Big head and little arms


 The warehouse was thankfully still abandoned. Even today the squatters were scarce. They left him alone, and he left them alone. He paced in a dark corner, the moon high in the sky as he waited for the inevitable. Why hadn't the beast taken control tonight? It was quiet, not at all twitchy within if it was hiding. "Come on out you little ass..." He grumbled to himself, lighting another cigarette. Two drags in and he felt the pull of his muscles, the ache in his bones as his body attempted to fight of the change like a flu. It was inevitable.

 The lit cigarette dropped on the ground as he held in his screams for as long as he could, falling to all fours as his body changed, tearing his clothing as his screams turned into animalistic grunts, growls,.. undefinable noise. He was used to being low to the ground, but now his chin grazed the dirty cement surface of the warehouse floor, his arms feeling splayed on either side of his body. His skin ached like he'd been laying out in the sun all day, dried, irritated. The fuck was wrong with him? He thought were's couldn't get sick? Was this some sort of shifter virus? Taking his first tentative steps out of the shadows, he made his way outside towards the streets and alleys for some scraps to call dinner. It was easy being a raccoon in Cordova. His size was larger than most mundane raccoons, but he could get away with being in public unlike some other species.

 It was when the screams began that he realized something was truly amiss. A woman screeched and ran in the opposite direction. Had she never seen a raccoon before? He looked to the side, into the unlit shop window and he himself began to scream, though it came out unrecognizable in his elongated maw. T-there was a fucking CROCODILE staring back at him! He glanced around quickly and failed to see any crock nearby. Where... where was it? Turning back to his reflection he lifted a stubby leg and waved as best he could. The crocodile mimicked his movements perfectly.

 How... how was this possible? How could he suddenly turn into a crocodile? More screams sounded, then screeching of tires as taxi drivers and bar hoppers who happened to be out on the town on a Friday at midnight stumbled across his flustered form. What... what was he supposed to do? Where was he going to go? He was in the damn heart of the city wearing some very strange skin... Oh god someone help.

Things were strange today.

It was a full moon, she thought, but she wasn't feeling any of the normal craziness associated with it. Maybe the cat was gone. Or maybe the thing was tomorrow? Weird.

She had come home from work to find Adina and Calvin were both out. Maybe on a date or something. She could see it happening, she guessed, since they spent so much of their time together. Miranda mostly tried to keep to herself where she could and stay away from third wheeling to them.

Mostly feeling kinda bored and uninterested in locking up in Larkspur if nothing was gonna happen tonight, she went back to the city to maybe see if she could people watch. Friday the 13th, so it was bound to be good, right?

She walked past storefronts and bored catcallers with her hands shoved in the pockets of a bulky coat. Everything seemed just fine.

Until it hit, suddenly, right in the middle of the street in front of a busy bar. Barely even able to drag herself to the side of the building, Miranda cried out as she began to... grow... dropping to all fours. What she could feel of the shift felt very very strange, but not to worry! Soon enough the old unconsciousness thing would hit, and the animal would take over.

Only, that animal was not the cat it usually was.

It was a wolf — a red wolf to be specific. And she was not very used to being quite so big, but boy did it pair well with her innate grumpiness. She snarled at the first person she saw, snapping threateningly. Not even the most intimidating kind of wolf, lacking and bulk or the lie of fluff to help herself appear bigger, but she was a lot bigger than she usually was.

Abandoning the shreds of her clothing in that alleyway, she darted away towards more people, feral and hungry as always. What she came across next was the strangest thing she'd ever seen in her life, so naturally gifted with greater size and bite strength, she needed to attack the retreating thing.

The cat-wolf leapt from behind it, only to


 Oh boy this would be on the news. Had he any lips, the crocodile would have grinned ear to ear at the thought. Stand back Florida man! Colorado Croc is going to make the headlines!

 He began lumbering through the streets, the panic still fresh in his cold blooded beating heart. Behind that stress of the strange events, was the little shit disturber Jesse, willing to make the best out of the worst situations. May as well have some fun. He set off at the closest thing to a run that a croc could manage, growling and snapping at ankles... oh and didn't those ankles look tasty. Perhaps a snack was in order indeed.

 Around a corner he turned, to come elongated snout to furry face with a freaking wolf. At least he wasn't the only idiot who didn't skip town on a full moon. The beast before him seemed a little disoriented, and upon attempting to attack, missed the low seated scaled form before it. Jesse opened his maw, strangely shocked by just how fucking big his jaw was and how much energy was required to make his own attempted snack grab.


She managed a whole lot of nothing, but she did get out of the reach of his gigantic mouth. Here on this busy street, the two were certainly forming something of a spectacle. Though again, it wasn't as though the wolf cared in particular. The cat within felt far more powerful than she ever had. Folly.

She dove in again towards him, trying to dispatch the threat that was his entire face. Nothing would come of it.



 Ooh hoo hoo! So the little wolfie face could dodge the might that was this modern day dino! He took a lumbering step forward while snapping again, swinging his snout to try to get the damn thing off guard... unfortunately his periphery wasn't nearly as good in this form. His snout hit a nearby light pole with a resounding thwunk!

 He reared back with a pained cry, frustrated with this difficult body, while his adversary had the free movement of a wolf. Dammit. He wanted to jump on its back and claw and bite! This form was not best for brawling it seemed.

Critical miss! :'(


Again she managed to scramble back. Now surrounded by people watching the show, her pride was somewhat at stake here. She squared and dipped low and aimed to chomp him, missing by fractions of an inch amidst snarls and the like.

miss god


 A little bit dazed with little lizard brain still ringing after striking the light post, he narrowly managed to swerve out of the way of an oncoming attack. This time he wouldn't wind up for the attack, he'd strike as the wolf was still mid attack, snapping his powerful jaws towards her thin little legs. Mmmm, looks like he'd be having drumsticks tonight boys!



The cat within erupted in a yowl, but it left her scrawny wolf throat as a canine yelp. Those powerful jaws were as effective as any crocodilian's would be against such a thinner target, and her leg bone was absolutely crunched to fractures in his mouth.

Yowling and yelping and realizing too late her error, she attempted to pull away, succeeding mostly in causing further damage as the wriggling failed to set her free and only shredded her flesh further.

Her head was close to his, and she attempted a retaliatory snap, but would find no purchase with her ineffective fangs.



 My, my! What powerful jaws you have! Too bad the big bad wolf couldn't get away! Still lacking lips, Jesse was unable to grin as he clenched down on the oh so tasty morsel in his maw.

 She tried to get away, painting his teeth and tongue in her blood, only fueling his violent fire.

 Jesse whipped his head back and fourth, taking his prize with him. His target was the very same pole he had struck previously with his head, only this time he'd strike it with a furry pinata.



Quite a cruel way to go. He thrashed her against the pole and the wolf or whatever she was couldn't even think, had no leverage left to try to struggle away from him, and honestly was there even a way to actually escape the hold of a crocodile when no one was there to help? Maybe if her entire arm was ripped away out of her body, but she remained woefully attached.

The cries of the wolf were met with some sympathy of those around, some shock of the crowd. Some were recording the action. One was calling the police.

Eventually, it was her head that was struck with force, and some whiplash strain on her vertebrae that caused her neck to snap. But the show was hardly over then, no; even as the animal died, it would provide quite the learning opportunity it gradually crumpled back from animal to dead, dead girl.

 The crunch of bone against metal was delicious and satisfying. The body in his hold fell limp, but it didn't stop him from giving his head a few more violent shakes, drawing disgusted cries from the crowd as the thin furry leg in his maw morphed back into that of a young woman.

The onlookers screamed, a few ran, and a few lost whatever their last meal had been. It was time to go, with his prize of course. He began backing towards the nearest dark alley with the woman dragging lifeless from his jaw, a trail of blood staining the pavement. If people were smart, they'd leave the hungry dinosaur descendent alone.

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