This Isn't What I Ordered

Pine Peak Sanctuary 

There had been something weird going on all day for Natasha. First, she couldn't really feel Mary at all, an emptiness sitting in the place of her mind that she typically resided. Second, Natasha had actually witnessed the full moon tonight, and unlike this past year, she had seen in through the eyes of a human again which should have been impossible, right?

Heart in a frenzy, Natasha debated on whether or not she was even a Were anymore. There had been quite a few others that had been Weres longer, so it couldn't be that she grew out of it, she also hadn't eaten anything different than she normally did either... Looking towards the others it was clear that no one else was shifting either, which helped settle her initial panic a little, but only just a little.

There would be a couple hours of confusion and panic before Natasha felt the telltale signs of a shift. Immediately her heart would leap, despite the cruel pain of her shift, only when she had finally transformed, she didn't quite feel the same. She felt smaller, and more... Springy? Glancing down she'd not the smaller paws and very different fur color, blue eyes widening as she realized that she wasn't a bear at all, but something entirely different.


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 This was her first time coming to the sanctuary. She usually preferred to roam alone under the moonlight with the freedom of the Red Rock wilderness around her, but since her run in with the coyote's three moons passed... she'd been getting more and more anxious with being on their land. Nadia had tried out a few other spots, in the mountains, in the forests... nothing spoke to her quite like Red Rock did though. It took some searching, word of mouth, rumors hinting at a safe spot to change without the potential of harming innocents like that young girl she was still convinced had become coyote food.

 Nadia paid entry, stored her belongings (that was a nice change, no risk of a critter running off with her small clothes in the dead of night), and hunkered down to wait out the change. Hours passed, and silence fell within her. The sanctuary was uncomfortably quiet too. Surely by now people would have begun their own transformations... but no. It was eerily silent. Painfully so. She was restless, pacing in her small patch of wilderness protected by the border fence that kept them in, and outsiders out.

 The moon was painfully bright, an odd sight to see a full moon with her own gaze. Unaware of the time she waited, and waited. A roll in her mind, a coiling beneath the skin, within her very muscles was her first warning.

 Jesus, Mary and Joseph this damn fox had to come out eventually. As if she'd thought the magic words she felt something change. A sigh of relief, or exasperation, she kneeled in the dirt. The shift rolled over her, nothing out of the ordinary. Not pleasant of course, but not nearly as terrible as it used to be. When she opened her eyes, she could tell that something was still off. She was a bit lower to the ground, but not extremely noticeably.

 Taking her first step she noticed her legs felt heavier... her feet larger, legs thicker. Nadia's eyes widened as she glanced down at herself, running in tight circles to get any kind of glance at her form. Her nails were longer, body stout, and colouring more brown. What the flying fuck was she? She began running, looking for a water source, anything reflective.

 Nadia's run was no longer smooth and graceful, it was lumbering and clunky and damn slow. Ten minutes in, a scent crossed her path, and it wasn't coyote. Crouching low to the ground she glanced around. Was that wolf? She couldn't quite tell with this new nose. Fuckity fuck. She was small in a strange body and confused and she very well may come up against something big and bad. Fuck, fuck.

Hello, what was happening tonight. Really, today in general. He'd felt good, but in a weird way. Chiller than normal, less antsy. Maybe it was some leadership thing, or... something. But as the moon rose into the sky and the Sanctuary was alight with all kinds of different smells and awash with silver moonlight... things kept feeling weird. He'd mentioned it to the others in his company, and found he at least wasn't alone in the fact that he felt like they should be shifting by now. The bear felt distant, sedated, like he'd just eaten a meat store.

He was beginning to think nothing would happen tonight, momentarily fearful that maybe they'd all fucking got the day wrong? It certaintly had felt like the week leading up to the Full Moon all week, but today, the day of, just. Was a fluke? The skeptic in him wouldn't let him believe that, but there was some small part of his brain that searched for answers. He knew that on eclipses, things got weird, and the bear went away completely. But, this wasn't an eclipse. It was a harvest moon, yeah, and... friday the 13th. But that couldn't really affect anything, right?


And then he shifted. Like the bear was suddenly roused from a deep slumber, lumbering to the foreground once more and rocking him into the dirt he'd set himself down on. It went quicker than he was used to, but not quicker than was normal for someone that was his level of power. Everything despite the time it took to get her was in order. He was fully bear, puny eyes and stupid floppy lips and massively broad shoulders and all. Finally, they could-

They could...

There was a wolf right in front of him. There was a wolf where there had been Natasha. There was a wolf where there shouldn't be???

"Whaaayhrrh?" Came out an entirely confused, puzzled sound from both man and bear. Whaaayhrrh??

Ayane still shifted in as much privacy as she could manage. But she was following rules and staying within the sanctuary.

Her bear had been less... bearish overall, today. Less panicked "AHHHHH"ing happening. After ten years of this, it was weird and unsettling. Was she broken somehow? Could her bear leave?

Deciding it was best kept to herself, she disrobed and settled, eyes up on the moon in the sky.

Nothing happened for a while, and she'd started heading back to the building, until it very suddenly did. And it happened... very strangely. For the bear, anyway; Ayane herself was mercifully knocked out. But the bear would be treated to a shift in which she kept much of her bulk, just...


It was another wolverine, see.

And this wolverine was alarmed, confused, hurt, and also — kind of strangely enamored with the much improved length of her claws. Something was heading their collective way, and so she, rendered an explosion of power she had no idea what else to do with, moved out to intercept it, letting loose guttural harsh motor rumble noises all the way.


 Trying to keep her wits about her she once more took off at a lumbering gallop. Only a few steps in however a similar sized beast intercepted her, lashing out with claws on a stumpy leg. Mother fu- Nadia dove to the side into the red dirt, kicking up a bit of a dust cloud before letting out a guttural cry. The sound was somewhere between satan, a stalling motorcycle and a rusted chainsaw.

 She stood her ground, moving into a defensive position while baring her teeth as a warning. Don't try me bitch. She had come to the sanctuary for safety, not to become dinner.


As everyone had been thinking, the day, and now the night, had been really weird. Indra woke up not feeling his bear, and it didn't strike him as odd until much later when it was quite obvious it was the full moon and he'd felt nothing of the lumbering idiot that day. He was at Pine Peak with the rest of the Sleuth, and from their own faces, it seemed apparent that something was wrong. Even as his fellow bears finally began shifting, there was something just- off.

He hadn't had time to notice that Natasha and Ayane were different species when his own shift took control. And though it was easier, it as definitely a lot stranger. Indra was used to his bones and limbs expanding out to accommodate the massive size of his bear, but this time- no this time, it was wrong. When the shift was complete and he was back on four legs, there was definitely something remiss. He was not the heavy brown bear- he was springier and had long legs and- he looked at where Natasha had been and seen a wolf.

Was he a wolf too?! He glanced down at his paws and saw that they were definitely part of the dog family. He began panicking a bit, dancing on his toes like and excited puppy getting a treat would, but this wasn't excitement. He looked back to Cliff and saw bear and then at Ayane, and- what the fuck was Ayane and what the fuck was running towards them???

Quick question; what the fuck was happening.

A wild glance toward Indra and Ayane brought him... the sight of another wolf, and something... else. Cliff grunted, alarmed, the bear on edge at the sight of all of the strange and unfamiliar animals around him. Had he... some how... moved from where he was while shifting? There was no way?? It still felt like his friends, still smelled like them. But. Their bodies were wrong.

There were sounds a ways off, and the bear's head turned so that he could sniff in that direction, tiny ears flickering as he strained to hear the sounds of... fucking devils. It sounded like that, anyway. But, he'd encountered enough wolverines to know what the fuck that was. It became starkly obvious just then that Ayane was not immediately with them, which meant if she was also a fucking wolf right now, then she could be in danger of a fucking random wolverine nearby?? The bear, easily the largest here right now, would maroo gruffly, and move in the direction of the noise.

It appeared that she wasn't the only one who had gotten a surprise in her shift. Blue eyes inspecting Indra, it became apparent that they were similar animals, if not the same kind. He had doggo paws like her, and a tail swished just as easily on his rump as it did hers. Ears falling back in confusion, her eyes would fall to Cliff who looked both like his usual bear, and just as confused as she felt.

Whimpering, Nat would shift her gaze in an effort to seek out Ayane, wondering if she was in the same predicament. Unfortunately, the sound of angered animals nearby had her distracted, and as Cliff moved to investigate, Natasha would follow close behind, her paws feeling light in comparison to her usual bear form.

She could probably run miles with zero problem or effort.

She'd missed — what else was new — and the other stood her ground.

The cowardly bear was still a coward, but this place was meant to be theirs, wasn't it? A feral sort of were at this stage, she had no human in her brain to remind her that their territory was intended for all. She merely wanted to get the outsider away.

So she imitated, baring her teeth, showing strength where there often was none.

It would fade whenever the Kodiak prince arrived; until then, she claimed this square foot of dirt.

 The other... thing was standing it's ground. Well shit. Nearby she could smell all manner of beasts, and she wasn't liking it, not one bit. Why was this thing acting so defensive? Was this not a sanctuary for all? Perhaps she was newer, didn't quite have a grasp on her beast yet? Nadia was strange in her control over her fox, she connected with the beast earlier than most had, but that didn't mean she was some zen guru animal whisperer. Deep down there was that animalistic urge to fight, to be territorial... but this wasn't her territory. No, she had no territory. Not yet.

 When it became apparent that she was on the losing end of the stare down with backup on the way for her opponent, Nadia bit the bullet, bowing her head slightly with snarl retracted as she slowly backed off, hoping the beast wouldn't take the opportunity to strike.

It was time to move, and why Indra thought he'd have problems with it, he didn't know. But while he had no problems moving forward in this new shift, he definitely recognized the differences right away. He was built for moving fast in this body, and as the group headed towards Ayane, he found that he had to pull back a bit- nearly passing Cliff as the bear lumbered quickly towards whatever the hell Ayane had turned into (bear or other) and whatever the hell she had found.

This was. So weird. Off he went, trailed by two fucking wolves?? Lumbering toward the sounds of potential danger. What even was happening right now. It was easier to just make himself focus on the task at hand, and that was bursting through a thicket of trees to see... two wolverines. Both squaring off, though one seemed to be backing off. He gave a throaty, purposeful maroo, head bobbing as he pulled himself to his hind feet, body tense as he huffed down at the smaller animals. Break it up, where was Ayane?

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