Kwik Trip 
On Friday the 13th :3

Safiya was here for batteries. She didn't like going inside gas stations because they always kind of reeked, but she needed them so she went inside after she finished filling her car up. It was midnight, so it was pretty much a wasteland in here, which was something she was used to in places like this. It would be a quick trip, in and out. Get it? Heh.

So there she was, standing in front of the tiny space allocated to batteries near the back of the store. She had a pack in hand. She was about to step toward the register. And then. Whap. The sound of the pack of batteries hitting the floor. Because her hands suddenly were wings, and the rest of her body was suddenly very tiny and very fuzzy because she was suddenly very much a bat. What. She plummeted toward the ground, and only managed to catch her fall with a single beat of her wings before she plopped down next to the dropped pack of batteries.



Layne was not happy, which while not entirely new for the scrawny man, was some what understandable in this current case. Forced to take a shift of one of the few night crew members of the IT department, Layne had then found himself pushed to make a sort of house call. One of their vendors leaving three complain calls on a computer that was 'too slow' and that needed fixing 'immediately'. None of the four men had wanted to go, and with Layne being a new participant of their team, the other three had made him go instead.

The fix, luckily, had only taken about thirty minutes, but going back to those three assholes was less than ideal. Deciding to take his time in returning, and pick himself up some coffee. Unfortunately, most establishments were closed at this hour, and having little trust for the workers of a fast food joint to make him a good cup of joe, he settled for the gas station.

It wasn't the best place in the world, but at least this way he would be able to have complete control over what went into his coffee, and there would be little need for him to worry. After spending several minutes wiping down the filthy counter, Layne would begin filling his cup and carefully placing exactly three small cups of creamer, and two packs of sugar into the warm liquid. Once he was content that the substances had been adequately mixed, he would then make his way to the front. It was as he was walking that he witnessed a dark haired woman suddenly be replaced by a fuzzy rat with wings, Layne coming to a stop so quick that the coffee spilt onto his hand, causing him to just drop the cup fully onto the ground.

"What in the hell did I do now." He grumbled, eyes remaining glued onto the bat.


What was happening? Why was she a bat?? She tried to shift back immediately, expecting to end up on her hands and knees in confusion. But. No. She. Was still a fucking bat on a dirty gas station floor, and there was the sudden sound of something behind her falling, then a splash of hot liquid smacking her in the fuzzy little back. She peeped out a bat sound, peering up at the man that stared down at her and asked what he should do know. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!

"Uhhhh." She said. "Did you... see." Fuck. Were there cameras here? Did the cameras see?

And now it was fucking talking to him.

Laynes lip would curl in disgust at the terrible power he seemed to have just developed out of no where again. Glaring down at the bat as it flapped its tiny jaws and produced words that it most definitely shouldn't have been able to develop. There was an urge to just sort of squish it under his shoe, but he was no psychopath and the thing had once been a human girl, and so instead he shook his head. "Didn't see a thing." He grumbled, turning on his heels to make his way back towards the napkins so that he could start dabbing at where the coffee had struck his pants in the fall.

Okay, it might have been good in any other situation if someone was willing to look the other way. But, like. She was a bat and she was apparently stuck??? Which was super fucking bad. Like, what if she was stuck forever??? She needed to get out and get to Lavender Heights and find someone to help her. But she couldn't. Open. Doors. Because she had wings

"Hey! Wait." She called after the man, moving to hop along the ground after him.

He could hear the creature calling for him, but Layne would continue on as if he hadn't heard a thing. He wanted nothing more to do with this creature, and while there was some guilt for being the cause of her change, he did not want to risk himself developing this new power any further. She would just have to live her life as a bat, and except things as they were, just as he had to do with every power that he had gotten. Grabbing at the napkins, he would bend to dab at the stain forming on his pant leg, doing his damned best to keep his eyes trained there and not on the approaching fuzz.

Excuse him.

"Dude." She said, and would... flappa flap up from the tile with a little hop, catching enough air to flutter up toward him. She'd land on his back, in the middle where he couldn't reach with his hand if he wanted to swat her. "Just carry me to the door, please!" She said, hooking her thumbs in his sweater.

What in the actual fuck?

Laynes eyes would widen as he felt the small creature make its way onto his back, dropping the napkin with a start, and completely forgetting about the mess on his pant leg in favor of reaching for the animal. Unfortunately, his fingers only grazed its body, his gloves saving him from actually having to touch the disgusting rat that was demanding he take it to the door. He would struggle to reach for her for just a few more moments, before just dropping his arms to his sides with an irritated sigh.

"Why should I do that? It's not my responsibility to look after you." He huffed, eyes searching for the store attendee that had seemed to just disappear out of thin air.

Whatthefuckwhywashewearinggloveswhatthefuuuuck. She peeped in protest, and clambered further down his back, away from his fucking creepy murderer gloves??? "Just open the fucking door and I'll be out of your hair!" She said. The longer he protested the longer he had to deal with her???

Layne would heave yet another sigh, gaze moving between the exit and the puddle of spilt coffee on the floor before him. The bats request was simple enough, and one that Layne would typically be more than happy to oblige. There was one simple problem though, he no longer had coffee. The attendee seemed to be gone for the moment, and this was his prime chance to get a free drink.

Honestly, why should he have to pay for this slop anyways?

Turning, Layne would toss the dirty napkin into the trash, disregarding the tugging sensation of wings on his back. "Not until I have gotten my coffee." He answered, already moving towards the back counter.

Ughhhh what an asshole. Why was he... he could be done with this by now. And why. Why. Why did he have on gloves. This was the worst. "Fine." She had no other options, as she only had wings and weighed as much as a tampon did. :(.

She agreed to his terms, which was to be expected given that she had very little choice in the matter. Once at the counter, he would begin his routine of cleaning off the counter once more, before pulling out the stack and picking from the middle. It didn't take him too long to fill his cup, adding both the required sugar and creamer. "You seem to be taking this all fairly well." He hummed once his steaming cup of joe was ready, pushing the lid into place.

This was taking forever. Her little bat eyes rolled in her little bat head, and she clung to him with her little bat thumbs and waited. Eventually, he was done, and speaking to her. Oh. Right. This was all pretty suspicious. But, like, he seemed totally chill with it, too? What normal psychic was used to seeing girls turn into bats? "I mean, you do, too. Do you see people turn into animals often?" Deflection!

The bat didn't answer his question was more than just a little annoying. Lips tightening, Layne had half the mind to ignore her all together, but was feeling a bit more generous than usual, opting to amuse the creature instead. "You would be the first for me." He informed her, making his way back towards the front of the store. "I don't believe this could be considered a common occurrence for anyone."

Then he was just unreasonably chill. They were moving now, so she held on tighter. "Well, then we should just get this over with as quickly as we can, and forget it happened." She wanted to try and wipe his mind of it, but she was already pushing her luck. He totally wouldn't look her in the eye.

Layne was just about to that very thing when his hand paused on the handle of the door, brows furrowing slightly. He still hadn't gotten the answer to his question, and he had even been kind enough to answer her question despite that. It might of been strange how he was calm about this whole ordeal, but even stranger that this woman was so unaffected by it.

Changing from a human to a flying bat was more than just life changing, and the fact she had not whined or cried about it at all was suspicious. Women were known for their tears during tough times, their hormones causing them to become erratic and unstable. Displaying attitudes that this women was no longer sharing, and while she might of been in a different body, she certainly held the same mind. "Answer my question." He called, fingers tightening on the handle. "Why are you calm?"

Wait, he was leaving without paying. She was fine to keep quiet about that and let him steal, but then he fucking stopped just as they reached the door, and asked again. Uh. Uhhh. "You haven't paid for that." She said.

Teeth clenching, Layne rolled his eyes as he retracted his hand from the door handle in favor of reaching around in an attempt to grab at the bat on his back. Unfortunately, she was in the worlds most convenient place, and his fingertips only grazed her. Glaring at his reflection in the door, Layne dropped his hand back to his side. "And who do you expect to check me out?" He growled flinging his head back towards the counter. "There's no one there you fucking fool."

There was an urge to just open the door and be done with this whole ordeal, but giving the girl what she wanted was just as irritating to him. "Now answer my question, or so help me God, I will not open this door."

This was officially the world's worst person. She peeped out in exasperation as his fingers touched her. Creepy glove fingers. What the fuck did he want to know so badly for?? "Okay! Okay! Dude, jeez. I do this sometimes. It's normal, but I'm stuck like this." Fuck, dude.

There would be immediate relief as his question was answered with honesty, the sickening feeling of someone's lies not even quivering in his stomach. "Okay." He breathed, voice quivering just a bit from his episode. "Good."

There was also some relief that this wasnt his doing at all, and it turned out that this woman had a similar curse as he did. Stupidly, she must of over used it, and now she was forever stuck as a bat. Served her right honestly, for not taking the curse seriously enough, and going around without a care.

Content with this new knowledge Layne would push open the door, wanting nothing more to do with this curse holder.

Good. What a dick.

The door was open, and she wouldn't stick around. Up and out, into the night sky. What a weird fucking night.

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