Kwik Trip 

 Just past midnight on a Wednesday and Kwik Trip was, perhaps not so surprisingly, a relative ghost town. The scent of the staff and a couple of stragglers registering on some background process in her mind. But it was peaceful, a personal sort of meditation as she stood in front of one of the metal shelving units and drummed the tips of her nails on the plastic handle of her cart with a tick tick tick.

 Of course little local spots like this didn't have the stock range of a supercenter, but usually, they suited what she needed just fine. It was the same case that evening - her cart some sort of personally-identifying capsule, not that she would readily blast that fact. Two plastic packs of latex gloves in yellow - one is S/M and the other in L/XL. Two white and unassuming gallons of cheap lavender-infused bleach. A disposable mop head (because it was expensive to replace those every time), and a super-sized pack of four steel wool sponges. And a new purple toothbrush, simply because it was important to replace those every three months or so for good health practices, dead or not.

 It was a rotating list, where she'd stop - buy in cash, don't purchase too much in bulk. And if anyone asked she was always moving out of some apartment or another and wanted to make sure she was going to get most of her deposit back. But for now, she was focused on a minor decision, two nylon leashes in pink and green in hand as she held them in front of her and tried to decide which to toss into the cart. Happy it seemed to block the aisle in the meantime as she glanced to a blue one still hanging and found her horizons broadening and not narrowing.

There were not many things a vampire needed from a pharmacy. Snacks and medicines were irrelevant with a blood based diet and no need for immune defense. Cleaning supplies were a rare expense for someone who did not often make a mess. Vampires didn't even sweat, so the need for bathing was limited to perhaps washing away an unpleasant odor encountered outside, or simple relaxation.

Raziyya was here for none of those reasons. She had simply forgone eating earlier today and found herself in Magic Hollow tonight when she realized it.

And so, she was on the hunt for someone easy and simple. "Comfort food," as the saying went. Bars and similar attractions served for finding someone who would get her some measure of briefly intoxicated, but they often came accompanied with the throngs of people. Too many in her range still left her incapacitated, and failed suggestions in great collections of people were an embarrassment besides.

This late at a drug store, crowds were an unlikelihood. She could charm a lonely man or woman, invite them to a night with her, erase their memories and send them away.

All this to set the stage for a moment that would take her off course where hunting was concerned. She browsed aisles of unwanted items and found she was picking up an unfamiliar signature.

Naturally, it was in her interest to investigate, but she approached at a calm pace — enough to test in case the other would rather flee before they came face to face.

 It was a short-lived stint of peaceful reflection, a sudden and all-encompassing long shadow that made her glance down the aisle briefly before she cleared her throat and focused on the decision at hand. Important things to keep in mind despite the prickling of her thumbs: she wasn't harming a fly, this didn't feel like sacred ground, for all the time she'd spent in and around it.

Still, good old healthy paranoia had her keeping her eyes trained on the leashes and not looking to assign a face to the signature. "Blue, green, or pink?"

There she was. Short; Raziyya wondered if she were looking at a vampire who was offed at an especially young age. She'd never seen a child vampire before.

But the voice was mature, and the thoughts as well. Smart, not to make eye contact.

"Blue," she answered as she arrived within conversational distance, arms folded comfortably as she considered it. "Did you recently adopt a pet?"

 "Mm, more like nesting for one, actually." She put back the pink and swapped it with the blue, considered it against the green, And surely anyone could have any color but they felt like the safer choices for what was churning in terms of a plan. "Might as well get everything prepared before I go looking for a candidate." It was a gamble really, but she supposed she owed the boy a best friend after the whole ordeal of his turning.

 "What do you have?" Motioning to the stretch of the shelf and its barren spread of animal care products - a passing acknowledgment that such things existed but hardly a focus for such a little in-and-out shop. But surely this woman was buying emergency cans of wet food, absolutely she hadn't meandered her to strike up small talk.

A decent number of thoughts followed, most interesting of which being that she had turned someone apparently recently enough to consider an impending pet a fair trade.

"A daughter with a dog, though I don't typically do her shopping for her. What treats do you recommend?"

She hadn't come for this at all, but better to play into the woman's thoughts that this approach had not been entirely about her.

 "Can't say I've tried many of them, personally." She glanced over from the corner of her eye, just enough to look at the toes of the other woman's shoes before she set to organizing her cart. Rolling her shoulders until she heard a dull pop and turning back around to consider the bare necessities again. Perhaps she would bring him up to pick out the rest, maybe this would be enough so that she could announce the planned gift and allow him to pick out whatever mongrel he pleased.

She mulled over the daughter comment even as her hand returned to the handle of the cart and she pushed it just barely down the aisle. Presumably not the biological sort, considering the feeling she was getting from the other woman.

She was light in the way of guidance. Raziyya hummed, dancing around the woman's thoughts before deciding to settle on a broader topic.

"Any friends to speak of?" she asked, head tilted slightly. No doubt she could sense the vague clutch energy and know what it meant. This vampire was hardly new.

 And there it was, the drain they were circling suddenly clear and present. Perhaps this was just some gentle nosing at an unfamiliar tree, maybe there was motive behind it. She wouldn't outright and talk about her progeny to a strange vampire who could have motives, so all she did was grimace.

 "Locally?" Clearly, but she clarified for herself before she shook her head. "Fraid not, I keep to myself - don't go out much. I take it that's not the case for you, however."

Ah, she kept to herself. She was already a liar, but she was not among Catrina's batch. Raziyya had somewhat hoped for some damage she could do there.

In either case, she smiled, "No. I am part of a very cozy bunch. Do you prefer the lone life, in general? Or just haven't met any you care for?"

 It felt like she was being groomed for something, a line of processing in which incoming goods were sorted into forking paths that led ... who knew where. "A little bit from both, perhaps? I like being alone, but I can tolerate most people just fine." Sometimes more, but that tended to be a choppy set of waters to navigate. "I've only met one other woman with our shared interests in uh, pet products. She was annoying."

Shared interest in pet products. Raziyya smiled, picked up a flash of said woman from the other's thoughts.

"Can't say I don't know the type. But I've had my fair share of time skirting others. It can be freeing alone as much as it is like walking with some recruitment target on your back."

Indeed, if it weren't for the other woman's aversive thoughts, she might have done the same. She certainly didn't want to be "annoying"!

"If you ever find you'd like company, free of expectations, I'd be happy to take you out for a drink. Jihan," and to this, she held out her hand.

 At the offer of a hand to shake, she would look up to the other woman's collar. Releasing her hold on her cart in order to give the others hand a firm shake. Was that a real name? Did it matter if it wasn't? Not really.

 "Evalyn. And as long as you don't deem it acceptable to partake in those drinks in a glass in a busy public restaurant ..."

To that, she laughed pleasantly.

"Of course not. I'm more fond of small, hole in the wall type places. But best we keep out of the Heights for drinks, unless we want company."

A friendly notice for Evalyn's benefit to steer clear of clutch territory, that rogues were not welcome after one too many public incidents.

 "Well then you've already surpassed the last acquaintance I made around these parts." She wondered if perhaps they were friends, that girl and this one. If she did possess the reckless stupidity to go into the Heights, would she find some well-dressed street preacher sipping blood from a crazy straw? Hopefully not, probably not.

"Do you have a card or something?"

Pleasant little meeting with a rogue. It was worth it to keep tabs on them, be sure they weren't causing issues. Be sure they knew not to mess around or recruit in clutch territory.

"I have a phone number," and she pulled out her phone to presumably exchange numbers, offering to spell out "Jihan" for her.

 It was unlikely, really, that she would call. Not for lack of curiosity but from a wealth of common sense. It just wasn't practical to try to keep a low profile and also entangle herself in things like this. Still, it made sense to keep as many avenues open as possible - to not snuff an offered hand.

 Even so, while she saved the number and prattled off her (she didn't bother to correct the spelling of Evalyn, it didn't particularly matter) she remembered what Gabriel had said about these vampires. Uppity pricks, she believed to be the exact term. That impression wasn't inherently mutual from what little she could glean of Jihan, but someone with Gabriel's ... aesthetic, she could see the possibility for a divide.

"Enjoy the rest of your evening."

"And you. Best of luck with your new addition to the family."

A pleasant smile, and she would leave the other be and continue the search for easy lonely prey alone.

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