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Emerald Falls 
set for Friday 13th full moon close to wolf pack shifting area, anyone is welcome to crash :3

Asha had not assumed she would be having her full moon with anyone else, mostly because no one else had really made any such plan with her. Which was, honestly, absolutely fine by her. She would rather shift alone and have a decent time by herself than shift with someone who was only begrudgingly being around her.

And things were notably better. She was back in her own actual home, with Espy hanging out with her some nights. No ghosts around. Ingrid's training was gradually picking up speed and Asha had not whined about every little new difficult thing (out loud, at least) this week.

Even the cat had been remarkably chill about it all. Normally she would be pacing and rooing with approaching full moon madness, but other than missing the fat cat she had invaded Asha's thoughts considerably less. Today she'd been all but conked out. Weird. Maybe it meant Asha was growing up as a were again.

But it was an unsettling kind of strange, still, because as Asha had arrived at a spot to shift by the falls by around nine or so, done some hiking, stripped down, and expected at least some burgeoning excitement in her head, there was... nothing?

"Come on, bitchcat," she huffed as she sat on a blanket, covered with a sheet, clothes folded up, frowning. Usually she was practically eating Asha's head to come out early?

She hadn't felt shifting from Abraham yet, so she went to grab her phone and text him about her cat apparently being shift-shy. She'd never experienced that before, not that she remembered. But as it turned out, she had no signal. Fucking great.

"Ugh!" Asha huffed into the night, putting her phone away and flopping back onto her blanket defeatedly. So she was just here. Naked. Alone. In the woods. Doing nothing.

Boredom sent her sleep the rest of the time.

A cruel punch to the gut a couple hours later sent her panicking awake. It was not the first time she'd woken to a shift, but usually nightmares and shit preceded it. This was a different kind of panicking, struck out of a confused kind of grumpy and into what felt like an eruption of her animal. She couldn't even fucking curse about it because the damn thing was choking her throat.

The fuck, cat.

Struggling from the blankets, she crawled on all fours to the debris-rough forest floor. Things felt... stretched somehow, reforming with a height she was more or less accustomed to, but not the bulk. Her voice shifted within her throat, giving way to a strained, high pitched whine for the pain.

Wait. What. That wasn't a roocat noise.

Her eyes opened, and she realized she suddenly had... a lot of nose to look down. What the fuck?

Still forming claws pressed against the earth, intending to knead the soil out of anxiety, but they felt. Small. Asha lowered her head to look down at her paws and—



Panic out met with a faraway feed of Abraham's panic in, looping into a feedback of THINGS ARE VERY CLEARLY WRONG, and she spun in place, tongue lolling out in alarm as she caught sight of a tail that was not long and slinky and adorned with gold and black but fluffy and plainly off white.


"AWOO, AWOO, AWOO," left her in stretched, whiny barks instead that would carry
through the clear night for miles.


In the weeks since her King had brought her beast forward so that she may learn where the girl ceased and the wolf began, Kenzie had spent most of her hours in earnest pursuit of her own development. She had walked with her wolf close at hand although that had proved a nearly inescapable risk, had found even more peace in her condition, and above mere acceptance, had truly started to find embracement.

She felt different; as though she was on the cusp of something; that a more brilliant future than she could ever imagine lay at her feet. Now as the moon rose above the treeline to brighten the gloom above, a calmness had settled into her that convinced her further that she was absolutely doing better. But in partnership with this placid state was a queer sense of identity. She felt at once that she was more herself than she had been in ages but also that she was not at all.

Her wolf was quiet. So quiet it seemed not to have a discernible presence in her mind or body. Had girl and beast so thoroughly come together that now there was no line between them? That now there was just one entity: Kenzie, a young woman who could turn into a wolf, who despite sobbing over badly-hooked trout while fishing with her father as a human, now eagerly awaited a shift to four paws to go hunting with her pack. Who wanted nothing more than to give in to her more base nature and return to the wild for the night.

Not far from where one individual was experiencing her own crisis sat another stricken shifter, breathless after thrashing through its transformation. Azure-blue eyes were set against a backdrop of panicked white, from the corner of which thick black tears ran down to the beast's gaping mouth. Drool soaked its chin and descended in long strands from its jaw to drop where the earth had been scored by claws. Then as the animal glanced along its alien flank, its snout buckled at the sight of the bold vermiculation that crowded its tawny fur, and a ruff of black rose tall and terrible from the base of its skull down between its shoulders, tapering off along its three-striped spine.

The agitated twitching of a long, supple tail drew a combative swat as the cat stood and paced a tight circle with its ears flat to its skull. It was anything but quiet as it groaned and grumbled and growled, the low sounds rolling into a series of loud and sharp chirrups as it called for the distant howler, for its pack, and for itself.

If ever Kenzie had thought she might achieve status as a king someday, not once had she considered it might be in the form of a mutation in the structure and pattern of a cheetah's fur.


The sound that answered her immediately was the weirdest sound she'd ever heard in her life. But she angled her weird, too large ears towards it. (Her head felt so tiny in comparison.)

Feeling like an emaciated animal on stilts, she tested out walking, legs trembling somewhat like she would fall on four of them. Roo roo roo what was going on D: her cat was still her cat in her head??? So what was this?!

It didn't at all help that Abraham, eight hours southish of here, felt like he was losing his shit. She wished she was where he was, she wished she could shift back and check in.

Uttering a soft whine again, it shuddered into a bark, and she made her way towards the other sounds.

So this shift was taking a long time and it was hard not to be a bit annoyed. The wolf that had been always so eager to come out was shy now and it was really weird. From the looks of it, others were having the same problem. They were just standing around naked, with your group like you do. But, eventually it would come after she’d resorted to going ahead and putting back on her clothes because maybe it just wouldn’t happen at all tonight. Wrong.

Once the shift started it felt as it usually did until things grew and stretched and shrunk where they usually never did. The wolf didn’t even notice it as much, much more delighted with finally being free and leaping forward. Lifting her muzzle up for a howl, her throat caught and a cackle escaped instead. Put off, ears lowered and the wolfyena coughed to clear its throat. Maybe that’d be better. Shaking fur out, a howl echoed around that was unfamiliar and answering was a weird call. Hmm, who was that?

Off to investigate to figure out who was out there, she snuffled the ground, trying to catch a smell and trotted off on the trail for a while. But wait, that was weird, her paws were fat and loping was up and shortened. After a while, the spotted hyena ran at full force only to trip over paws and land on its back, rolling to the side. Looking at her paws, Natalie tried to piece together what was going on as the wolf processed it as maybe an off day. Those weren’t normal wolf paws dangling in front of her off colored muzzle. Wrong, it was wrong, wrong, wrong, eyehehe. The spotted hyena let out a cry to the howl, to the noise it couldn’t place, and to its packmates it'd left behind. What was going on?!?

 What the fuck was a good sentiment for this.

 Dante had felt puzzled and frustrated and did I mention puzzled! All day, and more so now that he was no wolf nearly the size of a horse, but a cat! A cat that could probably eat a small dog whole, still, but a cat nonetheless. He felt strange and graceless in this small, pudgy body, threatened by the world around him. What was this?

 Dante all but tumbled out of the brush he'd fallen into in his perplexing shift of shrinking. He could hear a cacophony of sounds that hardly harmonized - howling, chirping, eerily human-like cackling. He called out, too - though it was no howl, but a long, low roooowl of discontent.

 He'd emerge to the sight of a familiar being - a lanky white wolf, but not one he knew so readily. She could have been Alina, if not for the eyes and the sense of connection. Had he lost that, too? The wolf-turned-feline would crouch down in the grass, staring uncertainly at the animal he should be more akin to. What if she tried to eat him?

Before she could even reach the other, something else tumbled out to her, and she glanced back at it.

It was a kitten. A very small (compared to her), very pudgy, very adorable kitten? But it was a were, that much she could sense. Everything about him was unfamiliar, she paused and turned on her lanky unsettling legs. The jaguar in her wanted to grunt and roo softly. It left her as some sort of canine whine.

Feeling stupidly maternal despite whatever form she had taken, she lowered to her stomach, head low, and let out an airy little "boof." Her tail twitched at the tip like a cat's should have, but it was in the interest of wanting to grab the kitten and groom him very roughly. Because that was how jaguar affection worked.

It felt like it would soothe the panic in her. Maybe soothe some of Abraham's too.

He was here, because this was apparently how they dealt with this now. It was better than the sheer panic and terror at losing total control that he was used to when the moon grew full. Eric wasn't exactly "in the know" about the full moon's effect on his kind. He just more or less assumed, with experience, that every full moon his wolf would go batshit for...reasons. Maybe Alina had a better answer than that, and he could ask her when this was all said and done.

He was nervous about all of this. So many shifting at once, was this really a good idea? Would they fight? Or was this just...a friendly meeting?

It didn't take long. But, something was going wrong. Eric was used to growing larger when he shifted.

He was shrinking.

That hurt. It was a new pain. Bones rearranging in different ways than before. Eric was not encouraged by the strange sense of uneasiness that came from his wolf, either. He fought his urge to resist it and just let it happen, crying out into the dirt. He did not like this sensation.

The wolf was not a fan either. As it finally stood, gazing down at meager paws. He growled, but it sounded...cute. He barked in protest and alarm, but instead of the throaty roar he was used to hearing, all that fell from his jaws was a loud 'yip'.

Confused and embarrassed, he turned to find a familiar scent. Dante was around, but...he was very small. And not a wolf.

What the absolute shit?

He scrambled around, ears laid back anxiously. They felt heavier than normal. He eventually found a pool of water and yelped at the sight. He was wolf-ish. But he was scrawny, wiry, and boasted comically large ears. If he could speak, he would have been ranting by now, but all the pitiful coyote could do was whine and growl at its hilarious reflection. The wolf was insulted that such a form had replaced his powerful body. Eric was nothing short of alarmed.


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