Come One Come All - Costume Contest!

The Mountainside Renaissance Fair 

It was finally the day of the contest! Orri was piratically jumping with excitement. Which wasn't the best idea considering the wig he was wearing was very heavy in the back. It was of course pinned down but there was only so much pins could do against bouncing.

He had gotten to the fair rather early to help set up his booth for the last day. There had thankfully been extra staff on hand that was willing to work it during the competition. He was rather hopeful that maybe he would get a few customers who wanted to try out for the contest. But either way he thought the fair had just been fun in general.

Since the contest was in the evening he spent most of the day at the booth half helping customers, half doing the makeup and fixing up the wig. He didn't get into the dress until a little bit before, just because it was rather heavy and big.


The evening set against a red sky line as the sun began to make its way below the mountain range that made up the backdrop of Mountainside.

Orri would make his way into the line of people getting signed up at the booth before the stage area. Still completely full of energy that he was practically vibrating.

costume plus one plain silver ring

Rika stared as someone moved to the sign up area with a fully feathered cape, and she looked at Beau. "That's insane. That's— I'm— how can anyone even...?"

How was it possible for someone to even make that in a month? Or did this person just happen to have it lying around? It wasn't even kind of historical, was it? Rika felt uncertainty and like she wouldn't win after all. Who could compete with all that pomp!

But her name was already on the list and so. And so! She supposed she'd just have to go up on stage to lose :(

Oh, poor Rika.

Perhaps she hadn't been paying much attention to the fair around her. But her costume, regrettably, was well made, but only just above average for those who wore anything but street clothes.

Still, he reached over to give her a rude pat on her boyish cap.

"I spoke with him some time ago. This is what he does for a living,"

Then, he leaned nearer and spoke very softly.

"He is a fox shifter."

One keen on dressing like a woman, for some reason. Beauregard would stay put here, content to watch the contest from outside its stage.

When he got in line there was a familiar face only a little bit away. Unable to contain his excitement and having spotted someone to talk to Orri would head over.

"Why hello! Are you going to be doing the contest as well?"

When he got near he spotted someone along with Mr Crochet. A woman in a rather nice costume with a cute hat!

"Oh my gosh your hat is so cute!"

He would blurt out the moment he saw her. All the costumes and people were just so amazing. It had been a long time since he had gone to a gathering like this. Even the last time he was in a group had been the skulk in france with his papa. And they certainly hadn't been dressed up. So he was a tad bit more bouncy and happy then normal.


This was it. The one night she was able to actually come to this thing, and she was hellbent on making a fucking statement. She'd had to delay because making this costume had taken a shit ton of time and money, plus the New Moon was sort of a bitch. Anyway, she was here, happily fed and entered into the contest. Among the crowd, she was surprised and shocked and honestly kind of offended to spot Beauregard with his psychic, who fucking hated her for no reason. She wouldn't bug them, because last time she did it ended poorly, but she did flounce specifically past them as she made her way away from the sign ups. Her wings; completely an illusion, fluttered delicately behind her.

Urgh. He tapped her hat and she huffed and fixed it.

A shifter? And he was here? And she was competing against him?

And then someone else crossed their path too and she blinked and realized who it was. Her wings looked so real.

"Thanks," she smiled to, uh, him? Distracted kinda between him and her and Beauregard teasing her too. A sudden swell of nerves all bundled up and she shook her head. "Um, no. Just watching. Good luck though."


The fox was as friendly as before, and he watched with some amusement as Rika attempted to handle that interaction.

With so many species and faces around, Beauregard did not sense Safiya's presence until she was walking by. And as he spotted her, it was very difficult not to smirk.

Cheater, cheater. He was proud of her. If only he had Raziyya's ability, he would tell her as much.

Instead, he was tuning back in to hear Rika quitting very easily. This was a trend of hers, he'd noticed. She would not win in a crowd like this, but it was still disappointing to see her back out after so much talk.

"That is the fastest way to lose a contest, I imagine," he said quietly, watching others approach the stage.

She was only watching? But why not join in? She had a cute costume.

"You don't want to join in? You have a really nice costume and it's so much fun!"

If he had been in fox form his ears would have flatten against his head in saddness. He was every the expressionite creature both in human and were form. He was also one for fast talking and conversation and his attention would turn back to the crochet man fairly quickly.

"Did you end up selling a bunch of your cute chincillas? Every one really seemed to love them in the video I did. If you ever do decide to sell online I half a lot of people that would love to buy."

And his attention wandered again as another pretty lady passed with really nice wings and a lovely dress.

"Oh that's a really pretty dress."

He would call after her.


Amber walked-skipped into the faire, phone in hand. It clashed hilariously with her outfit, but she knew she looked good. Sewing had taken a ton of work, ugh so much, and she very nearly hadn't made it in time for the final weekend.

Her eyes had zeroed in on the costume contest at the bottom of the schedule, Amber wasn't one to miss an opportunity to strut down a stage and ham it up. There were even prizes! Score. She thought she had a decent chance too, since her whole garb was hand-made (except her unmentionables duh). However, there were some epic costumes here. Like holy shit check out that fairy chick. Amber should of thought of something sy-fy!! And then that feather cape? Someone had gone full Cruella De Ville on some birds. So maybe costume alone wasn't going to cut it. Amber did have killer stage presence though. There would be fierce competition.

It wasn't that Beauregard's comment drove her to her decision, obviously. But there was something embarrassing added to her nervousness for it. There would have been a nicer-ness if he'd insisted she compete. In the end it felt disapproving, and it didn't help her in the slightest. She wished she'd stayed home.

The shifter guy with the over the top outrageously fancy costume said hers was cute, and she was sure he didn't mean it rudely but it came across kind of condescending anyway in the midst of it all. She gave a tight smile and shook her head. It was better if she wasn't all that close to a shifter anyway.

His attention went to Beauregard at least, and provided Beauregard responded to him that would be enough for Rika to decide that she could slip away under pretense of finding a bathroom or something.

Or maybe just leaving entirely. She was sure she'd be in trouble for it some time later, but for now she just wanted to go back to her car and cry a bit.

Oh, good heavens, how embarrassing.

The fox talked in depth, and Beauregard's attention was split. It was not his job to cater to Rika's insecurities.

He had one of his vampires on the stage to watch, after all.

"I've been very lucky to sell quite a few," he said, smiling politely, wondering about this video. Something for another time.

"Best of luck with your competition," he said, nodding to the growing playing field and stepping back to find a place to sit and watch.

The woman in the dress seemed... familiar, but he couldn't quite place her.

Aw the woman with the cute had would leave and then Orri was back to having no one to talk to as Mr crochet ended the conversation. He was a little dissappointed but there were other things to do he supposed. And he wouldn't push the vampire into conversation.

Instead he would flounce off after the fairy!

"Hey there! Did you make those wings?"

He would ask when he got close enough. Eyes bright with excitment. Wings were something he was looking into making but hadn't had the best time with fairy ones. Either the fabric was too thin or to thick.

After congregating with the other contest hopefuls, Amber was relieved to see at least a few of the altered store bought variety. She could handle being in the middle of the pack, as long as she wasn't anywhere near the bottom.

Smoothing out her skirt, she flittered through the group, people watching and eavesdropping as one does when they have time to kill.

While that awkward exchange went down, Safiya was putting her name in the competition. When she was finished, she'd turn around to glance that way, and note that they seemed to be dispersing. What caught her eye next was a girl in a gorgeous blue dress, with cute curls and brown skin. Safiya would grin and move to approach, but then someone else was moving toward her. Oh! Jeez!

She was totally going to have to make sure she did something amazing on stage to win this. "Oh! Yeah." She lied easily, grinning with a nod. Her hand moved to her side, and as it did the wings fluttered. As long as he didn't get too close, maybe he'd think it was some mechanical thing. Before the girl could get too far, Safi would wave to her. "You're super cute!"

Comfortably seated in the crowd, his hearing was keen enough to pick out (among the general murmur of the place) Safiya's confident dishonesty. A shame that Raziyya hadn't shown up to support her... daughter, was it?

It was all pleasant enough, save for Rika's unnecessary dramatics, and he was content to watch various other competitors approach the area, mostly in costumes lower quality than the top two that had already assembled.

If only he knew who the judges were, he might be able to make some helpful suggestions, but for now Safiya would have to win on the power of her own personal cheating.

skippable, just watching :3


And the fairy was off after someone else. Oh dear now he had no one to talk to. Although the girl in the blue dress the fairy was going for was also cute too and he was fairly sure that one was handmade. So he would bounce on over as well.

"Halló! That's a really lovely dress. What fabric did you use?"

He would have loved a really close look at the stitching but life had taught him that grabbing at clothes to examine them didn't go over well even when he was a cute fox.

And well if she didn't want to talk long with him either he supposed he could just practice the song he was going to sing instead.

What was this? Amber, the simple medieval country girl, gaining the attention of the best looking people in the group? Color her flatt

She smiled prettily at them, swishing her skirt. "Thank you. You're gorgeous." She directed that one at the fairy, whose wings were even more iridescent up close. To the young man(?), yes man she decided, Amber touched the hem of her top while answering. "Oh, well I made it mostly of chiffon with a little brocade" She pulled on her sleeve for emphasis. "But both of your costumes are amazing! Must have taken you months to create." Amber gestured to the wings and feathers. They probably spent a fortune.

Aw, this was cute. A little friendly competition. She felt like a pageant girl! And, for just a moment, felt her own age. It was hard to remember she was only in her mid twenties when all of her friends had at least a hundred years on her. "Honestly, I just bought the dress and did some modifications." She said about herself. For now, the wings were still, so they maybe wouldn't look too hard at them.

"Thank you." She said with a flattered pout of her lips. Aw, this was cute. A little friendly competition. She felt like a pageant girl! And, for just a moment, felt her own age. It was hard to remember she was only in her mid twenties when all of her friends had at least a hundred years on her. "Honestly, I just bought the dress and did some modifications." She said about herself. For now, the wings were still, so they maybe wouldn't look too hard at them.

He looked the pretty blue dress over eyes making note of the materials that were mentioned. Chiffron was not on the cheap end, not as expensive as sillk or some of the others. Tilting his head he would tap at his lips forgetting for a moment that he was wearing makeup.

"I think you could get a similar effect with cotton as the base material. The chiffron does look really nice with the brocade though."

He though of it only as advice though. He wasn't trying to say that her dress was bad. It was really good!

Though as the fairy spoke his attention would turn to her.

"Wow really that dress looks like Chiffron or silk. Maybe a mix. Did you do the little details?"

He would point out the silver designs that glittered all over. Looked like jewels although he wasn't sure of what quality. Either way it made a nice dazzle to the gown.

Amber frowned down at her dress. Mr. Feather cape's suggestion of cotton felt like he was slapping a big old 'basic' sign on Amber's forehead. Did he think she wasn't suited for the pretty chiffon? How snobby. Amber would bite her lip, although she put her guard up. His pretty face and opulent costume didn't fool her, he probably wanted to rattle the competition a bit before peacocking all around the stage.

Thankfully, he had turned his attention to the fairy princess, the only person here that might seriously challenge him for the contest. Amber sent over a smiled in silent support.

Oof, awkward. Safi would watch on with a little smile, but not entirely sure if this dude was meaning to come off as a douche or. Well, she was just here to have fun, so don't get bitchy, Safi. "Uh, yeah, these." She said, gesturing to the silver chording and stuff. "And the crown." She said with a nod, then, to the girl. And..."I'm gonna go ahead and get into place, break a leg you guys!" And if that was all, she'd turn and flutter off, literally.

His face fell as the atmospher took a more subdued tone. Had it been something he had said? But he was just so excited and he wanted to talk about sewing and designs and the pretty blue in the one girls dress and the the silver decor in the others. It seemed the two didn't want to carry on the conversation anymore so a little droppy he would slide over back into the line for the stage feeling a little dishearted.

This was his first every contest and the thought that his advice would come across as douche never even crossed his simple pure hearted mind.

With no one left to talk to he would instead pull out his lyre and began to strum it to make sure it was still in tune.

Aww pretty fairy lady was leaving, but she had a good point. The contest was about to start. Amber gathered her own skirts, intending to follow after.

"Good luck to you both." She'd say with a cheery smile, fanning her head from the girl to the guy. Her eyes widened slightly seeing him pull out an actual instrument, she must not of noticed it among all the feathers. Well damn, was there a talent portion? Amber would have to get more creative during her time on stage.

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