Stray Cat Strut





Safiya arrived literally as early as she could, she'd almost wanted to fly here but if she was coming home with a kitten then she couldn't??? So she drove, her back seat housing a certifiable kitten palace. A big kennel that used to be Osiris', padded with a bed and filled with so many toys. So many toys. Too many toys. But what if they liked toys!!! And what if they missed their litter mates!! She kind of felt evil!!! But!! She was going to love this kitten so fucking hard.

She would text Tika about 100 times that she was here when she pulled up, and without much hesitation, she would stride right up into the main building of the little rehab center, smelling the smells of so many random animals, and looking for a particularly cute as a button vampire man to escort her to meet her new child.

It was kinda hard to focus at work when your friend was supposed to come over. He’d zoomed through the beginning of his shift chores and was now just checking the back enclosures on a round when his phone went off. Taking the phone out of his pocket, Tikanni let out a bit of a jump forward before heading over to the main office. Laughs escaped him as it kept buzzing in his hand even after replying.

Opening the door, it was apparent a vampire was indeed here anddd there she was. ”Safiya!”
He beamed and would walk right towards her. ”You found it.”

Yesss! There he was!!!!

Safiya, currently composed of 100% unbridled excitement, would move toward him on her tippy toes and throw herself into a hug. It lasted a normal amount of time, and then when she rolled back to her flat feet, she was practically vibrating with the force of which she beamed at him. "Yesss! Im so exciteedddd!" Show her the kitties!!

A hug! He gave her a nice warm friendly one and then would pull back, already leaning to turn to the door on the other side of the room as Safiya confirmed her excitement. It was contagious and a laugh escaped him. ”Well come on, let’s get a goin’.”

Tikanni would grab for her hand, arm, whatever she let, and would lead the way briskly through the door. They’d walk into a more open room where a peep inside filled cages would reveal different types of animals recuperating who’d been woken by the flip of an overhead light. ”Alright, so here the lil buggies are.” He’d let go of the hand to make the way over and stoop near a small fenced in part of the room where little balls of fur could be made out, waddling over, already letting out mewls of inquiry.

Tikanni was like. The most precious. She would let him have a hand, and follow obediently back, aware that this was definitely a privilege not everyone had. There were so many different animal smells back here, and she did what she could to look into each cage she passed whilst still following Tikanni. Eventually they made it to the back of the room, which was fenced off to corral... The tiniest. Babies.

"Oh my goooodnessssss." Was all she could say as she shuffled forward to peer down at the six little grey bundles that were toddling about. The tiny baby mews melted her cold dead heart in a way she wasn't prepared for. Her hands clutched at her chest as she watched a pair of solid grey kittens wrestle, and another bat at a little toy. Two were sleeping on a blanket, cozied up and purring. And. One. Was. Climbing up against the gate before her, his little toes stretching as he peered up at her with a single green eye. "Ohmygodthis one!!" She said, looking to Tika as she pointed. "He's missing an eye???" Ahhh!! Poor baby?? Oh god he was mewing at her.

That was the best most appropriate reaction to the small kittens. He looked over them and their stuck up tails and fuzzy fur as some waddled over towards where the vampires were taking a gander while others played.

There was one in particular that was starting to climb up the gate that he was surprised to see Safiya leaning towards. ”Ah.” Shuffling closer, he delicately pried him from the bars, offering chin scritches as he looked the cat over before offering it out to her. ”Yeah, he’s doing really good though. Plays just as hard as the other ones.”

Hey, she was about to actually die right now. Safiya would take the small creature in her hands, and hold him to her chest as she ran a thumb across his cheek below his missing eye. The kitten mewed softly, and stuck his nose toward her to give her a sniff. "He's so cuuuuute." She cooed, and scritched at his chest. "Oh my gooooodnessss." She said again. She'd expected there to be a hard time choosing, honestly. But like. How could she see this little angel child with one eye and just leave him???

She seemed happy as a clam marveling at the small fry cradled in her hands. The kitten was super cute, already leaning into the affection readily given. It was great to see that Safiya was grasping so easily to him and a hope that maybe the little dude would get adopted despite the loss of an eye. The other ones would have no problem once they were transferred to the shelter since everyone wanted a kitten, but Tikanni had been worrying about this one.

”Ain’t he though! A lil’ tuxedo pipsqueak.” He gave the kitten a finger scratch to its head.

Hey, you know what? She was crying a little right now. He was just. He was too cute to begin with, but. Tuxedo. It just sent her over the edge. Safiya blubbered a little bit into the baby's fur, and made a squeaking noise that was more similar to the noise she might make as a bat. "Okay, okay. I mean." She sniffled and blinked up at Tika. "Sorry. Just. Oh my god."

Oh no, now she was crying. He blinked at her quickly, confused, pulling his hand away from the cat. Had he upset her somehow or had the cat hurt her? Going over his words, nothing had been bad, right?

”No I am, um, sorry… or… are those happy tears?”

"Yes, oh my god." She said through a laugh a nod, and brought the kitten up to kiss him on the head. "They're happy. He's so cute and I love him. I've always wanted a cat, so." She squeezed the baby in her arms for a second, and then let out a soft sigh to regain her composure. "Don't mind me, just having an emotional overload."

Okay, dokey, definitely everything was fine then. A more sure smile came to his face at the reassurance and admittance that she’d always wanted a cat.

"I’m glad you like him.”

He’d give a more toothy addition to the grin before turning to the other peeping kittens in the fenced in area. Plucking one off the fence it was trying to climb too, he spoke up. ”I was kinda worried he wouldn’t get anyone’s attention because of the ‘ol eye.”

"That's the thing. I gotta take him, what if no one else does?" She said, and would hold the baby up to peer at him face-to-face. He was the most precious. His one eye widened curiously, batting at her as his nose wiggled. Ugh. She loved him.

Setting the kitten back down, he nodded enthusiastically. So, then that was most definitely a confirmation that Safiya would be taking this particular baby. If that was the case, then she should fill out paperwork soon, but first things first. ”Do you think Osiris will like him?”

That one question did well to temper her some, and her smile exchanged for a small, nervous grimace. "I'm hoping so. He's met cats before and liked them." She tucked the kitten against her chest, "But, well, never a kitten. And he's getting old, around ten now, so." Maybe he'd be cranky. Ughhhh please no.

Uh oh, Safiya hadn't exactly thought through that. If there was a chance both ways, then maybe, it could work. But if not, she was probably going to have to bring the poor little guy back and that wasn't the best. "Well, you gotta start slow then." Walking to a shelf, Tikanni searched for a small carrier for the kitten. So many seemed much to big for the lil guy.

"You're gonna have to give this guy free reign of a room or the upstairs without Osiris being able to get in. Feed them on opposite sides of a door and such and once they're both really lackadaisical with each other's smell, you can introduce them while he's on a leash so the cat can get away if needed. Redirect and use treats and just keep doing that till both are really cool with each other." Finding one finally, he took it off the shelf with a shuffle of plastic and wood. "Sound like something you can do?" If yes, he'd make the way back over to her with it.

Oh, shit, she forgot that Tika was like an animal expert. She listened intently, nodding along and remembering reading some of that stuff on the internet. But, it was good to hear it from a friend she trusted, too. She had a carrier in her car, but she wasn't going to argue. "Okay, definitely sounds doable." She said with a nod. She could block off her bedroom and keep the baby up there for a bit.

Smiling wide at the okay an agreement to take it slow for the little guy, Tikanni made his way back over. ”Fantabulous!” Leaning the carrier against a lifted up leg, he pinched the door open with a small creaking of metal hinges. Setting his leg back down, he’d hold the carrier and help her get in the kitten if wanted. ”We can go to the front and fill out paperwork.”

She'd ease the kitten in with a tiny kiss to his head, then follow Tikanni to the front to make her transition into a cat mom official.

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