Emerald Falls 
Asha had purposely given Axel a slightly later time to meet, but she'd been pretty exact about where she would be, so she wasn't all that worried that he wouldn't find her or something.

Instead, she took the chance to excitedly shift first. Less potential for awkwardness that way!

As a jaguar she would lie down and wait by the top of the falls, a very intentionally majestic scene. Asha thrived on attention, after all.




There were three main things that Axel liked to do on his days off, eat, sleep, and relax. Sometimes a shift was involved to calm down the cat usually ending in chasing a bunny or two and dinner at the end of the night. With that mindset he almost slept through the alarm telling him to get up and go meet Asha. He had never been a morning, evening, or even night person. Sleep was were it was at. The good old times. But since sleeping life away didn't pay or make him friends he begrudgingly dragged himself out of the comfy hotel bed and threw together a semi respectable appearance. Leather wasn't the easiest to disrobe so he regrettably left his jacket behind and hopped on his motorcycle for a jaunt over to the meeting area.

Emerald falls certainly lived up to it's names. It was green, it had water, and the water was falling. Wasn't he so poetic. The Jaguar staring down at him from the top was really a cheery on top to the whole scene. He gave a slight raise of his hand to let her know he had seen her before concentrating his attention back on the trail. A long hike hadn't really been what he had expected. Thank god for cat halves.

"Hey there beautiful. You alone tonight?"

He asked stopping a few feet away from the impressive, large cat. An eyebrow wiggle would accompany the statement along with a grin.

Eventually, she spotted, smelled, and felt his approach in that metaphysical sense. Peering down, she lashed her tail in the playful threat of a cat as he waved at her. Pounce??

No pounce. Also what was he wearing! That was so extra. Maybe he could go shopping with her and jazz out her wardrobe with extra shit.

She remained fairly still for the time it took him to figure out the trail, and then when he'd finally come nearer he totally flattered both her and her cat by calling her beautiful, which was not a thing Asha had ever been called before, as far as her memory went (which would beg an eventual question, but not right now).

She offered a rough grumble of approval, rolling into her side with her head propped up to still keep her eyes on him.

"Alooooone," came the thickly throated response, a mournful sort of delivery that was betrayed by the expression of mischief in the slow lash of her tail. Come closer :3

Oh fuck yes the cat version of Asha totally did that grumble rumble purr thing and Axel wanted to grab those big squishy paws and mush the edges of her cheeks with his hands. He didn't only because he was pretty sure that would lead to a nasty bit that wouldn't heal properly and because he had learned from his kitten that cats didn't particularly like having the paws grabbed and then paraded around with a baby voice.

His own fluffy cat was already clawing at the mental barriers, wanting out. To sniff at this new found were. Not yet though. Later he could romp around with her as a caracal but for now, For now he need to smush his face into her fur because it look way to soft.

"God your gorgeous. Kind of wish my one night stand had been a jag instead."

Like who didn't want to turn into a large puff ball of power? He sure as hell did.

He couldn't resist the allure anymore and closed those last few steps. A stupid decision but he often made those. There was enough sense to not throw himself ontop of her though.

Pooor Axel. Asha could have been the one night stand once upon a time, probably. She did very much enjoy the adulation, at least, and she offered another approving rumble as she rolled onto her back now to entirely expose her tubby belly, hoping to entice him to petting her. Asha wanted to experience that. Or re-experience it.

Paws dangling above her chest, she gave a mighty exhale. "Me tooooo."

Because, just. He'd be such a good jaguar. He liked her and that was more or less the best thing in the world. Axel, go back in time and fix this thing and come back with rosettes.

Now this was just unfair. How could she roll onto her back in front of him like that? There was no way he could resist. Admittedly he didn't pause to think about his choose much before lowering himself down beside her and reaching out to pet the big soft belly. Yeah no he was definitely going to smush his face into her fur.

If only there was a time machine that he could send Asha in to go bit his past self instead of Jacob. Although he didn't think she would like his mopy bitter self very much.

"Holy fuck your fur is soo soft. Hey go invent a time machine and change me into a Jaguar instead."

Pretty please?

He pet and his hand was so tiny! The jaguar wanted to grab at it with slightly clawed paws and... chew on it or something. Asha luckily had enough control that she would not.

Meanwhile, the petting felt good in and of itself.

"Okay," she affirmed at his request, a promise she couldn't keep, but not for lack of wanting to. "Be a jag, join my Prowl."

A prowl of just her and Axel and Fish and Fish II and maybe one day Abraham too if he ever deigned to come back to here. The thought was enough to inspire a silly sense of happiness, and she twisted so that her head was closer to Axel now.

Guess who didn't get his hand chewed like a toy. That was about all the affirmation he need before shoving his face into her fur. It was worth every single moment and any bites he would get for doing so. And hell this way she couldn't see the little build up of tears in his eyes at her talk of a prowl. He was so fucking lonely, it was a little ridiculous.

"Okay but I expect a really cool hill that we own."

He was going to have to sniffle to Jacob when he got home. Complain about the man not being a big fluffy cat.

Okay he wouldn't, that would just hurt the man's feelings.

If he was straight he though Asha probably would have been his type. Maybe if alternate worlds existed there was one where he could frolic around with her and her group.

Face hug ;_;

She could not feel his feelings like she would maybe have been able to feel Abraham's, were he feeling anything at all at the moment, but she could in a human way sense something in the intensity of the snuggling. Or maybe he just really liked her fur. She was glad she'd groomed fastidiously before his arrival.

"Biggest hill. Best view. Crestview."

She wondered then, if she wasn't able to find genuine happiness in Crestview under Frank, if he'd be so kind as to let her form her own group there.

Maybe they could just have an alliance or something instead of one single uncomfortable group. Wouldn't two groups be better than one?

As if there were enough jaguars in Mountainside for two groups.

Wow he had come here to pet a Jaguar and show off his own cat and instead things had taken a very emotional turn. He did not particularly like it. Experience with others had taught him not to trust others. Admittedly that usually extended mostly to men. There was only so much cheating he could go through before the concept of relationships and even guys in general sounded like a overdone steak. To bad he just couldn't do it with a woman, even one as good as Asha. Life would have been so much easier.

The idea of Crestview, of a hill somewhere in the city was way to appealing.

"Crestview huh."

It was a little further from his work then where he was now. But he hadn't actually met a bear yet and gotten approval to be there. He was due for a move anyways. Time to find a place to settle down. No more hopping trains and going from place to place. For now at least.

"I need to go house hunting soon anyways. Maybe I can find something close to your hill."

"Yes," she answered decisively. Hell, she'd even hire him at the Terrace if he needed. Very little gave her as much satisfaction anymore as knowing she could help a were settle down. Just like with Morgan.

"Crestview Cressvoo Cresssrooo," Asha broke out into roughened coughs of cheer, insistent as she sought out his nearest hand or arm with a bump of her upside down head.

It was a roo sound. The teenage girl inside of him squealed with delight at the sound.


He joined in rolling his hand a little to scratch at her chin as it bumped into him. This was a lot. This moment. Emotions, just everything. And his own cat really really wanted out. But he wanted to keep petting : ( .

Yeah he was definitely settling down in Crestview. Probably have to talk to whatever group owned the place. He thought a group owned it anyways. And maybe it was the prowl Asha was talking about and everything would go smoothly.

"Alright I'll look when I get back to my hotel. If I don't fall asleep first of course."


Speaking of sleep — "Shift?"

Asking if he would, and it was related because then he'd fall into coma sleep after and she'd watch over him until he woke.

Well if she was going to ask about shifting then he supposed keeping the cat at bay was for no reason. With one last scratch of the chin and a prolonged rubbing of a wonderful belly he would back away and pull his shirt off. The pants he didn't care if they were ripped but not his nice shirt.

"Okay Im going to shift. "

The usual tingles began up his legs sending a vibration over his spine. One thing about being not so new was that he actually could remember the pain of the shift. Not a fun time. Like the way his ankles snapped along with his knees.

Cool great fun times. Even if his cries sounded more full of pain then joy.

Shifting was a bitch.

He got right to it. Asha really wanted to watch because gruesome fascination reasons, but she would offer him the privacy of looking away.

Listening to it, though! It was pretty bad. She twitched in sympathy at some points, rumbling quietly to herself.

But eventually, it died down, and she looked over. And nearly completed cat before her




Compared to her.

The jaguar rose with an immense maternal wave of feeling and moved to paw him closer to her. Come here and let her groom you tiny kitten THANKS.


It took some time for the change to fully adjust the body from a man into a smol cat. A lot of pain later and he was almost done, the last of his fur coming in when a giant paw came swiping at his body. With a wah-wah cry cat Axel would be rolled over next to the much larger feline.

The last of the tingles faded through his ungainly paws and his ears flick their little tufts.

The smell of cat, female, and noncaracal would fill his senses. A golden head would raise up and matching eyes would look up, and up to the towering shape above him.

"Yoourrr ssso big."

He would attempt to say around canines and a longer tongue.

SO SMALL. She could eat him, but she would rather just groom him.

"So big," she agreed, abstaining from nodding in animal form because that just felt weird anyway.

Roughly as cats tended to dl, she would begin grooming around his head, the sides of his cheeks especially. It was the kind of intimacy the animal craved, and surely Axel knew it was just like, were-to-were natural kind of deal. She would not lick his face on the human side.

It was pretty easy to steer the jaguar's feelings of power towards maternal care rather than chomping, at least. Do not chomp the little cat.

Big ruff tongue came down across his head, his cheeks, and brushed his ears. The tipped tufts would flicker back and forth at the movment. Not having as much control of his feline as Asha, Axel's mind was more in the instinct of the animal. If were's weren't such a group driven bunch he probably would have hissed and tried to fight her for the spot on the rock. But he didn't. Instead the caracal was content to enjoy the musings of a nice bath on his head. A long time had passed since his last meeting with another cat.

A purr would build up in his lungs and vibrate throughout his chest.

This was a strange large feline. Noncaracal and yet not acting vicious either. There was an uncertainty here. But the sun was warm across his golden coat so he let himself snuggle up against the other still purring. It was not one of his own but for now it would do to calm the loneliness.

She settled with her charge, happy for the chance to bond. It wasn't like shifting with a jaguar at all, and it was far more fragile for it. She did not have that innate sense of inner kinship aside from their similarities as feline weres. Only Asha's decision to keep this serene.

It wasn't enough, wasn't going to replace what could be — or could have been. But for two lonely animals, it was something. Like an IV in place of food; a thin kind of nourishment, but miles better than nothing.

He purred, and that was some curiously endearing sound. She returned it with rumbling.

"Are you hungry," she asked after some time had passed, and perhaps that earlier metaphor had made it to her thoughts.

Much purring and eye closing for nappy time later the large figure above him spoke in that odd gargled way of were speech. Eyes would open and a pink tongue would dart out to lick at his nose.


He agreed after a moment of pause as he tried to recall just what words to say and how to form them. A bird sounded like a good time. So his paws stretched out infront and claws slipped out for a breif moment as the muscles strained with the movment.

It had also been a long time since he had hunted with another. Even back in Oregon he only occasionally hunted with the group. Often on full moon nights only if that. More often with Jacob.

He would press his head against the big broadness of her side before clambering up to his feet. Still somehow smaller then her at his full height.


She was too, massively. Did his smaller body produce the same hunger as it did when he was human? She figured there had to be physical limits to what he could eat, magic or not. A single large kill could easily serve them both.

Standing and bowing to bump her head back against him, she gave a snort to clear her nose and then began to sniff at the air, mouth hanging open to assist the effort.

And then she began to lead the way towards... something.

Her big head came down upon him in a gentle refirmation that she was there. A large snort signled the begining of a hunt and his own nose began to twitch and sniff. Mostly he smelled her and the water but it appeared she had found something as large paws thudded the ground around him with movment. He would have to half jog to keep up with her, four golden legs moving fast over the rocks.

Ear tufts would swivel listening for sounds. For the cawing of birds or the whisper of a rabbit in the underbrush.

He would nudge his head into her flank a few times to rekindle that enjoyment of having another were around.

Luckily for Tiny Paws, she did not move fast for long. When stalking food, she needed to focus on moving quietly and undetected until as close as possible.

On the other hand, hunting as a large were was relatively easy, and perhaps even boring. The longest and most harrowing and interesting part of it was finding the prey. After it was found, it was almost always hilariously easy to kill. Jaguars had the power package built in already; throw in supernatural strength and speed and a were-jaguar was basically an instant murder machine. Asha had never once suffered an injury from prey. None that she could remember.

And so it was that she padded along, sniffing and huffing and stalking. The nudges to her side were cute, endearing; every so often she'd return them with a little bump of her head to his. Again, it stirred something sort of maternal in a way she would likely never be able to experience.

Weres couldn't, right? Probably not.

Finally, where the scent seemed strongest, there was... a hiss. From a tree ahead. Her head tipped up to look, and there was the curl of a tail which, when followed back along its length, revealed itself to be attached to a very angry, defensive mountain lion crouched to a branch.

The jaguar's mouth watered, and she bumped at the smaller cat. "Stay back."

He didn't need the larger feline to tell him to stop. Stupid tufted ears would flatten and he would lower himself down towards the ground lips drawn back to emit a higher pitched hissing.

There was a deep hunger inside of him, but the idea of trying to get at the mountain lion wasn't appealing. Oh he could do it. The tree wasn't all that high and he could jump very far. But then it would be a fight with a much bigger cat. Better to leave it and find something easier the animal mind thought.

Except it wasn't just him, a smol caracal. No he had a big friend on his side. His tongue salivated at the thought of fresh meat. And golden eyes would stare up at the mountain lion awaiting a the eventual kill.

He listened and that was ideal.

Now. She didn't need to climb the tree, per se. Just needed to scare the other, not were-cat out of it. She could do that.

She could... burst in a rush to the tree, claws unsheathed, and propelled herself up along the trunk with her own momentum. The cougar was perhaps surprised by her brazenness, failing to leap away in time as she hooked her claws into its hind leg.

Gravity did its work, sending them both in a scrabbling to the ground. Apologies to Abraham for the slashing fury that ensued; Asha earned several of them, though they began to heal before she even managed to kill the thing.

That, by the way, happened soon enough. Face to face, but she managed to extend her jaws and close on the other's, earning bites on her tongue in the process.

It scored one more good slash to her belly before she managed to crunch out its face, cheekbones caving in.

With the grace that only a cat posessed his companion would all but bound up the tree at the very surprised cougar. He in turn would give a wah-wah cry and slink around on the ground watching for when the two cats came back to the earth.

They landed with loud thuds that vibrated the ground beneath his paws. Ears would swivel and he would slink forward claws prodding out from between toe beans. But there was no chance for him to leap onto the cougars's back as the jaguar came down with it.

There was much slashing and bitting which he rather thoughtfully stayed out of. Only when one last sold snapping of jaws stilled the mountain lions movements would he pounce his momentum carrying him easily up onto the dead animals back. Once there he would crawl his way up to the jaguar head and lick at the blood on the other's cheek.

For her part... what a fucking rush. Asha hadn't truly feared for her life, but it was still a taste of violence that she did not nearly get enough of. Deer, even at their bravest, never offered the ferocity of a cat.

She felt his lapping and her face wrinkled to the sting as it passed over her wounds. Recognizing that he was helping and making sure not to react too animalistically to him in return.

Swallowing thickly at saliva and blood in her mouth, she flopped, victorious as she felt the rapid healing and itch of wounds closing up. Even his cleaning would soothe some.

His tongue licked across scratchs already beginning to heal. A sort of thank you before he would turn attention to the dead feline he was curently situated upon. As much control as years had given him Axel couldn't do much in the face of food. With claws and teeth the cat would tear at the fur getting to the meat and blood inside.

A golden jaw would lift away stained red and a pink tongue would dart out and lick again at the now healed cheek of his companion. If she had been a caracal he might have waited to let her have a bite before him. But she did give his fluff filled brain enough sense to rip some of the shoulder muscle out and deposite before her.

Satisfied with one more lick of her face he would return back to feasting.

The cleaning was nice, for a moment. But then he sought to give her some minor bite and tuck into the rest of the corpse himself? And.


She'd done the work and had many times his mass to feed. Writhing from underneath the dead cat, she would grab it by the nape and seek to drag it from him pointedly, offering a snort and narrowed eyes.

They could feast at the same time or she could do it first — he was not giving her some scrap while he kept the rest for his fill.

He gave another wah-wah cry as the corpse was moved out from under him. For a moment he kept hold by digging his claws in but he gave that up quick enough and jumped down. Still he followed after her making chirping sounds while licking blood from his jaw.

There was a moment where he paused to pick up the piece of shoulder and then holding it firmly with teeth would continue to trot after her.

If she stopped he would flop down beside her and begin to dig into the smaller piece. His legs spread out to the side.

After a few more pieces he would roll onto his side and stretch with a warm hearted content purr.

His trill was just hilarious and helped maintain the kitten-like feelings she felt toward him. She found herself moved towards good humor again as he tried and failed to tug the corpse from her. Eventually, she would drop it and take her place at it while he fed.

Feeding passed. She gathered him for the grooming, content and distracted, and would happily carry on with that if he didn't mind.

Maybe if the caracal had any frame of reference for the jaguar he might have been afraid or lashed out. But he didn't and the mind saw her only as a very big slightly off version of himself. She was no caracal of that he knew, but she was cat. She was friend who had given food. And so when she cuddled him again for grooming he would press against her with purrs.

His belly was full and the attention was soothing the loneliness. There was a friend to be had here even if she could not be a packmate.

Happy as he was he would turn his little head up and lick at her chin.

Time passed in peace.

It was an eventuality that they would shift back. Asha didn't know where he'd parked, so it was for the best if she just covered him up with a blanket and waited on him to wake. When he did, she would hike back with him.

It was a pretty great time.

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