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Restaurant Row 
Friday nights were hardly desolate in Restaurant Row. Especially on a Friday the 13th, there was a certain kind of liveliness, some spark to be out and about on a day that dared to be unlucky.

Ben knew all about unluckiness. But tonight, under the light of the full moon, Ben was not as unlucky as usual. Ben had tucked away into an alley to whine and whimper and crinkle and crunch and change into a rat.

But that did not happen.

Hair exploded from every pore and Ben's body grew stocky, strange. It was two minutes of screaming and grunting before something different than normal was born, but with all the same feelings of hunger and desperation as every other time in the world this had happened.

Ben exploded from between the buildings into the main street to a greeting of surprised shrieks from passerbys. At over one hundred pounds, Ben did not need to fear stomping feet or sharp kicks.

Instead, it was a rare time for the world to fear Ben, who lumbered flat-footedly with snorts and snarls, hungry, in public, and with a new kind of power never offered to an unlucky, small, gentle, woolly rat.

There was little stopping Ben, in mind or in body, from lunging toward the nearest human. The hunger would inspire this action with abandon.

outfit and sounds :3


Yue had been more short tempered lately. She didn't normally get mad about small things like forgetting to buy food for the night. But tonight was different. She had almost slammed the fridge close in anger. But some deep breathing and a promotional pamphlet later and she decided that going out to eat could be afforded now that she was going to be starting a new job.

The promotion offer lead her to Belle Vista and restaurant row. There was something kind of weird about the place but she figured it she just don't know the area very well.

She had been walking along one of the streets when it happened. A sharp and unnecessary pain ripped up her back. Her first thought was 'oh fuck is it cramps?' followed by a moment of panic when the pain continued to stap. It got so bad that she half stumbled half fell into a nearby wall. Fell because at that point her foot decided it didn't want to be a foot anymore and snapped out of place.

One agonizing eternity later and a woolly rat would emerge from a the red sweater that Yue had been wearing.

The world was big, and smelled of so many things. A small black nose would twitch sniffing out for some food. But something else caught it's interest. With a anxious twitch the rat would dart forward. Keeping it's side pressed into the strong safe stone of the wall it would scamper along looking for that thing that smelled familiar.

It took a few minutes on such small legs and the second of distraction that a candy wrapper gave. The smell would leader her to a big open area full of large things that smelled. The rat did not want to go out among the feet and sat crouched against the wall, beady eyes darting around.

She heard the noises of a beast and smelt the scent of her own kind.

Ben was not in a place to notice the subtleties of another rat coming into the world.

Ben was throwing teeth and claws at a passerby, managing mostly through the power of were-speed to grab a leg in strong jaws and begin to thrash it. Strong legs and a sturdy neck helped, and guttural sounds escaped from Ben's throat as the monster worked to drag its prey to the ground.

It wasn't difficult, not for someone so strong and full of teeth and claws as This Ben. Reeling backwards, Ben pulled, trying to carry the woman out of the current of panicked strangers all around them.

The screams and panic were almost to much for small rat ears. She hunched back against the wall shaking like a leaf.

But the smell of another one of her was to much to leave be.

So even though there were many scary large things in the way she would attempt to dart between legs towards the high pitched screams and grow-like noises.

She would get close enough for a glimpse. A look at something that was not rat, but was rat.

No small feet, no whip tail. Angry big beastie. Smell like rat. Was rat, not rat.

It was confusing, she didn't like it. Why was the rat not what he was suppose to be?

Anger allowed for more bravery and she hurried out from between feet to whine her confusion at the great beast.

Ben was hard at work, dragging and pulling and jerking at the leg held in strong teeth. A few kicks in the face did not deter. Scuffs and bruises would heal fast.

Ben was scuttling up the body, driven by animal instinct to the neck, when some sense did send ears twitching. A someone! A something! Screams and panic beneath Ben's strong furry body would go quiet with a few chews, and this was enough to allow for attention to be paid elsewhere.

Good sniffs. Familiar sniffs. Ben licked his chops, spotting something all too familiar. Soft, small, woolly, delicate. Easy to eat, if Ben wanted to eat.

But even like this, Ben knew better. After a few moments of intense staring, stubby legs backed off the corpse, an invitation to share.

The beast, rat thing gave some big bites to the thing screaming beneath it. Screams ended quickly and the scent of blood filled the air. Food? She was hungry, very hungry. Button nose twitched along with her whiskers.

Beast looked, stared at small Yue rat. She stood hunched eyes staring back at the confusing beast.

It backed up giving her access to meal. Sharing?

Hesitant steps would lead her up to the body. She sniffed her face closer eyes watching Beast to see how he would react.

Wanted food, need food.

Ben gave a little grunt, gave a little grumble, but they weren't sounds intended to terrify.

There was terror all around. Screaming, pointing. But Ben only knew what was near: this food, and a rat.

Strong mouth started on the guts, looking for soft organ meat but needing to tear through clothing first. That would be consumed, too, and Ben's eyes stayed on the rat, interested but unthreatening. They could finish this together, some rare urge within Ben's animal brain encouraging whatever a monster's equivalent of kindness was.

Flesh, bone, stringy, tough. It was all the same, food to be devoured quickly and with focused intent.

Beast gave a grunt and some grumbles. Not mad. Sharing food. Fresh meat.

She was very hungry. Candy wrappers did not help the gnawing in her stomach, not the way this screaming meat would. Opening up her small mouth she would bite down with teeth intent on ripping, shearing, anything to get at the food.

Little pieces of flesh would be pulled away and she would clutch at it with both paws and chew furiously.

So very hungry.

It was very, very soothing.

Ben was not hungry. Ben was not small and afraid. Ben had company.

The eating would continue, a crowd forming and dispersing and forming and dispersing, fresh waves of terror. Eventually, there would be a flashing of red and blue, the sound of a siren that brought Ben's attention up from their meal.

Stillness, then a human recognition. Run. Go.

And Ben would turn to hurry along the streets, trusting the rat to follow on smaller, but still quick legs.

Bite, tear, chew, repeat. She filled her belly this way on the meat of the screaming thing. More of the large things surrounded them and there was noise. Much noise. But it did not matter, she was here with the Beast. No longer hungry. Her back would occasionally hunch at a loud noise, and did just that at the sound of sirens.

Loud bad sound. It hurt her ears. Beastie abandoned the meat. Meat bad? Noise bad. She did not like noise. And feeling full she didn't hesitate to scamper after the bigger non-rat rat.

Little feet running across the ground as fast as legs would carry her.

It was a race, running away from what Ben knew to be consequences. Between buildings, down streets, until a large van offered enough space to huddle beneath that Ben could find safety.

Shuffling down, settled against damp pavement, Ben began to groom, cleaning blood from fur and then, if the rat joined, seeking to gnaw and lap and comb teeth through her fur as well.

Automatic, brainless, animal activity, the sound of sirens far off and wasted.

Sebastian had warned her about going out tonight-he'd insisted that Friday thr 13th was unlucky, that she would run into trouble, that things would surely spiral into Doom and Dispair and all manner of awful things.
But that was what her brother said about nearly every Friday night.

Vivienne liked to run in urban areas; it gave her something interesting to look at, and dodging walkers added a challenge to the break-neck pace she ran at.
She'd always enjoyed a challange.
Headphones in, music blasting- she didn't pay much mind to the police cars blocking off a street and didn't hear the chatter of the bystanders; although she did catch the genuine fear in their eyes.

Oh well, she could handle anything lurking in these back streets.
Confident in her own abilities-not to mention the gun and knife hidden on her person, she ducked down a side street to continue her run.

She would follow the Beastie under a smelly large metal thing. Her whole body quivering in fright at the bad loud noise and the flight. Under metal was safe. The large screaming things were no longer in sight and she could not smell them. It was just her and the Beastie.

Long sticky tongue ran through her fur and left it sticking at odd angles. She would stare at Beastie for a moment before nudging her nose at him.

Cleaning, instincts told her. And so she would move small teeth through his fur to help.

Ben was comfortable. Ben was so, so, so rarely comfortable. Grooming, being groomed. Full enough.

But there was always more food that could be stored, and safety was always shortlived. As the sound of footsteps drew nearer, Ben's focused shifted, black dark eyes spotting feet traveling nearer and nearer their van.

The woolyverine waited, gaze on the approaching prize. If it turned, went some other way, no harm would be done.

If it came closer. Closer enough. Closer still.

A strike of some kind was all but guaranteed.

She turned down a little side street where a van was parked, white sneakers practically a blur against the cement street.

Although her earplugs were still in, Vivienne had turned off the music; something wasn't quite right, and the warning her brother had given her played on repeat in the back of her mind. Reckless, she was being reckless. She could almost hear him scolding her.

But maybe Vivienne wanted to be reckless. Casually, she let the handle of the thin bladed knife hidden up her sleeve fall into her palm, and felt the reassuring weight of the pistol holstered at the small of her back.

Bring it on, Friday the 13th.

She ran teeth and little paws though the tough fur determind to get tasty blood out. Smooth, fur need to be smooth. Her own wooly fur had been smothered by large tongue and she would attempt the same. nuzzling her butten nose and face into Beastie.

Tiny ears would twitch at the sound of footfalls. Large screaming things coming. Her back hunched. Screaming things made bad noise and were so very big.

Beady eyes would dart around looking for screaming meat. Small wooly body would tremble and press against the friendly non-rat rat.

Ben felt the trembling. Ben felt the fear. But Ben felt powerful.

As something continued to draw near, the only option was obvious.

In an instant, the monster charged from beneath the van to give a snap of warning, black dark eyes squinted with the snarl. Ben sought to grab a leg but would miss, teeth clapping audibly and emptily as he prepared for a second strike.


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