Pilot's license

Lavender Heights 
midnight, Friday the 13th

Beauregard was, mercifully, at a red light when it happened.

Fingers drumming on the steering wheel, the engine thrumming, a quiet favorite from a late night jazz program humming through the radio.

There was no one ahead of him, and the light seemed to be as a result of timing, not traffic. Or perhaps it was simply the universe offering him one gram of kindness for the moment that would follow.

It was very jarring to suddenly be so low on the car seat that all he could see was beneath the steering wheel. He could watch the brake pedal release, feel the car begin to roll forward at a slow pace. All of this was so abrupt and confusing that it took him several seconds to realize he'd shifted into a bird like some kind of goddamn fool.

But as he attempted to shift back, absolutely nothing occurred. Instead, feeling the car still rolling at a few miles per hour forward, he gave a panicked squawk of alarm.

Anyone near enough to see within the car would find an empty but buckled seatbelt and a bird flapping wildly at the passenger window, yelping out all sorts of panicked phrases muffled by the glass.

 Everyone had to fucking do it at some point. Even detectives were not exempt from getting the occasional graveyard patrol. He was in his usual black button down and dress pants, jacket taken off and tossed on the passenger seat. It was a Friday the 13th, calls were being sent out like wildfire, hence the extra hands on deck in the department. If you weren't on patrol, you were on call.

 He was nearing an intersection that had him geared for a green light and was cruising a rebellious two over the speed limit. The clock hit midnight and as if a switch had been flicked his head exploded with pain. It was like every single experience of being lied to in the last year came rushing back to him. His hands began to chill as his breath became visible. Ice lanced over the windshield and blocked his view as his hands froze to the steering wheel. Between the blocked windshield, frozen hands, and searing pain in his head, he didn't notice the stopped car at the intersection begin to roll forward.

 The impact was enough to send him forward into his seat belt, then slam him backwards against the seat as the airbag exploded. He hadn't been going fast, but a T-bone was a T-bone. He struck the other vehicle against the front wheel on the passenger side with enough force to turn both cars, and push them nearly onto the sidewalk. Fiberglass, metal and god knows what fluids littered the road as the hissing of steam escaped the crumbled hood of he car. Tobias faded for a moment, ears ringing and eyes unfocused as he tried to piece together what had just happened. With the explosion of the airbag, his hands had come dislodged from the wheel thankfully, but they still radiated negative temperatures. Struggling in his tight seat belt he managed to hit the release with his elbow, blinking a small amount of blood out of his right eye where it dripped from a split eyebrow.

 Scared to touch anything with his hands, else he freeze to it again, he rotated in his seat, groaning at the aches that were already developing, and kicked open his bent door. The detective scooted out of the seat, and once out of the car, approached the other wrecked vehicle... to find the drivers seat empty, still buckled. The hell? Quickly he straightened and began looking around, in case the driver had been flung in the crash. The windshield was still intact though... how hard had he hit his head?

Beauregard saw every second of what would follow. It was a slow, inevitable thing, his wings beating madly against the glass as if he might flutter enough air to stop the collision.

He couldn't, of course. No amount of swearing or begging or beady-eyed panic was enough. It was not a ferociously powerful crash, but it was enough to abruptly shift the car around him to a degree that left his little feathered frame slapping up against the windshield.

It was a jarring strike, the fate of many a bird to crash into glass. The airbags crumpled against the steering wheel, and it was a miracle he hadn't been in front of them.

Surely, very easily, they could snap a little bird's neck.

He could hear the approach of someone, wings flapping frantically, and truly was uncertain as to whether to hide or call for help. The world trembled and vibrated, the lovely result of some likely healing concussion.

In the end, he would land on the driver's side door, jabbing his beak at what he thought was the button to roll down the window, but in his daze was instead the unlock button.

Likely the man nearby would hear the repeated, stupid unlocking of the car door.

 Fuck it hurt. He lifted his hand without thinking and touched his bleeding brow. Cold lanced through his head like the worst brain freeze imaginable... and he stopped bleeding? The cut quite literally froze, stopping the blood flow. Straightening he looked at his hand. That was new... painful, and useful. The rapid unlocking of the car before him was curious considering he saw nobody inside. Was someone hitting their key fob for help? He glanced around and again, saw nobody.

 Perhaps they had been tossed inside the car? He grabbed the door handle, immediately regretting the action as his powers caused ice to crackle over the surface, jamming the mechanisms. "Son of a bitch... what is going on?" He'd never had such little control over his abilities... it was like they were stuck on! Even when they first developed, he was more likely to get a false start than a constant green light. His breath was visible in the air as he paused, contemplating his next move as ice patterns clouded over the window of the door he touched. He should call for help, after all, if someone was hurt he couldn't even touch them to assist; but then again, how was he going to call for help if he can't touch anything?

Something utterly bizarre was going on. Beauregard was not a man (or bird) affected by cold, but he could see ice and hear it creak into the locks and fragile bits of the door, creeping up the window.

Was this... whoever it was trying to lock him in the vehicle?

Beady eyes blinked, and he stared down at the door, realizing he'd been pressing the unlock button like a damned winged fool. With great effort (it helped that he was hardly needing to concentrate on being in bird form; he was quite stuck), Beauregard pushed outward a ward of negation, though the pain was instant. He was successful, but it was unlikely to last. Why was it so much quicker to strike him with agony than usual?

This was his vehicle. His goddamn damaged, frozen, still running vehicle. There was not a chance on earth that he could remove the keys. Jazz played mockingly, and he felt very much as though he were in some kind of nightmare. Furious and desperate not to be trapped here, he jammed his little beak against the button to roll down the window. It creaked, managed perhaps an inch or two before he heard the motor within buzzing uselessly.

"Open the door!" he barked out, tapping his beak madly against the button but hearing the window only uselessly stay frozen mostly closed.

 Cursing himself inwardly he was contemplating his next move when suddenly-

 Blissful emptiness flowed over him. The pain in his head, discomfort in his body, cold running through his veins... it all stopped. Whatever metaphysical freak out had washed over him had passed, or so he thought. The window cracked down an inch, causing him to jump in surprise as a voice rang out through the background jazz to open the door. Startled, he jumped into action, pulling the door handle. Of course, the damn door was frozen, but with a lot of brute force and a number of tugs it creaked loose and swung open.

 A bird. There was a damn bird. How hard did he hit is head?

Beauregard was, of course, left with a few options as the door miraculously swung open. They were staring at one another, obviously in similar disbelief, as the sound of ice cracked in markedly warmer air somewhere within the door frame.

Being a bird, now flapped back to stand on a vehicle seat, his eye level was roughly around... crotch level, perhaps, with the man in front of him. He did not need exceptionally keen eyesight to put a few things together.

A holstered weapon. A badge. Beauregard, the errant avian driver, had not only allowed his car to crash into another car. He had allowed it to crash into a policeman's car. The dread was unholy, and he realized in this moment also that he could feel the alarm of many other clutch members. Perhaps... nearly every single one.

There was a choice, here. Try to suggest this man into forgetting it all, or parking his car somewhere safe. Or both.

Or... being nothing but a bird, abandoning his car, and accepting he would likely receive some very problematic police correspondence in the near future.

Head pounding, he made his choice, and the bird sought to abruptly take wing in maddened flaps, hoping the man wouldn't attempt to capture him. Perhaps once he reached a rooftop, he could peer down, watch what happened next, but the very top priority in all of this was to simply get away first. (If he did escape, the man would likely feel his powers return once the bird cleared some ten or so feet away.)

What a goddamn disaster.

 There was nobody in the car except for the bird. Could... were there... avian shifters? Was that a thing? God this would be such a strange report. The suspect took wing, literally, and in his general dazed shock Tobais didn't think to put his expert bird catching skills (hah, right..) to use. The bird flew into the night, leaving Tobias alone with two wrecked cars, no answers, and a headache.

 It was only a few moments when the headache worsened as his powers returned with a vengeance. Dammit. He quickly returned to his car and grabbed a pen from a cup holder before using it to punch the radio. He likely only had a few seconds before the ice traveled down the pen to the machinery. Quickly he called in the crash, and as he suspected the radio fizzed out as ice encompassed it.

 Unsure if his message was received or if anyone was going to come he popped the trunk, nearly getting stuck to the car as flipped the switch. Moving as fast as he could and pulling his fingers off of the items in the trunk like wet skin on a cold metal pole, he removed a number of reflective cones and threw them on the ground, kicking them about until they were in visible spots to keep people away from the wreckage if they happened to drive through the area at half passed midnight. Now, he sat down with his back against the car to wait, only to feel the ice creep over the surface of the vehicle, adhering him to the siding.

 "Well fuck."

He managed to get as far as a rooftop, and truly, he'd done a wonderful job smacking his head into somewhere on the car when it had crashed. How did a tiny bird, with so much space, still manage to be concussed in a low speed car accident?

The policeman did dutiful work. Beauregard felt a tinge of...

Not quite guilt. But this was an accident, in the truest sense, and something was obviously awry with this man as well. It could be possible to help, perhaps, by flying down, negating the man again. Assist him in getting himself to somewhere that the world would not freeze itself to his body.

The reality, however, was that Beauregard was at his most vulnerable, and in a greater sense than he could ever recall, his clutch was in some variety of confusion, if not distress.

"Good luck," he murmured very softly, then took to the wing to flee. His damaged car felt very much like a blow to him personally. Such a dreadful, dreadful night.

 Generally speaking, Tobias didn't get cold. Not since his cryokinesis took over his life. Now? Now he was positively freezing. It was if his very blood was freezing over. His skin was frosty, his mucus membranes feeling like he'd walked through a blizzard or ran through a butchers freezer naked after the shower. He shivered, as much as he could adhered to the vehicle by his back. At first it was a strange happenstance, something odd going on with his powers that he hoped would end for the sake of ending an annoyance...

 Now he was starting to worry that the next person to come across him would find a frozen corpse. Fuck, fuck. Would someone make it to him? Killed by his own power or saved by someone else's? How on earth could someone combat this? He could only think of his partner with his flame. As much as the kid drove him up the wall, right now that was the face he wanted to see most.

 Not knowing if anyone even received his call was nearly as bad as freezing to death due to your own body.

Leon pursed his lips his fingers clenched tight around the steering wheel of his Bugatti, pointedly ignoring the speed limit as he all but swirved around corners. The night had already been hell. As if drinking wasn't enough to make people act like le crétins there was a whole host of other problems. Such as the woman currently being devoured in Belle Vista.

The radio had been going none stop and Leon had been about to head over to another trouble area when he heard Tobias, his lovely partner's voice call in a crash. Never one to miss the opertunity to help his camarade Leon was all for breaking many traffic laws to get to where the crash had taken place.

He was rather pleased that it only took ten minutes, and only running five red lights.

The scene was as one would expect, glass strewn over the road. Two cars interlocked and the airbags still deflating out the windows. Except Leon hadn't expected one of the cars to be Tobias's police cruiser. Or for his partner to be siting against the car looking like he wanted to become one with the metal if the ice was anything to go by.

It was definettly going to be a night.

Keeping his lights flashing Leon pulled up next to one of the cones and hopped out not bothering to turn the car off.

"Tobias. What happened here?"

He called out while striding towards the man.

 He had to be imagining it, right? The purr of his partners ostentatious vehicle. Of course Leon had been the first to show, though only moments before he'd been hoping he would, now Tobias was irritated by his arrival out of sheer stubbornness. He would have made a snide comeback had his teeth not been chattering so loud he risked biting his tongue. He glanced up with tired eyes as Leon approached, unable to move his head for it had too become one with the frozen metal and fiberglass behind him.

 "F-f-fire," was all he could manage as he felt another power surge come from within him, spreading the ice further around the car and attaching the backs of his legs to the pavement beneath him. "Ice, ice f-fucked." Words right now, were not his strong suit.

Having working eyes Leon could quiet easily see that there was something amiss with his lovely partner's powers. His brows furrowed a little but he didn't hesitate to kneel down beside Tobias.

Heat hissed through his veins easily and he sucked in a breath of the cold air before placing his hands against Tobias's cheeks letting the heat flow out through his finger tips.

"This is quiet a predicument. Did something happen? Another psychic maybe?"

He didn't know if there were people who could amplify abilities or not, but he couldn't think of another reason on why Tobias's ice had decided to meld him to the ground.

It didn't seem like a great time to be flirting, and for once in his life Leon resisted the urge to make a flirtacious comment.

"I'm going to move my hands down your body alright."

He looked at Tobias's eyes seriously. This wasn't a joke or him trying to get into the other's pants.


 His partner crouched before him, getting uncomfortably close. Had he the ability to lean away, he would. Nothing against him as a person; well... a little bit perhaps. Tobias just wasn't one to let people physically or emotionally close. Leon reached out, placing his hands against the detectives face. It was hot, so very hot- likely not much hotter than a mitten warmer, but compared to the man's icy flesh, it was like a hot poker. He hissed through clenched teeth as the ice receded. Slowly the heat became less overwhelming.

 Still not able to speak without clattering teeth, he simply nodded, not even noticing the potential innuendo.

 As he began warming, he managed to get some words out between clattering teeth, "S-something's wrong with my p-powers."

"Yes I did notice. You're icy personality decided to physcially manifest it seems."

He said it with some humor. Freaking out would just make things worse so he tried to keep his tone light. And he figured it might help calm Tobias down.

While he spoke he slowly moved his hands down the other's body. Focusing specifically on the areas where the ice was growing. If the touching was a little to personal oh well, there wasn't much he could do about it and it was better then letting his partner become a statue.

"Why don't you tell me what happened hmm? We can go over the facts and see if there is a reason to be found."

They were going to have to document the whole thing anyways. Along with all the other weird stuff that was going on.

"This whole town is quiet a mess tonight,"

 For once, the physical touch was becoming welcome as warmth washed over him. So long as the Frenchman didn't light him ablaze, he could maintain contact. He could feel his powers push against the heat, a flux of power rippling uncontrollably over his flesh. He clenched his teeth, trying his hardest to keep it from spreading to Leon.

 A snort escaped him at the comment, the humor not lost to him. "I was approaching the intersection, and this car rolled out into the middle when I had a red light-" His eyes widened for a moment as the pain in his head doubled down again, his power uncontrollably surging. Unable to raise his arms yet to push Leon away, he felt the ice lance out towards the contact points between him and his partner.

Hit! D:


Oh merde. He felt the cold first, but didn't think much off it as Tobias's body was nothing but freezing. And then the ice decided to completely cover his hands sucking all the heat out instantaneous. Leaving him stuck kneeling before his partner with his hands all but molded to the other's chest.

"Oh dear."

He mumbled trying to focus on the heat inside of himself. It sputtered and he tried to push it back out through his hands but to no avail, it seemed to not want to work.

"Well this is a bit of problem mon ami glacé."

A smile curved over his lips as he glanced back up at Tobias's face.

"I promise I wasn't flirting."

There was a bit of humor to be found, but the situation certainly wasn't great. He could attempt again to free his hands but if that didn't work then they were both likely to end up as ice cubes. They would have to figure out why Tobias's powers were acting up and fast, or at least think of another way to heat up the area. His eyes wandered over to the cars.

"How attached are you to your cruiser?"



I am so, so, SO sorry

 The cold was beating the heat, creeping over his body once more, refreezing what had already once been defrosted. His shoulders had been released from the cruiser, but now they were sealing themselves back to the surface, along with the back of his head. Fuck. Tendrils of moisture and ice crept up his face like vines, his eyes swirling dark blue with unchecked power.

 Ice snuffed out Leon's warmth like a strong wind to a candle. It began creeping over his partners hands and up his forearms. While this was not a very good situation, at least Leon had the brains not to throw any lies in there too. Tobias didn't feel any ill in his words, thankfully keeping his growing migraine at a manageable level. "M-my whole back is stuck. L-legs stuck to ground too." A plume of steam exited his mouth with his words as his cold breath met the September air.

 Another surge of power left him, making his eyes roll in his head as ice pushed towards Leon, as if hunting out his warmth.



This was not good. Not good at all. Ice began crawling up his arms and the further it got the heat inside of him sputtered out leaving only a cold chill behind that was only amplified by Tobias's powers.

"Tobias come one stay with me."

His teeth were chattering like mad and he instictially leaned forward towards his partner his chilled breath creating clouds. For one last time he tried to bring back the flames but they flickered for the breifest of moments on his fingers before sputtering out.


He needed to calm down and think. Not any easy thing as his muscles were starting to freeze up. If he was lucky he would only end up with a case of hypothermia. Attacking the ice itself seemed to only antagonize it. In that case.

Giving said Ice a good solid glare he closed his eyes to focus instead on the air around them. He figured Tobias could life with the air getting to sauna levels of heat.

 He'd been in such a state of panic, his adrenaline had carried him through the first stages of power drain. Now as the power surged out of him, feasting on the heat generated by Leon, the flickering ember of energy within Tobias began to fade out.

 Leon's words were spoken at the end of a long tunnel as his frosty lashes flickered closed, ice slowly coating his face and threatening to block off his airways. What a way to fucking die.

 Ice and darkness was closing in as his blood chilled within him, his out of control powers sucking his energy reserves dry.

 The air... It was warm, like a blanket being wrapped around him. He vaguley heard crackling of ice, and some release from his frozen form, but he was still stuck, and losing consciousness as his ice fought against the heat.

 His internal tank hit empty, ran him dry. Despite the building warmth and hope, he faded, swallowed by darkness as the ice ran out of fuel to grow.

 Tobias sagged, only partially held up by the remaining ice as the rest continued to melt, no longer expanding.



Things seemed to be going bad the entire night. And now that he had worked out the ice issue Tobias had fainted. At least it meant that the ice wasn't trying to extinguish the heat anymore and the melting process was much easier.

Soon enough Leon's hands were free and he used them to help lower Tobias down to the ground as the rest of the ice turned into water.

This was going to be quiet a report to write. He slumped against the crusier beside Tobias his head leaning back to look up at the stars.

What a mess.

A few minutes later he could feel the chill returning to his limbs. Ah the wonderful aftereffects. With fumbling fingers he withdrew his cellphone and dialed the familiar numbers of 911. Getting up and going to his radio would take to much time. One short conversation later and he lowered the phone relieved in the knowledge that an ambulance was on it's way.

"Mon Cher what a night."

He gave a coughing laugh as his teeth began to chatter again.

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