oh I see how it is. What's good old Jimi got that I haven't?


Truthfully? If they were speaking physically, most everything. Youth, tattoos, playboy angles, most of all...

that beard’s pretty immaculate. But I bet he spends more time on that than the curlies down stairs


Was she insinuating Hendrix was vain, or that he manscaped?

Broods pretty well too. Didn't realise you liked a brooder, Klum.
Either way. I'll take his sloppy seconds.



call me that again and you’ll be getting thirds


Seconds and thirds. Lucky me. Double dip.



Not what I meant, but I’ll let you enjoy your vacation believing that.


Will keep you in my thoughts. Look forward to being back.

All joking aside, there was a grain of truth to it. There was a pull back to Mountainside and the band he hadn't expected to feel. Like an invisible tether, uncomfortably taught.

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