What's Up Mister Rat

The play pen was all set up, curtisy almost entirely of Ollie. Yujin had done the buying of course, but as he couldn't really touch silver anymore Ollie was the one who had actually assembled the stuff. That and well Yujin had never done any building of anything. He had tried to help with what he could. Like the kiddie pool. But after several failed attempts of figuring out how to blow the thing up and he had been regulated to the side.

When put together and fully pulled out the pen took up almost the entire living room. Yujin had opted for more space incase the Otter got bored and decided that nearby human would be good sport. He really really didn't want to hurt Ollie. But he didn't always have the luxuary of hiking out to the woods every full moon. And well he figured this would be a good enough set up for one night. There would be time with Wildwind at another point.

Still he didn't want Ollie to see the rather horrific mess that was the shift so only after getting a promise that the man would not come into the living room while it was happened (even with the screams and horrible sounds of breaking bones) Yujin stepped carefully into the gated off area.

Clothes were pulled off and haphazardly thrown over said gate. Leaving him standing there naked in the moonlight feeling entirely ridicioulis. The ocassional squeak in his mind was gone and the familiar sensation of tingles wasn't coming on like he had been expecting.

He spent twenty minutes just standing there bewildered before the tingling began in his wrist. About freaken time. Wrists snapped fingers shortened. The usual painful scream inducing ordeal.

When the last of the pain faded he sat up. Silver bars loomed far above him. Scary bars. Bad bars. He tried to squeak and it came out high pitched and softer. Something felt wrong. Tail was there, paws there. Hunger in his belly. Food nearby. Strangness could wait. With soft pads the strange otter would scamper over to where a bowl full of fish sat. When small tiny paw hands reached down did his mind began to comphrehend that not all was right.

Not Otter! Not web paws! No bean toes!


Rat Form @Oliver


 Oliver was unconvinced that this was a good idea. He'd had to go and get extended apartment insurance the week before, thankfully not on his own dollar.

 He'd spent the day gathering the equipment necessary for the full moon from the storage locker in the basement, and setting up the silver play pen. Now that had been an interesting custom order.

 Once Yujin told him it was time, Oliver removed himself from the room, sliding his back down the door to sit on the ground patiently. Minutes passed. Hours. Jesus how long did this normally take? He looked at his watch, 11:58pm. Did they get the day wrong? No way.

 Just as the clock struck midnight, the sounds began, sending chills down his spine. Oliver buried his face in his hands, fingers pulling at his hair as he forced himself not to go running into the room. He'd promised Yujin he wouldn't.

 Finally the sounds died down... Then squeaking? Slowly he stood and opened the door. "Yujin... I'm coming in." he held his concentration, ready to pop his invulnerability if needed.

 Inching towards the silver barrier he looked in. No otter? Where was the sound coming from?

 He saw it. The little blonde body and wriggling tail and twitching nose. "Wait... Wait, I thought you'd said you were an otter?" was this part of being a shorter? Was it a game of animal roulette? He was so confused.

Sound noise. Creaking of the door. Ollie! The familiar musky scent. Part of his mind, a distant quiet part identified it with comfort. But most of his mind decided the scent smelled really yummy. Although not as tasty as the fish would be.

But the hungry and scent was not in the for front of the little mind. Lack of toe beans was far more important.

With terrified squeaks the rat would wriggle its way over the wood floors to where the large shark pool sat. It loomed above him like a mountain. Small eyes would stare up and little ears would flatten.


He would cry again. This was not right at all.

 Oliver looked into the play pen with panic in his eyes as the small rat geared towards the pool. Could rats swim? Would he drown if he made it into the pool? Dammit. He had to do something to distract Yujin.

 Quickly he ran to the kitchen and pulled out a Tupperware lid before pouring some plain cheerios onto the lid. He left it on the counter and ran back to the play pen. Focusing, Oliver summoned the Tupperware with cheerios onto the floor near the rat. "Yujin, don't go in the pool, I can't help you if you get stuck! Here, focus on these..."

Loud noise only made his ears flatten more and his back would hunch. Little whip tail would circle around to cover feet. With a suddenness a large tubbaware appeared next to him. A REE of surprise left his tiny mouth and he jumped a good few inches in the air.

But the smell coming from the tubaware was food. So a little stiffly he would sneak his way forward the hair on his body taunt. Prepared to run off at the first sign of danger. When none came he began to slowly relax and he would stick the front half of his body into the box, nose twitching.


He could see the round objects and he scuttled forward as fast as his paws would carry him. With his front paws he would grab at one of the cheerios and bring it up to chew furiously at it.

 Oh bless, that was one less thing to worry about for now. Oliver was about to sag against the wall when he realized that the cheerios would only distract the small creature for some time. He had to rat-proof the cage. Using his summoning, he removed the pool from the caged area into the bathroom, next to the tub. He'd empty that later. He left the fish inside the cage.. did rats eat fish? He didn't know but he assumed Yujin would need some protein at some point.

 Next Oliver moved to the bedroom and grabbed Yujin's thick top blanket, molding it into some sort of nest before summoning it into the cage for Yujin to hide in if he wanted. Then, he took a heavier bowl and filled it with water from the pool before also supernaturally moving it into the cage for drinking water.

 That... that should be good, right? Now the bodyguard and rat-sitter sagged against the wall.

Yujin's rat mind was entirely unaware of the goings on around him. All tht matter was the ferious chewing of the cheerios. Paws would roll the little wheel around while teeth gnashed at it, almost like corn on the cob. When one O was eaten fingers would reach for the next. With this movement the small rat body would eventually ended up completely inside the box, hunched on two legs.

Only after all the cheerios were devoured did he scuttle back out, peeking his head just outside the box and sniffing with a small little nose. He could smell fish. But little eyes would find the large blanket.

He would stay hunched in the box for a good moment before darting out and running across the wood floor. With much wriggling and squeaking he would maneuver his way underneath the fabric that smelled of himself.

 What was he to do now? The rat-yujin was still munching away on his Cheerio treat, but soon he'd finish. Oliver waited, calming his nerves as best as he could. When the chewing sounds stopped, he perked up, looking to see what the shifter would do. As he had hoped, Yujin ran towards the comfort of his blanket, hiding beneath the plush fabric.

 With a heavy sigh Oliver once more relaxed against the wall. Waiting. For what? He wasn't sure.

The next several hours were spent in prodding the blanket into a nest shape and running back and forth to drag fish into his den. The fish proved to big for small little paws and he had to gnaw the food into smaller more managable pieces first. But like that the evening would fade with only the occasional sounds of furious teeth and squeaks of a tiny body.

When the next morning had dawned with sunlight streaming in through the window the rat that was Yujin had scurried out from it's warm, wholesome nest knowing on instinct that it was time. It sat there in the morning light hunched and waiting. Minutes passed and nothing.

Fear, wrongness, it creeped back into the otter mind. Not right.


The rat would cry tiny body starting to shake.


 He'd... He'd fallen asleep. Right there on the floor. The rat had spent the night playing in his nest and pillaging fish. Once The bodyguard felt satisfied that he wasn't in danger, and that Yujin was secure in his little gated area, he summoned a pillow and blanket of his own and slept on the floor next to the gate. It wasn't the most comfortable, but he wasn't about to leave the room.

 The heat of sun wasn't enough to rouse his tired body as it fell through the windows, flecks of dust visible floating through the air as it crossed over the illumination. The squeaking was hardly enough to rouse him, but after a few moments of it, Ollie began to wake, his back screaming from the uncomfortable floor. What was the matter? Why was Yujin screaming? He looked at his watch. Wasn't... Shouldn't he have changed back by now?

 Oliver moved to stand by the gate and looked down at the panicking rat. He wasn't sure if it was his imagination or not, but the cries almost sounded like his name. He was likely just not fully awake yet. "Yujin, calm down. You're shift last night happened later than usual right? Maybe that means that it'll continue on later into the day? Let's just wait it out and see. If you haven't changed back by..." He looked at his watch again, "Let's say noon, because you shifted around midnight; then I will... I'm not sure what I'll do, but I'll think of something, okay?"

Ollie appeared big and large above him. The rat and otter part shied away from the looming figure. Fur raised and the small body would hunch. But the human sided heard and understood the words. Wait, would change later. It didn't do much for the otter brain though and the cries continued.


His mind was in two, otter wanted to go hide beneath the cozy blanket, human wanted to run to Ollie. Stuck he would stand there half frozen crying.

Why was he not changing back? Why?

Where was other otter?

 Dammit, he really had to meet some shifters so that he could have someone to call in a time like this- though, if they were having a similarly strange night as Yujin was, they wouldn't be able to pick up the phone. He was truly alone in this.

 Oliver began thinking of things that may help the rat calm down. Yujin had a habit of cuddling against Oliver when he was distraught, so perhaps something that smelled strongly of him was a smart move. He ran to the closet and grabbed the scarf he'd worn outside just the day before. It probably still held his scent quite strongly. Moving back to the gate he dropped it inside, next to the nest. "Just... Try to stay calm while we wait it out."

 Oliver then moved back to the kitchen and grabbed some bread, quickly toasting it and putting peanut butter spread on. He recalled watching a YouTube video some time ago of a pet rat loving peanut butter toast. Focusing, he transferred the toast to where the cheerios had been using his ability. With food and comfort, hopefully Yujin would calm down.

A big large cloth, (scarf his human mind said) was dropped by the nest. Ears would flicker and the button nose would sniff. Slowly his small body would relax hair flattening and then little feet would scurry forward ready to throw himself at the scarf and the smell of Ollie. But as he got closer a new smell, food smell.

Eyes would turn searching. Soon they would spot the toast on the ground and the direction would change. He scurried over to the food mouth opening. With sharp teeth he would latch on to the bread and begin dragging it. Peanut butter would coat his tongue and he would pause ever few steps to rub at his nose and chew at the taste on his tongue.

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