Leaving You for Me

Belle Vista 

With the change of the seasons into fall the weather had began to cool down and the sun decided that it liked to vanish at seven pm instead of the safety of ten at night. Axel hadn't run into any vampires as of yet but he wasn't all that keen on meeting them anyways. He supposed that since Belle Vista was run by weres they probably wouldn't come out here. Either way he kept his eyes piled when he went out to pull the store sign in from the sidewalk.

Thistle & Clover, the flower shop he worked at, thankful closed at seven. But there was still a lot to do. Pull the sign in. Count the drawers, tally reciepts, and refresh the stock. They had been understaffed, half the reason he got the job, which meant he was alone at this hour in the evening. He didn't really care to much not when there was stuff to do.

He was dressed in the usual clothes. Looking far more hipster then he liked.

He hummed a song under his breath, twirling a set of keys in one hand while folding up the little foldable sign that stood on the sidewalk advertising specials.

Pete was dressed quite similarly, as it turned out; this month the weather had finally caved in and given her good reason to wear plaid five days a week. Though she tended to look especially shabby when she decided to venture into Belle Vista, this was an unplanned trip and so she looked, god forbid it, completely normal. It was a bit of a drag.

She was feeling generally a little sullen, craving company with none at hand. This felt like enough of a reason to slow and linger when she caught the frequency of someone like her, tracing the feeling until she saw him doing closing work at a florist's. She fished a loose cigarette out of her jeans pocket and straightened it out a bit before lighting it. Hmm.

He would probably have noticed her lurking, but she ambled up to the storefront as if her approach was unexpected, in a cloud of smoke. "What song is that?"

He felt the familiar twing of the cat and smelled the musky scent of were before he saw her. Some kind of animal he didn't know. The hissing of the cat pointed to predator. At least it wasn't a vampire. And hell they were both in their rational human skin.

She also smelled of cigarettes and his nose wrinkled as eyes spotted the object in her hand. He had tried smoking once when he had been to drunk that anything sounded like a good idea. It might of been the night he broke his wrist from jumping off the mausoleum where his friends hung out. The night was hard to remember in its entirety. But he could remember the bitter taste of smoke in his mouth and how it had curled around his tongue making it hard to breath. Yeah he wasn't a huge fan. To each their own though.

"It's called Miss Murderer by AFI."

He kept his eyes upon her a little warily as he finished folding up the sign.

She took another drag as he answered, Becky pacing along the invisible line that separated her and cat. Not a friendly boy, this one. She had no idea what band this was. "Miss Murderer, huh?" Her eyebrows rose gamely. "Is it about a murderer?"

Well no showing of teeth so far that was a good sign. Maybe she wouldn't go all instinct on him and try to chomp.

"Nah its more about dying young. "

Not really thinking about it he went to lean on the sign which he had already folded and promptley the thing fell out from under him. He pinwheeled forward with a yelp arms doing that stupid waving thing. It did not help him (surprising) and he fell face first into the not so soft ground. A sickening crunch and the unmistakable pain in his noise said that damage had been done. That cat would have face palmed it had the physicall ability too.

You know, Pete had been very sure she would die young. She'd thought thirty was a gamble and forty was out of the question. But then the hyena had come along and made it a whole lot harder for her to die by violence or intoxication. She was still trying to figure out how to make this new plan work.

She was thinking about that as the kid leaned back on his sign, and in a matter of seconds went from leaning to pitching into the ground with a crunch and a welling scent of blood. Pete jumped in surprise, dropping her cigarette down her front and fumbling to catch it before she set herself on fire; this kid was either going to bawl or shift, she thought, and for either option she ought to get down by his face. "Yikes, dude! How you feelin?"

Pain blossomed over his face. Considering the monthly shift it wasn't the worst thing he had felt, but it still hurt. Tears flooded to the corners of his eyes but he bravely (and stupidly) held them back. Using his now useful hands he pushed himself away from the ground. The movment brought his attention to the fountain of blood coming from his face and staining the sidewalk beneath him. Sweet, this would be fun to clean up.

He looked up at the woman like that half raised, blood all over the lower part of his face, and nose clearly broken.

"eesh okay. Not ash bad ash sshift."

Guess what, having a broken nose meant he sounded weird. Great.

"Ah, shit, dude." She stood up and, after a bit of hesitation, offered him a hand. She guessed she wasn't really doing anything, and blood didn't scare her none. "That don't look good. You uh, you got a first aid box or something in there?" She jerked her chin toward the open shop door.

In her head, not necessarily appropriate for the situation, she was plotting out options. He would want to shift to reset the nose, or it might be crooked until the next full moon. And shifting would bump the healing way up, too! But, like. She didn't know this chump, so was she going to stick around and play big sister?

Well, maybe. She could at least make sure he was capable of handling himself.

He took the offered hand and clambered ungracefully to his feet the motion of which made blood splurt and drip down his neck to the colar of his shirt. Eeeew.

"I sssenk so."

Was his answer to her question of the first aid. Man if he ended up with a crooked it nose it would his good looks and chance for any one night stands. What a bummer. But it wasn't like he could just shift out here by the shop he worked at. That would be stupid and a half.

He raised a hand to touch as the mess of his face and winced as pain flared at the touch. Oooow.

Well fuck what to do. Maybe if he was back in oregon he would have contacted Jacob or one of the other group memebers, but there was no group out here....except.


Fumbling with his none blood stained hand he would pull out his phone.

"Ssssory can you type a message fos me? I ass a friend who might help."

With one hand and blurry eyes he found the message app. Thankfully Asha was the last person he had contacted.

She took the phone, no skin off her ass to be helpful. But the name heading the messages made her heart stop for a second. Just, unexpected. Weird to remember someone still existed after they dropped clean out of your life. "Yeah, come at me."

Helpful people were, well helpful. Axel decided he liked this woman even if she would probably chomp him if her animal had half the chance. So with watery eyes he would grin in thanks although considering his broken nose it wasn't the best move on his part. Between the blood now getting on his lips and the sting of pain the motion made his smile faded pretty quickly.

"ssanks. Uuh. I guesh shomething like are you available right now I broke my nose and need shome help."

He had no idea what Asha did with her time especially at night. There was some assumption on his part that she had some sort of boyfriend, girlfriend, or lover of some kind. Afterall she did have a killer body. It would suck to interrupt something. But at the same time he would really like a motherly jag to come help him.

I mean, she was right the fuck here and helping, but okay. She allowed herself a moment of stink-eye before proceeding to send something along.

Hey suprise, its pete. Your friend broke his nose and wants your help. Hope your well Hot Spots
Hes at work, thistle and tyme in bella vista

She handed the phone back, even if he wasn't in a position to take it, and crossed her arms. "So, I guess you've got this handled."


Why did all her friends decide to have a crisis in Belle Vista? Who was Pete? Why was she being called Hot Spots?

Incoming call

She didn't even see that the texts were from Axel.

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