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Texting Ingrid meant texting Mateo. Holding these two conversations at once (presuming they both responded shortly) was going to be a bitch and a half. But. If they did know each other well he needed to avoid them comparing notes.

It felt smart, but he was shaken.

And mad! At them both! For doing this to him! Right now!

podemos encontrarnos pero solo si me dices exactamente por qué estás aquí
ahora mismo

we can meet up but only if you tell me exactly why you are here
right now


Honestly, he hadn't expected Iago to reach out to him again. Had expected all that he'd heard from his brother would be through Ingrid, and it would her coming to him with the news that Iago didn't want anything to fucking do with him. So color him surprised to receive a text the very next day.

He was alright with meeting, as long as he told him why he was here.

Right now.

There was part of him that wanted to smash the phone into the concrete he stood on, finish his cigarette and go back inside to work. Who the fuck did his brother think he was, demanding answers when he was the one that'd been so fucking shifty for over a decade? He was the one that'd answered the phone then hung up without a fuckin word. Mateo deserved some answers, too. But, while anger and hurt broiled beneath his skin, so did the longing to see his sibling. A fucking familiar face, for once, since leaving Mexico.

es una larga historia
es más fácil en persona

it's a long story,
it's easier in person



Oh he was just so full of fury right now. He was glad he was alone, pacing his own tiny, dingy apartment like a caged animal. But where the fury put a spike into the way he responded, there was also a desperation. An underlying plea that... please someone just make something. Anything. Easy for him right now.


His insides were twisting, but not in a shifty way, though that might have been nice.

por favor mateo



Mateo huffed sharply, and pushed himself from where he was leaned against the wall. The cigarette was taken from his mouth, and flicked into the nearby ashtray.

Marisol me dijo que estabas aquí.
estado en Arizona, pero tenía que mudarse y tú eras la familia más cercana

Marisol told me you were here
I've been in Arizona but had to move, and you're the closest family.


Well. He supposed he was never calling Marisol again. Not that he blamed his sister--this was his mistake. He'd clearly let too much slip. Carelessly enough that he didn't even remember what exactly he'd said to her. And it had lured Mateo right to him. Incredible.

There was a lot to unpack and he was pretty devastated to not have Sokol here to consult.

¿por qué estabas en arizona? pensé que aún estabas en méxico

why were you in arizona? i thought you were still in mexico


Fucking nosy for someone that didn't talk to the family for years at a time.

Pensé que todavía estabas en Georgia hasta hace unos meses

So, look who was fucking asking questions.

Como dije, es mucho para cubrir. Te lo diré en persona.

I thought you were still in Georgia until a few months ago.
Like I said, it's a lot to cover. I'll tell you in person.


You know what he was going to meet up with Mateo just so he could fight him!!

It was just all so frustrating, and this on top of being practically heartsick meant he felt an awful lot like crying. Which was not exactly normal for him, which in turn compounded the feeling in a viscous feedback loop that made him feel mentally hazy, or like someone was squeezing him. He had to lay back down on his bed in spite of feeling restless.

It took a couple minutes.







He'd just told Ingrid off and he was literally buried in his bed and he couldn't breathe but he was coping!

WHERE! Well. Cedar Creek would put Iago on his own turf. Which was both... great and absolutely the worst idea. So that was out. But where else was there? Where even was Mateo?

Then something occurred to him, and he felt a little viscous, even considering it. It was... almost a power play, wasn't it? Not really normally Iago's style, but he was so desperate for something he could control right now. It had a few downsides, like giving Mateo a setting he knew better than Iago would, presumably. But.


Look. He knows where to find you, Mateo.

esta noche. dentro de una hora.


Fuse. He knew where he worked, so that likely meant he spoke to Ingird.



He still wanted to fight him.

no seas una perra si llego tarde

Yes, he was the one who had set the hour deadline, but he had two sets of nails to clip and there was no way in hell he was going to be the one standing there waiting for Mateo to show up. But heaven help them both if Mateo got fed up and left before he got there.

don't be a bitch if i'm late


What the fuck.

fucking work here

The english spelling was quicker. He wasn't going anywhere.

Lavender eyes rolled hard, and with a newfound sense of determination, he kicked off his blankets. He hardly had room for thoughts anymore. He had hoped this would be a good distraction from the Sokol situation, but really it only served to highlight how important his friend had become to him. Feeling like he shouldn't reach out...

He had to do this on his own.

One hour. Then they'd see.

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